Please Confirm Dates - for Spain

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Dear Hanumatpresak Swami

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Therefore according to your itinerary travel plan your visit to Spain can go from April 30th  to May 24th? That's amazing that makes a lot of time to fit your trips here.

Please confirm if I understood correctly the gap of time we have for organizing your visit here.


Nimai Pandita raja dasa

ISKCON Barcelona Temple Secretary

              HpS - AGTSP   paoho.    In the letter before this we answered Jayanta's communication.  Amazing, your letters come one after the other. He made a similar case for need to visit Madrid etc.          Very nice.         So, nice to get your and Jayanta's association.    Makes us so happy to think of Barcelona.  Madrid.   Everything.         Krsna must also be happy there.  things are sure to develop as He wants.     When He wants the Tsunami comes.  Otherwise is happy slow days or playing hide-and-seek with the murderous atheists.    You can see in his letter that we suggested:


1-8 - Madrid and Madre Tierra.

8-15 - NVM

15-22 - Bracelona

22-28 - Radha desa.

               Is good idea?   I was thinking Jayanta can do general co-ordination of whole plan so that it is all integrated.      Also, if we stay in touch we can develop a very effective program, new people, new centers...    We can have an integrated festival while we are in Barcelona. Different events different days.  The dates are O.K?   Then   we can start talking about events and people!

         Do you have 25 elefants????        (Two yellow, two blue?)

VISITA ESPAÑA - Fijando Fechas?

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Querido Gurudev: PAMHO. TGSP y sus seguidores fieles.

En primer lugar espero que se encuentre bien de salud cuando reciba este mensaje.

            HpS - ASA  --  TlgaSP!!!!!!   (((paoho)))             Today health is not bad.  Ha!   Ha!   Ha!             Good health does NOT exist in a material body!!!!

              Siento no haber podido escribir antes para paricipar en la confección de su itinerario en España pero, primero no tenía el ordenador disponible, despues mi madre abandonó el cuerpo y tuve que ir para participar en las ceremonias correspondientes,

           ASA - Tener un devoto para hijo indica que futuro del padre es muy,    muy,    bueno!!!

         ....despues tuvimos reuniones del Consejo Rector de ISKCON Madrid y hasta hoy mismo no he podido entrar y leer acerca del tema.

Escuchando el argumento de Nimai Pandit pienso que ...

           . . .

    .... Ahora bien, tengo que añadir que tanto Sri Sri Radha Govinda Candra, Goura Nitai (Madrid) como Venudhara, Murari,Omkara d. d., Tirtha Kirti y Laksmana, Jayanta y Purnamasi, Jagamohan, Yasoda y Eva, Jaya Sakti, Bhadra Vardana y Sananda, Bhakta Jorge, Pablo, etc y encabezados por bhaktin Maite, estamos principalmente preocupados por su salud, le queremos y estamos deseosos de tener su asociación para poder servirle en la medida de nuestra capacidad. Por favor CUIDESE!!

Su sirviente

Jayanta Das

                      HpS - ASA -  Jaya!          Estamos leyendo todos sus comentarios de mensaje de Nimai Prabhu.   Podemos ser buen abogados en ISKCON.   <img alt="smiley" height="20" src="" title="smiley" width="20" />     Que piensa: 


1-8  -  Madrid y Madre Tierra.

8-15 - NVMandala!

15-22 - Barcelona

22-28 - Radhadesa?           Esta bien???    Y si Vd. puede, puede co-ordinar todo?

              Esta desarrollando cosas muy buenos.  Pero es como campesinos mas que cazadores.  Tenemos que sembra, dar agua etc, y despues cosecha (y resembrando)!         Podemos planificar una visita muy util con Luz de la Bhagavata, competencias de poesia y arte. Occupando muchas nuevas personas.  Cinco nuevo centros en Madrid.    Una revolucion cultural en Bondad!!

___/\o_                    Una ceremonia de Sraddha por su Madre?

            Que piensa otros?

News from the programs in Valparaiso

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All glories to Sri Sri Gouranga Nityananda
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
All glories to Sri Hanumatpresaka Swami

    ASA - Hmmf!  Muy pocos glorias a HpSwami. Pero esforzando mejorar.

Please accept my most humble obeisance<o:p></o:p>

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja, I hope that you are getting healthier and stronger every day. My name is Ignacio González and I`m writing in name of your disciples from Valparaiso.


  ASA - Ignacio.  We remember you and I think you aprtment also!

