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hare krsna, maharaj,

pamho, agtsp.

this could be pouring out email, but i think we have enough content to write a letter.

we report to our director, in our institute.

our professional life is a mess, our diet is a mess. we some times have to sleep in office, because we either dont get proper food, and our easily get tired by getting up early.

we wear ditty [dirty] clothes

dont know the reason. we are lost out. may be mind is artificially renouncing.

director found our mental framework/issues. following are some things director said

you need healing harsh.

outside world will have only standards.

your wife must be initiating guilt feeling in you. you are full of guilt.

dont be worried about your son too much.

teach to students as your children. train the staff. give them.

may be you should a join a monastery.

be HR person who bounds/ make people comfortable.

give back to soceity as you have two IITs invested in you, the nation will ask back.

and other things, which were correct..

research on gratitude than on psychology.

have gratitude also


i know, you dont know my life in detail, and we have to use our intelligence.

but there are many ritualistic things like food cooked by vaisnava, no onion garlic, cooked

daily SB, whose importance we know, but when they dont happen, it causes more anger in us.

..some how v r able to chant 16 rounds average..

v have learned little bit of cooking we can cook edible (our standards)

poori, rajma, rice, dal, aalo subzi, khicdhi,--at least we can cook for krsna,

HpS - That puts you in the same category as Mother Yasoda! What are you complaining about?!

as you wrote" "become sun of knowledge in india" can you tell us the practical process to us.

HpS - ... the more and more and more you chant the more your heart becomes pure. then it becomes like a ray of sunshine to everyone.

😐 Your monkey eats your cheese. He shares it with the goose. We are all receiving Karma, from our previous days abuse.

You are on the right path. Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna..... Just do what you are doing better. Learn to cook better for Krsna. Learn to love your family better. Learn to chant better. Nothing new needs to be added. Just improve what you are doing.

Narada's instructions to Dhurva in the process of mystic meditation.

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<img src="" alt="Image result for hanumatpresaka swami">

His Holiness Hanumatpresaka Swami will give Srimad Bhagavatam class this Thursday, May 2 at 6:00 AM Hawaii on the topic of Durva Maharaja receiving instructions from Narada on the process of God Realization thru the practice of aṣṭāṅga-yoga. The verses from Srimad Bhagavatam are:

SB 4.8.43 — Nārada Muni instructed: My dear boy, in the waters of the Yamunā River, which is known as Kālindī, you should take three baths daily because the water is very auspicious, sacred and clear. After bathing, you should perform the necessary regulative principles for aṣṭāṅga-yoga and then sit down on your āsana [sitting place] in a calm and quiet position.

SB 4.8.44 — After sitting on your seat, practice the three kinds of breathing exercises, and thus gradually control the life air, the mind and the senses. Completely free yourself from all material contamination, and with great patience begin to meditate on the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

If you'd like to participate, here is how to connect:

Dial-in number (US): (319) 527-2528

International dial-in numbers:

Online meeting ID: esanga

Join the online meeting:

or visit:

For 24/7 Customer Care, call (877) 553-1680

Urgente 31 de Julio

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Querido Gurumaharaja 

Por favor acepte mis respetuosas reverencias!

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!

Nuevamente yo, disculpe por favor. Busque la compra de sus ticket en el blog y me fije con mayor atencion pero posiblemente no lo suficiente.

Entonces las 5 horas en México será el 31 de Julio ? ? O será en Octubre? 

HpS - Julio!

Ud mencionó en su última visita que cuando se encuentre en USA hay mayor probabilidad de venir a México y quedarse algunos días, esperamos esa oportunidad, claro es importante trabajar para merecer, Prabhu Isvaku constantemente me dice " diga a SS. Hanumatpresaka Swami que siempre le estoy esperando en León de Guanajuato para hacer buenos programas académicos", también Prabhu Gadhadara Gosai siempre extiende la invitación.

Escribí otra carta con el deseo de las autoridades sobre la situación de algunos bhaktas que son sus aspirantes, porsupuesto como Usted explica tenemos el ejemplo de Srila Prabhupada de haber tomado iniciación después de 10 años de conocer a su Gurumaharaja. 

A veces aconsejan que los aspirantes viajen a otro Templo y busquen al Guru para iniciarse, nosotros debemos Viajar, esforzarnos pero como Ud dice preparamos nuestro viaje a Goloka Vrndavana.

Disculpe nuestras ofensas por favor. 

Su eterna aspirante a sirviente 

Asta Sakhi dd. 

HpS - Reverencias a todos!!!!! Esperamos pasar mas tiempo en Mejico pero aqui al minimo posibilidad de unas horas!!! Reverencias a Iksvaku, Maharsi, todo!! SOn grandes heroes y si Krsna esta ulilizando nuestra sacrificio!!!!

Urgente 5 horas en Mexico

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Querido Gurumaharaja!

Por favor acepte mis reverencias!

Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada! 

Muy felices porque podremos tomar su santa asociación por unas horas próximamente. 

México es bendecido al poder brindarle un hermoso servicio lleno de amor. Siesta, tamales y Su darshan, es más de lo que imaginábamos para este año. 

Estaremos atentos a mayores datos. 

Entiendo que será en Octubre, no encontré detalles en el calendario. 

Su eterna aspirante a sirviente 

Asta Sakhi dd. 

HpS - ASA --- TlgaSP. Hay otro carta tambien. Voy a responder a ambos! Pasamos dos horas en el aeropuerto in transito in Mejico domingo, 9 Junio. Vamos a pensar en Vds!!!!!!!!

Regresando 31 Julio de Lima a Houston somos en transito desde 3PM hasta 8PM. Si puede hablar con Aero mejico con la pregunta si nuestra equipaje de Lima va a pasar directo o si tenemos que refactuar. Pienso por que es menos que 6 horas va a pasar directo. Otro pregunta podemos salir del aeropuerto para tomar un poco aiere fresca y visitar amigos. Vamos a obtener ambos tarejetas de bordar (lima a Mex y Mex a Houston) en Lima, entonces cuando necesitamos volver al aeropurto. Era $1700 directo Houston - LIma - Houston. Pero esta vuelo es $650. Pienso arregla de Krsna para visitar Vds!!!!

Add Bolivia to South America Trip

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On Saturday, April 27, 2019, 7:48:19 PM CDT, Mathuresh Dasa wrote:

Dear Maharaja:

Pamho, agtSP 

As we spoke in India, we would like to have you in Cochabamba for our National Retreat on June 20, 21, 22 and 23.

All the Bolivian devotees will gather for a reunion that will include Temple Program every day seminars and workshops.

Please let us know your disposition.

Ys, Mathuresh dasa


HpS - ASA - -  AGTSP paoho. Did you see, We have ticket to Peru June 9th to July1 st. We were planning Bolivia as we discussed, so now let us put it on the ASA Calendar, unless someone makes an important objection.

Can you look for the tickets for us? Thursday is a bad day to travel, no? Of course we want to visit any artists, writers, critics, teachers et al that we can for Education and the Sacred: your Yatra can find!

West coast yatra

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Any chance of Maharaj coming to the west coast?

ASA - Hare Krsna! AgtSP. Esteemed SacSingh. Who are you? How do we know you!!! Are you a retired Pathan Colonel from the Indian Army? We just did our "West Coast Tour"! Well almost West Coast. We screamed about visiting Boise and devotees came from San Jose, Washington, and Oregon.

What do you offer for lunch/breakfast to your Deities in your house?