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Travel'n  Creature!

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA, Radha Natabara Ashrama

Nitai-gaurasundara, M. Matsya, Abhiseka, ASA Wandering Miscreants!

10.00PM  -   R(13)      -    Ooof!     We're dis-com-boob-a-lated!       We went with Hari-lila Prabhu to Vasant Bai's home for lunch.  Very nice family, worship Visna, Durga, Ganesa, strict vegetarian, maybe oil in the food difficult for us to digest. Also, difference of culture of consciusness, no?

Ha!      Ha!       Hare!

If we, you, us, they are to build bridges, we have to stretch and accomodate. Yet, we are really, really stretched with all the work we have to do and when we came back we were going into moderate convulsions!    We had to rest for about 4-hours and finally we feel a little bit better.

Same thing happened to Prabhupada!

O.K.   Swamiji, look at the letters. Chant Hare Krsna. Do a little work.  Rest a little bit more.  Take more water.      Hari, bolo!


11 years, 6 months ago by bhaktanicasio

Dear Gurudeva,
Please accept my humble obeisances,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada,
All glories to Hanumatpresaka Swami,

    Today i feel especially happy. This process of bhakti yoga is so wonderful.
Last month I was feeling not to good, as you know due to excesive working, making so many plans and stress I developed facial palsy, today I can tell i´m 70% recovered.

ASA - HpS - AGTSP!!!!

     I was meditating about my miserable life, working so much, how difficult is to engage my family in KC, being unable of organizing the interfaith program and how bad my sadhana was, feeling so depressed cause i couldnt reach the standard every serious bhakti yogui must have. Although i´m chanting 16 rounds most of the days, some were so intense that i couldnt do it ( i plan to recover them while in india). But today I heard your offering to Srila Prabhupada on his Vyasa Puja and what I have read many times in NOI by your mercy today got deep in my heart. Since the last  two years I barely associate with non devotees and I realized that my time is spent in working, being with my family or with the amazing devotees of the lord,  sharing symptoms of love described in chapter 4. Then I remembered the words of Srila Prabhupada in the Krsna book chapter the salvation of trinavarta “By developing his eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord, one becomes eligible to create friendship with the devotees” and finally what I heard from you in another occasion quoting Jayananda prabhu´s words that really humility is to understand one´s position. So gurudeva by your huge mercy today my faith in this process has increased, I feel so fortunate of  having the association of the vaisnavas.
    I can see that this process is perfect and everything is in Srila Prabhupada`s books and that I only see obstacles and difficulties due to my imperfect practice. I´m willing to accept my position and with patience make efforts to advance in KC so I can render some service to you and to our beloved Srila Prabhupada.
  One question. As our relationship with guru and Krisna are eternal is eternal also our relationship with the vaisnavas being jiva tattva?

ASA - HpS - AgtSP.      Paoho.      So nice to hear from you and the love amongst the devotees in Plata del Mar, Argentina!     As we understand, our relations as Vaisnavas now are like people in a mental hospital helping each other get free from our insanity and also serving Krsna together in the hospital. When we leave we go to our original homes, services, which may be for one in Vaikuntha, another in Ayodhya, another in Nanda-grama, another in Vrndavana...   So, we always remember our sojurn in the material world in some way and especially when we were struggling to return to Krsna and it's an eternal part of our current service attitude to Krsna. BG says that that which is eternal always exists.  This is our comprehension.
 Struggling to become your servant
 Bhakta Nicasio.

ASA - HpS - We are also struggling to become your servant. As far as we can tell you are doing O.K.    Just have to struggle according to NOI Three.


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I am Pablo of the Parikrama, from Spain.

ASA-HPS - Hare Krsna, Don Pablo!    TlgaSP!!!!     Pfanrh.       Por favor decribanos unos de sus recuerdos de la Parikrama!

I wish you are well in all conditions.

I want to give You my Gift for Radha in her Birthday... 6 rounds every day, involved and adorned with 10  rounds more every day and 4 principles strictly... thanks you very much Maharaja.

I hope She likes it.

Good days, bad days that days...I would not even be continuous with the top line...but a lot of realization.