We have been successfully organized two seminars about Phaedo. We will make presentations of this topic at university (1) Santa Maria (November 14) and in the (2) music conservatory of Viña del Mar (November 13)<o:p></o:p>

1.       The first presentation is very interesting because it will be part of the course dictated by Juan Ayala (the professor with who we organized Hamlet – Arjuna last year) for students called “Introduction to Art” and will be qualified like a complementary topic therefore we will have a big concurrence of students (150) and teachers. The presentation will be masterly and a systematic class, so is exclusively for students and teacher of Sta. Maria, so only you and seven more of our people will be able to get in the conference. The idea of Juan Ayala about the class, is an analysis about the soul, from the Plato`s perspective and the BG also. <o:p></o:p>

In this occasion, like last year, they want to make you an interview. For that we will have to arrive at 15:00 to the university and the class will be at 17:00.<o:p></o:p>

This presentation is an opportunity to create a closer relationship between NIOS and Sta. Maria, Carlos and I was projecting that maybe we could build a relation like the one you have with Ricardo Palma University. But that is for later…<o:p></o:p>

2.       At the music conservatory of Viña del Mar, we thought that it will be a good idea to make the same presentation but now for an open public. In this presentation we will have a music presentation, thanks to Lalita Madhava dasa, and prasadam with a beautiful presentation like last year.  The room is for 130 people so it´s a good space. <o:p></o:p>

All of these are thanks to Sripati, Vanamali and Carlos, because they have put a lot of effort to make all of this happen. Maybe this year we can say that we have been working as a team.<o:p></o:p>

Your lousy servent<o:p></o:p>



ASA - Esteemed Lousy Servant and Lot of Effort Servants.
      Paoho..    AGTSP  He has probably been working on this harder than anyone.    The Phaedo program in San Marcos was a BIG success. We have and excellent booklet in Spanish of the Programs and when we get to Chile you can make photo copies for distribution if you like.  We can refine the program.
The Dean loved it. The Professors loved it and the hall was full of Students.  The Professors were amazed at how sincere they were to understand these things.

What is the rest of the Calendar for our ASA stay in the great nation of Chile?


Yes, if we can distribute books and make friends to discuss philosphy based on BG and SB and Caitanya-caritamrta what more do we want.  There will be a rapid and profound change in peoples consciousness!


See you in a moment!

India Dates

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Hare Krsna Respected Guru Maharaj,
    Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    All glories to Guru parampara.

    Guru Dev, I hope, your schedule for 19 Feb 2013 to 25 Feb 2013 have available now (after discussion with Dr. Samresh)! If possible, please share the details.

    Guru Dev, you will attend "ISKCON Guru, Sannyasi, Governing Body Secretary Sanga" from 26
    February to 2nd March 2012 So during these days what will be your schedule. Will you get some
    time to meet with us during these days!

    I am extremely sorry for asking you again and again for your schedule. Actually, Train tickets start
    booking before 120 days, in India. So if i don't book ticket and accommodation, it will be a bit
    difficult to find ticket from Pune.

    There are only 2 trains to reach Kolkata from Pune. and One train arrives in the early morning and
    one in the night. So can say, I have only one option to reach.

    So if you share your Kolkata and Mayapur schedule, I will be able to book tickets and
    accommodation accordingly.
your fallen servant,
Girivaradhari-Gopal Das

   HpS - Jaya!    AGTSP!   Paoho.  Please excuse the delay in answering. We have been struggling to clarify things.  We can just fix our determination to stay in Kolkatta from 19th to 25th of February. We arrive Kolkatta from Mumbai at 5.25AM on the 19th. We will try to make arrangements to stay in the Kolkatta Temple. Do you want to take care of that? We can both stay there. You can contact Harsh about who to contact in the Kolkatta temple. Write to us at [email protected] for his cell number if you don't have it.

Then we would take the Hazar Duari, A.C. Chair Car from Sheldah on thee 25th and then stay in Mayapura until the 3rd of March. Then the Hazar Duarari back. From the 4th to the 22nd we will be in Manipur if they can arrange the travel etc.
We will have some time during the SGGSanga for associating with you and everyone there.
The Hazar Duari only has luggage space for hand baggage, but is very clean, quick and safe to Krsna-nagar then we can take a Mayapur car to the Temple!

AGTSP   paoho...

Manipur Visit

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Hare Krsna Maharaj, PAMHO,AGTSP
we wish we knew spanish and were in San Marcos program, we seriously want to attend such academic programs. Due to such events our desire to learn espanol becomes stronger....

coming to main point, we have booked our to arrive at Manipur on 9th March , your grace would arrive on 4th March. We were thinking to accompany you in different trips you will be making in Manipur. Our family wont come there. Will it be possible to give us contact details of person whom horse should contact for his stable.

