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Dear Maharaja;

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for your valuable association through e-mail, personal association in Bhakti Vaibhava class and through study notes.  Maharaja on very first class (March 10, 2012), I humbly requested the few suggestions for the up coming calendar, at that time you told me that we will discuss the changes afterwards; unfortunately we didn’t got the chance to discuss the changes for the calendar.  Maharaja, I humbly request you to please discuss the following changes for the Bhakti Vaibhava calendar with the examination board and with Srivas Pandit Prabhu:

According to current calendar, Evaluation of Module 15 is on July 15th; it will be big help if we can have semester Evaluation (similar to semester 1 & 2) on July 22nd, so that we can discuss the complete Semester 3 Evaluation on July 29; similarly we can have semester 4 evaluation one week after the module 25 review.  The Semester 3 examination we can have on August 4, 2012.

We can have vacation from August 4 to September 3 (Labor Day).  According to current calendar, we will have 2.5 months of vacation after semester 4 – January 13, 2013 – March 25, 2013.  Because of leap year, next year the Gaura Purnima is in last week of March.  The one month break after semester 3 will help the student to finish up essays for semester 3 and we will have 1.5 month break instead of 2.5 month after semester 4.  Maharaja, to be honest with you many times due to hectic work load and due to family life it becomes very difficult for me to finish up one page essay every week; semester vacation helps me to finish up essays after the exam.

Maharaja, it is my humble request to you to please look at above matter.  I am extremely sorry for bothering you during hectic preaching schedule.  I hope this meets you in a good health.  Once again thank you for helping me to read srila Prabhupada’s books on regular basis

Your Servant

Upendra Dasa  

HpS -  Jaya!   AGTSP   pamho   So nice to hear from you.  OUr pace is just as crazy.     If we weren't so much engaged we would probably be waisting a lot of time.   It is impossible for me to consider the changes you are suggesting in my current condition.  I would have to look at the details on paper in front of me.  CUrrently it is 6.13AM.  We have 16 rounds done.  We downloaded 25 papers for this seminar with the Indian Museum.  We are in Dr. Samaresha's good house in Kolkatta.  We have answered all the Blog posts up to one week ago.  The internet is starting to get slow just now  That is why we had to adjust to doing this now rather than doing it during the day and havng more morning program.

So we are adjusting like that.

Rohini and Ananga worked a lot on the Calendar to try to make it as balanced as possible and they also don't think its perfect.

The changes you are suggesting are for July so it looks like we will have time to think about it when we get back to USA and stop traveling for three weeks in June  Jaya.   I think you are suggesting and extra week of Evaluation and Review at the end of the Semester .   That sounds nice.

If we cant do all the work we do what we can and then keep a record of what we have to do to catch up.

This is all learnging, so we can teach, Sadhana Bhakti in the modern world!

It seems that you are doing well!!!

OK.   Then we can discuss and plan when we have a desk in front of us in June!!


Please give me Your bless, Maybe I'm so wrong?

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Hare Krishna my dear teacher! receive my most humble obeisances!
All glories to His Divine Grace Sri Prabhupada!

Thank you for your prompt replies and your instructions, I try to follow your best, but I am very fall for that I help you Krishna and that alone I can not. The truth is that I feel I get much help, I have no fear deserve. And thinking that I'm wrong a good devotee and I deserve it.
We continue studying the Bhagabad Shastri Bakty-Gita and I feel very strong in my heart the words of Sri Krishna to Arjuna as if I spoke directly to me. I keep chanting 16 rounds at 5:30 am., I meet the 4 principles and read the scriptures for at least 2 hours a day.
I have also stopped working in architecture in La Paz, because I want to prepare to go to Mayapur and all the holy places.
I will try to work in Mayapur CHANDRODAY MANDIR, if Krishna wants'm looking for contacts to send my resume because I worked and works like that in Spain the kind that companies are taking charge of the construction of Chandrodaya MANDIR, if Krsna does not want Mayapur will try to go by my means, to visit holy places and that my dear son Gabriel in a Gurucula study, to be educated as a good devotee.

Maybe I'm so wrong?
Please give me your blessings Maharaj.
Krishna bless you always!

Dasi Krishnita


Hare Krishna mi querido maestro!!! reciba mis más humildes reverencias!
Todas las glorias a su divina Gracia Sri Prabhupada!!

Gracias por sus prontas respuestas y por sus instrucciones, trato de seguirlas lo mejor posible, pero soy muy caída por eso pido ayuda a Krishna y a Usted por que sola no puedo. La verdad es que siento que recibo  mucha ayuda, tengo miedo no merecerla. Y equivocarme pensando  que ya soy una buena devota y que me lo merezco.
Seguimos en Bakty Shastri estudiando el Bhagabad-Gita y siento muy fuerte en mi corazón las palabras de Sri Krishna a Arjuna como si me hablaran directamente a mí. Sigo cantando 16 rondas a las 5:30am., cumplo los 4 principios y leo las escrituras por lo menos 2 horas al día.
También he dejado de trabajar en  arquitectura en La Paz, por que quiero prepararme para ir a Mayapur y todos los lugares sagrados.
Voy a intentar trabajar en MAYAPUR CHANDRODAY MANDIR, si Krishna quiere estoy buscando contactos para enviar mi currículum pues ya trabajé en obras como esa en España en empresas del tipo  del que se está haciendo cargo de la construcción de CHANDRODAYA MANDIR, si Krishna no quiere que vaya a Mayapur Chandroday Mandir   trataré de ir por mis medios, para visitar Los lugares Santos y para que mi Hijito Gabriel estudie en un Gurucula, para que se eduque como un buen devoto.