Now I continue with my life, my rascal life. My vow, 6 rounds minimum like now to Bhaktivinoda Thakura´s Advent,  I hope decorate like now the next time I write to you.

I am preparing to travel to Nueva Vrajamandala, but not sure...I have no money but until the last time I did not know if I can go...if I go I spend a few days. I want go around 10-12 of september.

At Your feet.


ASA - Ahhhh!      Very nice, muy bien!   Entonces, then,    esperamos los resultados de sus rondas,   we wait for the results of our Japa-vrata!

Canakhya Pandita dice: La pobreza no puede quedar donde hay esfuerza constante, la ignorancia donde hay recitacion constante de los Vedas (Srimad Bhagavatam, libro KRSNA), y reaccion pecaminoso donde hay recitacion constante de los Santos nombres!

Nos vemos pronto, prospero, piadoso, educado!!


11 years, 6 months ago by krishnadas

Dear Maharaja,

Forgive me for the intrusion, but I am writing on behalf of an elderly friend of mine.

Over the past few years he has been very much inspired by your great service to humanity and preaching, and now that my friend is about to leave his body, he would like to send a donation to you. (he has no access to a computer so cannot donate online).

If you would be willing to accept his donation, please could you send me a postal address where you can be reached, so that you will personally receive my friend's gift along with a personal note from him.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

your servant
Krishna das

ASA - HpS - Jiv-krsna das, e visvas!        AGTSP   paoho    Any more details of who are your good selves?     Is like an Agatha Christie mystery.  Haw!   Haw!  Haw Haw!        In general, we are trying to engage any donations that devotees can offer through NIOS (North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies). It is a non-profit educational institution and it's address is 304 Astor Way; Franklin, TN 37064; USA.  We are trying to keep a web-page going properly at www.bhati.org. Thank you!!!
"Who is that Masked Man?"

Jaya Maharaja!!!

11 years, 6 months ago by giannina_dasi


ASA - HpS - "Nitya ananda!"       Jaya!   AGTSP


Por favor acepte mis mas humildes reverencias! 

Ante todo muchisimas gracias por aceptarme como su aspirante formal,

ASA - HpS - Ooops!   No hemos acceptado, do!    No podemos sin una carta de recomendacion del Gundica Prabhu. Aun viviendo en el Templo, no???    El ha enviado una carta?   No hemos vistado nuestra correro hace dos dias.

me hace muy feliz saber que UD. acepta mi insignificante servicio y como UD es el representante de Krishna de alguna forma quizas Krishna tambien puede aceptar mi servicio,

ASA - HpS - Es un hecho.  Solamente tiene que formalizar la relacion con El!

pensar en ello ha hecho que mi corazon salte de una brinco!

ASA - HpS - Boop!    Upi!     Doop!                  Cuidado, hay mas saltas fuertes en el futuro!

Si Maharaja soy giannina peruana pero que ahora vivo en barcelona y estoy sirviendo en Nueva Vrajamandala y retomo los estudios de biologia a partir de 21 de setiembre!

No conosco bien eso de perdir una carta de recomendacion tengo que esperar llegar a barcelona para poder hablar con Gundica Prabhu

ASA - HpS - Ah, si!    Eso es!

 y me haga el favor de hacermela, Campakalata dd su discipula de argentina me dijo que tambien podria hablar con Lokanatha Prabhu el comandante de aqui de la granja para el que el hable con Gnundica

ASA - HpS - Si, si!

 y hacerme la carta, no se UD cuando quiere que se la dé, de todas forma yo tendre la gran misericordia de poder verlo aqui en la granja y luego en barcelona, solo espero que para ese dia estar mejor informada <img alt="laugh" src="http://hps-d6.monkeywarrior.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/teeth_smile.gif" title="laugh" />.

ASA - HpS - Si Barcelona es su Templo principal, entonces la formalid es de ellos pero, si, con una carta de los autordades de Nueva Braja Mandala tambien.

