Bhakti-vaibhava Mayapur Final Presentation

11 years, 6 months ago by devaki_nandana_das

Hare Krishna Dear Guru Maharaja!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Please accept my humbles obeisances.
We are in mayapur, in the last two weeks of the bhakti vaibhava course (mihe). Last week our teacher was Candramauli swami, and it was really inspiring.
Next week we have our final presentations, and I choose the subject: "Narada Muni as spiritual counselor", the idea of this subject is to get diferent general principles of counseling in the different appearences of Narada Muni on Srimad Bhagavatam, Cantos 1-6.
we still have sloka test, before february 15th, all the slokas of Brahma Samhita.
After that we go to Vrndavana, and on march 3 we return to Argentina.
Your eternal servant
Devaki-nandana das  

HpS - Jaya!   AGTSP    paoho.  Thank yo for the news.  We also got Skype connversation with Ambarisa Das there.  You see him much? 
We have been hoping someone would do this extract, Preaching Strategies of Narada!

Sadhana is O.K?    To be a Bhakti vaibhava you have to be strict, no?   Is very very big title!  We mustn't humiliate Srila Prabhupada!  

CC 4.193

11 years, 6 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,
Dandavat pranams. Ram Ram.
Thank you very much for forwarding this verse.  Please allow me to explain this verse further. I hope you can read this whole email.

This verse mentions 2 important words
1) cid-ananda-maya which means self is full of knowledge and happiness.
2) aprakrata-dehe which means self is beyond body and inert matter. It also refers to self as "SAT" which mean eternal. Inert matter is perishable whereas self is SAT or imperishable.
Due to maya, we accept self as product of inert matter and perishable. We also experience incompleteness or lack of knowledge and also, miseries in this world due to assumed identity of self with matter and body.

According to this verse, initiation means to accept the TRUTH which already exists. The truth is that self is sat chid ananda and beyond body and matter (aprakrata-deha). Devotee does bhajan of Krishna with acceptance of this truth. This  is real initiation.
I hope you agree with my understanding. We cannot deviate from truth. The shastra just expains the truth.
Your servant,
Gaurav Mittal

HpS -  Sri Sri Guru gauranga Ki Jai!    Your explanation seems very lucid to me, but then when we are becoing free from bodily identification by surrendering more and more of our prestige, things, by surrenderinng them to Krsna, we see that Krsna is manifest in five features, just at the same substance is manifest in three features as ice, water and steam.

Then we can appreciate the position of Sita and Laksmana, that the best way to serve Rama is through them.  Just as everyone can see the moon but with a telescope we can see better.

So, everyone knows God, but by Parampara we can know Him in more, practical, detail.  Thus Rupa Goswami's first principle of Sadhana Bhakti is to take shelter of an Acharya, hear from him, become free from suffering, caused by fonication, intoxication, gambling, gluttony etc. Then we see the world as tool to practically serve Rama, like realizinng the oportunity to live in Ayodhya.  This relation is eternal.  Of course,there may be others, but they are in livinng harmony as they develop. Kunti devi knows Krsna by direct perception, through Devaki and through Arjuna.  As I would understand she feels that the best connection is through Arjuna, who has NO envia of her love for Krsna, only wants to help her!

DTCPiggy Thursday 27 January

11 years, 6 months ago by buckwhite

Esteemed Members ASA,
AGTSP   paoho.  It is 9 minutes past midnight.  We have been answering letters since 9PM.  It is not so bad because we can't sleep at night because of this Jet-lag.
In the day we can't stay awake.   We are getting better.  Today we started our Bhakti-rasa-amrta-sindu Seminar.
It was super, super, super.  About 8-students.  All very nice.   After five years the course is very nice, very preactical for Sankirtana.  HpSwami even had some study questions for the first part, Professor Haberman's history of the book.
Then we gave a public class for about 40-devotees after the Arati on NOI.  This is the third.  It gets dark here about 5PM.   About 40-devotees sing for the last Arati.
We are having some chest pains.   Hmmm?         No pulses missing.

We rest now.
Little progress in setting calendar for the fall.
We worry about Natalia, Abhirama, Gopa-kumar, we got intense letter with so much news from Jagajivana, our GBC in Peru.
O.K.  we rest a little and then Japa.

Krsna consciousness is so much fun!      Let us be sure that we get service from our eternal body and not just through our temporary body!


11 years, 6 months ago by Bhakta David Vinces Report

Dear GuruMaharaja,

Please accept my ho, agtSP, agtY Maharaja,

I hope that when you receive this your health is very good and Krishna is very deep with You. I'm writing from the internet shop you advice me in Chosika. Everything is fine, today is one month since I'm chanting 16 rounds, and for more than one week we are going out for Sankirtan! daily from Monday to Friday doing person to person and some buses with bhakta Italo who is very good association since he is very sincere, we get along very well, also our commander is very good, Prabhu Tattva Vit Gaura. He take care very well of us in every aspect, we are becoming a good team I think. The rest of the asram devotees are very nice also like prabhu Jagannatha that always give us extra halava maha when we are back late from sankirtan. I'm attending every Mangal arati and Gaura arati and trying to not miss the rest of the programs and classes. Things are going well and just for Your mercy my dear Gurudeva. Trying to get better rounds I say with affection, Good bye.

Hare Krishna :)

Your aspiring for an eternal servant of Yours

Bhakta David Vinces  

HpS -  Jaya!     Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai!      Madan bihari Ki Jai.     He is the one who is the basis of all these wonderful things, no?    Just hearing from you we want to also be more sincerce in Sankirtana.   Our obeisances to Italo, Jagannatha Swami, Tattva, Vamsi Govinda, older pujari, devotoo (??) 



