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'are Krsna, mates!

Agtsp! Paoho. It is now 2.04AM here in the Boro! ISKCON M'boro.

NGD had to go to the Emergency Room for dizziness for CAT Scan. (Image Attached). They could not find much but he came home and went right to bed.

We were very unhappy with ourselves that we did not do enough yesterday. We even felt weak to chant! Yet, when we compared ourselves with Prabhu, it helps.

He is the same age as we are. He puts in more hours than we do but maybe it is not as intellectually or politically challenging. He took much better birth than we have.


Guess we are doing O.K. We rest and overindulge in Bananas and World Classical Literature. We feel that hurts Srila Prabhupada, but as soon as there is some energy or something we can dovetail in Krsna's service we do it.

We got our Social Security Income re-established. That is $500/mo for ASA.

We researched Cartoonists and their styles.

We prepared and did our Hawaii class - Two hours with references from the Britannica.

Shorted two months of mail.

Wrote four pages of hard copy DTC and answered all the URGENT mail.

Ooof! Guess it's O.K. Krsna is so kind, he accepts even a little service!!!!

Let us chant now.

You're not tired. You're thirsty. Drink six glasses of water a day.

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Do you live to die!

Just dance with Krsna!

Don't have any other ideal?

Today we had our program on line and packed to go to Chosika.

We crushed the Olympic barricades and picked up Mathuresa and Mataji at the door of the Wilson Temple. Then the Caturatma drove like the devil and got us to chosika by 8. Srnagara arati, very beautiful.

Gurupuja and Parikrama around the hall.

SB class on sb 2.7.27, no administrative cholera here.

Tickle tackle we crow and cackle with funny friendly folks.

Drama by M, Yugala's little army of little folks on Ambarisa saved from Durvasa.

FIRE SACRIFICE - INITATION, WILLFREDO, LAWYER, BECOMES, VISALA DAS, AND gandhara das and indira shakti devi dasi take second birth.

Puspa gopal, Karuna krsna, Abhirama, CMDD, AMD, KMDD, Bh. Jose... full house, Prasadam and back to Limo!!!


Headaches, 7PM.

All dark outside. The Olympic athletes reported having naughty relations!

Krsna, Krsna, Krsna, Krsna, Krsna, Krsna He!!!

Reviewed the proposed GBC Constitution. Freaked out! Seems terrible!

So many nice people in this movement!!!!

O.K. Hari Bolo!

Dancing and herding cows. Milk for the Gopis.

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We are in Lima. We traveled from Buenos Aires on Wednesday. The Pan American games just started here. 5,000 participants and 500,000 spectators (and gamblers and tiplers). The internet crashed last night and has not come back. We could not join the Ministry of Education meeting.

so painful.

and we have been involved in mediating management conflicts that involve GBC, Zonal Supervisor and National Council.

Stomach aches but excellent results.

Excellent progress on Education and the Sacred, shopping, devotees care.

so many nice devotees here.

must stop now. Using devotee's hot spot, cellular data.

Hare Krsna. There is immortality for those who give love to others, everyone. 😀🐷 🦍

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Tom B. Here.

Our life is one long near death experience.

I guess that is true of everybody, but some are realizing it. Some take Al Kohall or Ko Kaine to drive their senses so that they seem to be alive but that only brings more death sooner.

Fast today, dead tomorrow.

At least we keep on moving and in the Kirtan we can dance.

We see that this Yoga works. The internal body becomes more and more lose and can sing and yell the Holy Names from the core of the heart.

We lament new Bhaktas who don't know the future ahead of them. The depth they are going to experience.

Hare Krsna.

We are back in Buenos Aires. It is very nice. There ar pythons everywhere in the street with tooth picks.

We brushed the Temple with rust to keep them away, and it seems to have worked.

Tommorrow we fly again with Ambarisa Das motocycle engine and Rati manjaris compas and ... so much help. Pancha, Nikunjna, Jahnava, Campaka, Nanda, NARAYANA!!! So many more. Thank you.

We have a lot more letters but our eyes are failing.

Oink!!! Here we go.

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Brother Ass is running on fumes. AgtSP. Paoho.

He is good guy though.

Read the letters we answered? Hope they help you. Krsna can put us in the mode of pure goodness at any moment. Only one requirement - No selfish desires.

Now write speech for tonight!

Mayor and five more people will talk.

Post it here.😀

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Hare Krsna. Our life seems to be a constant near-death-experience.

Daily Sankirtan. Letters to the GBC, Regional GBC and Zonal Supervisor. Philosophy. Trying to answer letters from devotees.

In Mangala arati and Gaura arati we consciously push our body and mind to death. It is wonderful. Die to live.

Hare Krsna! Also letter to the Goloka Foundation Board of Directors.

Panch tattva Das et al are keeping us alive.

Letter to the MOE.


O.K. Down we go... two nice personal consultations, Arati and Nectar of Instruction part one.

Simon Legree went found a door in his basement.