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We are crazy, how about you?

AGTSP!!!! paoho. We reviewed the nice Calendar letter from Candra-mukhi Devi Dasi, associate of head pujari in Mexico, and the The Horse!! Very interesting.

Two SB classes today.

Gardening, Trimming our hedges.

Call from Manipur to give initiation to temple president's daughter before her wedding!

Lokanatha Das, Raghunatha-puri Das 13-rounds done. Little historical fiction.

1% hay fever. NDG and everyone has gone to Sadhu-Sanga in North Carolina. There will be 2,000 devotees there. Hope Krsna protects them!

We are all




ne in The Boro!!!! (it's spooky)! Thank youfor yuour association. now krsna book and hot milk!!! Do the same! Also started packing for Peru.

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AGTSP. Paoh. We are lazy. Lusty. If it were not for Srila Prabhupada's sacrifice we could not be engaged in devotional service!!!!!! 😕 😕 😕

Organized a very satisfying SB class this morning. Cooked Breakfast and Tea for Lord Nrsmha. Talked with Abhirama Das and Bhakti-sundara Goswami, answered a lot of mail. Now we will go to NGD house for walking. First bodily association in three days!!

Hare Krsna!

Chant Hare Krsna and be happy!!!!!!! Very happy! ie. Let Krsna engage you in Sankirtan.

Joan of Arc wonders

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Please maharaja my must humble obeisances at your feet!

HpS - ASA -- AGTSP!!

Hoping you find yourself in good and wondering you whereabouts I salute and thank you for the time you take to answer to all of us!

Dear maharaja, I have to ask you something, because I found myself deeply sad about the fact of no having the opportunity of going to the temple in the daily program to learn in the BG and SB classes, so I'm wondering about a technique or tool to study by myself. Also you told me in one of your past answers to one of my letter that I " have to with ISKCON on a broader basis than Panama, maybe you (refering to me)* will go how a different country for a while"... my question is, what country do you recommend?

HpS - Jaya. No recuerdo haber hablado de ver a ISKCON más allá de Panamá, pero sí, si puedes, es muy agradable hacerlo. Por supuesto, México sería genial. Póngase en contacto con algunos devotos allí y luego visite y haga algún servicio.

Estudiar cuando no puedes ir físicamente a un templo se puede hacer al obtener un compañero de estudio. Haga un arreglo para leer las mismas cosas con algún devoto y luego póngase en contacto por teléfono una vez a la semana y discuta lo que lee, etc.

I sent you a report of my sadhana in an early letter, hopefully you get to read it.

Awaiting for your enlightening advices:

Andrea bhaktina.

HpS - Estuvimos en viaje y no pudimos leer todas las cartas. Esperamos oir mas de Vd. despues de unos dias. Lea las cartas a las demas devotas. Tiene desafios similar, no? 😀

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AGTSP paoho

We had such an intense week with Ram giri dhari Das visit. Two community programs. He talked (Krsna conscious) Indian politics with devotees, met with all the NIOS officers and directors, was invited to Abhiseka Das wedding. we talked for three hours. Great plans. Sent a report to the NIOS web page.

Rested from it all a little, then some work done! Falling behind on the Blog letters but we will catch up!

Jaya Sita Rama.

Now we go walking with NGD and Dr. Desai!!!

Thank you!!!!!