¿Tal vez estoy muy equivocada?
Por favor deme sus bendiciones Majaraj.
Que Krishna lo bendiga siempre!

Krishnita Dasi

HpS - ASA   -  Jaya!   AGTSP     Thank you for your news.      There are many devotees with professional degress working on the project in Mayapura, so I don't know how successful you will be getting service there, but it certainly may be possible.  Try.   Also, ask them about other service possibilities.   There is a lot of construction going on in India by devotees.    Really this material world is not a place for a gentleman.  So you should just chant and pray to Krsna to give you any simple adjustment for your maintenance so you can become purified and go back to Him as soon as possible.   Within three years! ? !



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Dear  Gurudeva  i can't understand u Calendar . Can u plz send me  u calendar ?. when Are u coming to KOLkata ?  for that way i will  understand .

My teacher flute is Gouranga Parabhu , but now  he leave to Monbay  for Kirtana mela there and  he travels around INDIA  so much  he does'nt stay for long time  in Mayapur DHAM . so  i dont know what  to do  and i was  with Murari hari Prabhu but he is so slow and  he travels me so much  time and  i dont learn easyly but with Gouranga Prabhu i can learn easyly and  understand the flute and classes .

vanca kalpa!!! 

His servant Caitanya candrodaya das.

HpS  -  AGTSP   paoho.   Kokatta May 10-11 night, ISKCON Temple, and 21-27 night.  But we will be working furiously with Dr. Samaresh and Harsh!!       Zooom!        Srinivasa, Narottama, all had hard time finding Guru (flute Guru also).

Hare Krsna Maharaj

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Hare Krsna Maharaj,
    Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    All glories to Guru parampara.
    Thank you Maharaj.

    As per mail communication and phone call between H G Harsh Pradhan Prabhu and me.
    You will reach Delhi on 8 May 2012 and on 09 May 2012, i may get initiation in Delhi  Temple.

    Once you confirm the dates again, then i will be able to book tickets accordingly.  

    Please let me know your view on this.    

your aspiring servant,
Gopal Biswas

HpS - Jaya!     As we communicate, AGTSP, by Yahoo, we have the tickets to arrive on 8th night.  We have sent letter to President, Dehli Temple to stay for 8th and 9th night.  Hope you, me and Harsh can all stay, although he has family in Delhi. Then initiation 9th if Temple permits.  Then we have ticket on to Kolkatta 10th.

Trying to contact Dr. Samaresh in Kokatta to fix program for Manipur and Kolkatta.

Hari Bolo!!!

India Trip

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Hare Krsna Maharaj,AGTSP,PAMHO,
We found from your DTC on 16 fri that you are having trouble in contacting manipur and getting inand tickets. May be we can help you in calling Manipur  and gettin the ticket.  you have our cell no and skype detais , you can call us any time for fixing all this.

We also need to give you chip and USB modem to you.  We still have them with us, we thought we can give those in delhi when you land

We were hoping to meet you and carry your little luggage, may be goto Manipur with you if you allow. We understand there is some issue with temple going on, but hope we wont disturb you to solve the local probem.

Aspiring to Be Disciplined by You
Bhakta Harsh (+91-9910-579-879,+91-993-003-4241)

HpS -  Jaya!   Thank you.  We tried to call India, Imphal 14 times yesterday with three different numbers.    Then today, Saturday we just booked Del-IMP-CCU-DEL  Tickets with Make My Trip and after all the effort the robot took our money, said only the last booking was confirmed and they will cal Dr. Samaresh. So we wait a little.

Plan is pretty fixed now:

Arrive Delhi   21.40, 8 May.  Stay in Deelhi one day. theThursday as early as possible fly to Manipur 10th.

Then Monday 21st Fly to CCU

then Monday 28 back to Del.   We will try moe to fix the three flights and then send you more details.!

Thanks for coming!

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All Glories to Sri Sri RadheSyama!
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All Glories to you!

Dear Guru Maharaja!:
                                            It's nice to have you here. I learn each seccond. Your visit is moving internally me seriously, uffff so much things to do, to learn, to change, oh Guru maharaja you inspired me, I want get better, now can I see ALL my anarthas so clear so close, sometimes I feel afraid about them. Thanks for all your "palos y piedras" these make grow up.
The radio program is at 18hs o 19hs. Devakinandana Das confirm that the monday. 
Yes we seen many times, and I will follow you to Mar Del Plata! jejeje
Thanks for your association!!!!! I can't explain my feelings. They was never so powerfull like now, I'm expericing feeling I never had, all of that happens because of your and Srila Prabhupada infinity mercy!
Thanks Guru maharaja!

Surrender to your holy lotus feets!
Bna Romi
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HpS - ASA - Jaya. AGTSP      We are also becoming more mature in just being hard working, intelligent working, sincere devotees. Little by little. Also, our purification of heart we can see as we do the Vaidhi bhakti.    Our real nature will clearly awaken if we continue with this process!