Your inbound and out bound flights from Brussles, are from Bombay. If there is any change of plan in flights were you need to stay for some time, please bless our stable. and briddle this horse....

we would start hidden dimension by ET hall, he has also written ,any books....we also found a book time in Bhagavata Purana by Rick Jarrow. would be intresting to see authors contributions..

over and our senor,
Hare ram
horse of northen plains of india

    HpS - AGTSP  pamho.   Thank you for the news.  We have a letter from Manipur but haven't opened it yet...   I hope their confirmation of the dates is there.  We are still trying to contact Dr. Samaresh, but the proposed dates seem good.   We have your association in our pencil and will keep you (all) informed.

HPS visit to ISKCON Barcelona 2013

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Dear Hanumatpresak Swami

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Jayanta Prabhu called me and asked to me what was my thinking about you comming back to Barcelona, Due to your reply it seemed to him that you were not favourable to go to new places like Malaga.

             HpS - ASA -  AGTSP.   Paoho.     We lament, lament, lament that we can't expand to include places like Malaga!!    But, yes, seems we have to concentrate.

Tradition   Referring Barcelona I must say that for some reason or another it's one of the main temples in Spain were your preaching it's been steady since 1995, actually, it was the first spaniard temple that you ever visited and I was the first devotee to be fortunate enough to offer you a personal service at that time. Long time coming here and long time relations. Please do come to Barcelona. Don't stop it now. We love you. We need you.

Convenience On the other hand I think that, if it is your desire, you should come to Barcelona in first place from Belgium, then go to Madrid and New Vrajamandala, then continue with your preaching tour to the new ksetra. That will make it three places to visit in Spain. instead of 4 or 5.

HpS -  ASA   -   We can fly direct from Belgium to Barcelona???     I hope Jayanta sees this.



Need of preachers   For Gundica Prabhu and myself is important to let you know that there is almost no preachers coming here to Barcelona on a regular basis, you are the one more steady, wereas there are many, many preachers going continuously to NVM and more available to Madrid devotees due to the Yadunandana Swami and Devashekara management with them.

                HpS -  Hmmm.       Maybe we should focus on Barcelona then and make NvM and Madrid quick visits.. ?        We just want to help your Sankirtana if we can.





Need of Support   In Barcelona we've been facing in the last period of time lots of Narayana Maharaja ritvik disciples giving new initiations (with poor standard for the candidates) to some of our congregational devotees, also we had the same activities done by caste Goswamis from Radha Ramana temple, so we are not very prominent in ISKCON preacher's visits , we are having losts with other vaisnava groups, etc. We need ISKCON senior devotees support. If we have one and the one goes, what can we expect?

              HpS - Jaya!

Beloved Disciples Another key point to come to Barcelona is that you have commited disciples here like Varuthapa, Madhumangala, Sharad Bihari, Jharikhanda Gaura (now living in Barcelona temple), Prananatha, all of them are doing some kind of devotional service to Gaura Nitai and ISKCON Barcelona temple.

Initiations It's very important that the local congregational members of ISKCON can become also inspired seeing new devotees getting initiated by ISKCON gurus. Otherwise due course of time if more new devotees and Krishna's friends are coming to ISKCON temples but no gurus are coming, no preachers are coming, no intiations are to be seen by the whole congregation. And no senior support is there, other Vaisnava groups will take advantage of it. And to the most unripe it will be an urge to become initiated at whatever cost. But if new devotees aproaching ISKCON are witnessing that new devotees like them are doing favourable devotional service in the temple, they are learning, geting some basic training, and finally they are getting blessed with initiations by ISKCON Gurus, the mesage in their minds and hearts will be: Well is possible! I can also do it! my friend has done it, why not me? (Sadhu sanga and bhajana-kriya will take place in a natural way) on the contrary the plant will be dried up.  Now days we have a nice lady devotee ready to get first initiation, she has shown a steady and comited service attitude, and a will for learn. She has approached us asking for recommendation letter. We all are happy to recommend her to be initiated by you and we understand is super important that she becomes intiated here in Barcelona enfront of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, enfront of all her friends from the congregation, totally supported by her local senior devotees and bless. Again we are asking these austerities from you to come to Barcelona and give your blessings to all of us. 

Your humble servant

Nimai Pandita Raja dasa

ISKCON Barcelona temple secretary


HpS -  AGTSP    pamho.  So, we visit Barcelona.   What exact times do you suggest?  Look at and you can see how much time we have after we get to Brussels before we have to get to Radha desa for the meetings.    How much time in each place?