Yo sigo muy contenta de poder estar aqui en la granja unos días mas, el curso de bhaktas ya termino y  para Radhastami nos entregan los diplomas! ahora gracias a la ayuda de Maharaja Yadunandana prabhu Gundica  y prabhu Lokanatha haré la primera parte del curso de facilitadores Maharaja Yadunandana me dijo que estaba muy bien hacerlo para empezar a predicar desde un primer nivel  y bueno espero que UD me de bendiciones para poder hacerlo y aprovecharlo correctamentem

Muchas gracias por todo Maharaja HARI HARIBOL

su aspirante sirviente 


ASA - HpS - Gracias su carta!   Como estan la vacas?   Estamos en N. V. Mandala entre solamente una semana, no?    Ooof!    Tan pronto.  Radha Govinda-candra Ki Jai!!!!!       Entonces, si, habla con Lokanatha Prabhup apra enviar una reportaje al Gundica y a el para una carta de recomendacion!

Bhaktin Rashmin from Toronto

11 years, 6 months ago by Rashmin dd

Dear Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

All glories to You!! :)

Hare Krishna. I am still in good old Toronto...

ASA - HpS - Hare Krsna.   It is very nice to hear from you. We are moving all the time. It is killing us rapidly, but we feel we are able to contribute a little to ISKCON!

The winter season is starting soon here. And I hear that you will soon be travelling to India!!!!

ASA - HpS - Yes, next Moon Day we go to Europe!

Jiva Goswami das from Houston told me he will also be travelling with you. How ecstatic- my day to visit the holy land will come soon.

ASA - HpS - Haw!      Haw!      Haw    Ray!         Where ever we do Sankirtan is certainly the most Holy Land!

So my sadhana: 4 regulative principles, mangal arti- I keep waking up late though (I tend to keep taking my naps during Japa), and I increased one round to 17 In the last three-ish weeks. Sankirtan is the most difficult. I like it but it's still scary. I just wish that there were more matajis living in the temple to go out on sankirtana with every day. I still go with Mangal Arti once a week.

ASA - HpS - Yes, scary. We've heard that even Lord Nityananda and Hari Dasa Thakura ran away from Jagai and Madhai the first time they met them!
Getting up early is a super challenge, but the result is super Sankirtana! If you work hard from 2-10AM your day is finished. The mode of passion and ignorance will all be play!

I also have a question from Bhagavatam 1st canto chapter 3 verse ?

ASA - HpS - We've always liked Verse ?

 Prabhupada was speaking about how all living entities are engaged in devotional service directly or indirectly, indefinnitely. We were wondering how can someone be engaged in devotional service inderectly- so I guess that includes plants, animals, karmis, etc. We tried to solve this conundrum, but alas, our brains are too fallen!

ASA - HpS - Guess Duryodhana is a great example, no? Krsna's mission of incarnation was to eliminate all the unnecessary Ksatriyas who were burden to Bhumi devi. So the person who helped him the most seems to be Duryodhana. He got them all in one place at one time and had them all fight with each other.   Booop!    Mission complete.   So he was serving Krsna but not directly, indirectly, not with a conscious intention to please Krsna.  Gueo G

OK, so I wrote to you about this in my very first e-mail... about initiation. I feel like I don't deserve it but in order to advance in spiritual life, one must have a spiritual master in order to obtain his mercy so that we may go back to Godhead. Ahhh, if you so kindly have some mercy upon my insignificant self, I would like to take shelter from you on behalf of Srila Prabhupada. I'm chanting my rounds every day, I have my regular services in the temple, I also help with the preaching centre on Mondays and Tuesdays, and like I mentioned earlier Sankirtan at least once a week. I also have a desire to go on the altar one day. Dressing Gaura Nitai would melt my heart!

ASA - HpS - They have nice pajamas.

I already have ideas! Anyways, I just hope that, with Krishna's blessings as well as Prabhupada's blessings, I can become your disciple. 

Thank you very much.

Your aspiring servant,

Bhaktin Rashmin

ASA - HpS  Of course, why not!   The way you describe things, the only austerity that you have to get more fixed is getting up early and staying up. You have to get a letter of recomendation from your Temple President.  Who is that???

What was your career decision?   You were going to wait on your dental career and just do Temple service?
WhaOf course, the wayO