Narayana-para Das

11 years, 6 months ago by XnarayanaX

hari hari!!!! todas las glorias a srila prabhupada. querido gurudev acepte mis reverencias. estamos bien asitiendo a sus señorias x las mañana 

estoy viajando a paraguay hoy hasta el 15 de marzo. haciendo una suplencia en el pujari<img alt="smiley" src="" title="smiley" />

vamos a estar mas comunicados!   a su servicio.   narayana parah das  

HpS - Jaya  Srila Ptabhupada Ki Jai!       O.K.   Buena suerte con su viaje y nuevo servicio.   Siempre buscando oportunidad predicar!!! 


Vrsabhanu Das - News from La Paz

11 years, 6 months ago by vrisabhanu das

Jaya Gurudeva !!!
Please accept my humble obeisances, and dandavas to his lotus feet. 
All glories to Srila Prabhupada 

Please excuse my English, I am a donkey.

I realize how little I've communicated last year, please forgive me, and I promise you right now that this year will be different, I feel that this year will be a great year in my spiritual life. 
We were in La Paz in recent months, which brought me anxiety about the work I did, and it was the first time I worked there, besides for the difficult political economic issue in the region. 
I remember him fondly, and I am aware of what important are you in my life. In La Paz we were also studying the Bhakti Sastri with devotees, and attending programs in, I was able to give a lecture on Bhagavad Gita; I speaks about to the spiritual master, Tad vidhi pranipatena, pariprasnena sevaya, upadesyanti  te janan, janinas tatva darsinah. We celebrated and organize the day of his apparition in Cochabamba. By the mercy of the devotees I express my Vyasa Puja offering as follows: 
" nama om visnu padaya krsna presthaya bhutale
srimati bhaktivedanta swamin iti namine

namaste sarasvati deve gaura vani pracarine
nirvesesa sunyavadi pascatya desatarine

nama om visnu padaya krsna presthaya bhutale
srimati Hanumatpresaka swamin iti namine

Thanks dear devotees for the opportunity to thank my spiritual master, in this glorious day of his appearance. On a day like today we have the opportunity to glorify the spiritual master. The scriptures say that by the mercy of the spiritual master, one can make spiritual advancement, and without his mercy one can not approach Krsna. I want to thank my spiritual master, is by the mercy of their partnership now I am here among you, in a temple, worshiping Krishna, and Hare Krishna singing. 
This moment is very difficult for me because I don’t  know where to start talking about the qualities of maharaja, for example if we speak of his humility. The scriptures say that humility is a thermometer that measures the spiritual advancement, and he is always humble. For example he could be sitting taking a class, and eventually he can approach and maybe give to fearful forgotten person in a corner, a few words. I remember that in Chosica he always asked to live in the ashram of bramacaris, he did not want anything special. Even he always eats with everyone, and he shares with everybody that had in his plate.  I love him deeply. 
He is so dedicated to Krishna, I want to speak about when he came to America, he had only about a $ 5 in his pocket, and this reminds me of when Prabhupada came to the West, with a few rupees in his pocket, and told to Krishna "you brought me, I'm a puppet in your hands, now make me dance ...” 
There are so many qualities in him, and that each of us has been witnessed. I do not remember any time I've seen anger in him, he is always friendly, and if him have to give me a lesson, he know say it at the right time and with the right words, to not to make me fell bad. 
Sometimes we make divisions in our time, and decided give to Krishna this or that moment, however he is aware of Krisna twenty four hours a day. With his constant example teaches us sadhana bhakti. 
We can talk for long about how he taught us by example, or talk about his courage.  He is very brave, once on a trip to Satipo Chosica, there was an accident, in which the car the devotees were riding struck a child, and Majaraha ran to help him and achievedto save his life. 
Krishna's love for us has given us maharaja; although Krishna is not physically present here, but in fact is present, because he gives us the gift of the association and the presence of the spiritual master. I can not even imagine my life would have been if he had not crossed my path, if Krishna would not have put him in my life. 
All glories to His Holiness Swami Hanumatpresaka, ki! jaya! "

The Sunday when we celebrated the Vyasa puja, Prabhu Maturesh offered us call you by phone to speak all us with you, but finally, there was no place Laksmana Prabhu's phone and we could not make the call. 
I genuinely regret not having sent before this offering, but always my nature to be delaying things, caught me. 

Here sincerely we try to continue on the path of effort and austerity, and closer to Krishna, also I apologized for not sending you my annual report about my spiritual life but better late than never. We are in strict compliance with the regulative principles, and my body has gotten used to waking up around 3 in the morning without an alarm clock. Chant my rounds at that time. Now also learn verses for consideration of the Bhakti Sastri, and I decided to learn many more verses after the test. I am very happy with my wife, she loves very much to the deities and attend them to daily, and we will try to ask (borrow) to Maturesh Prabhu, the small Gaura Nitai’deities to worship them in our house. I feel this year is a very important year in my life. Soon we will move to another bigger house, and this year maybe we lay the groundwork for owning a home here in Cochabamba. Also along with Narayani, studied natural medicine with a naturopathic doctor, and in the future we want have a store natural medicines, which also is both a health center, and besides, this was confirmed in the astral chart of Narayani. 

In my gratitude to Srila Prabhupada also like to stress that he is the hand that holds out Krishna. Krishna saw in this generation, so misguided people spiritually and felt compassion for them, people were going to hell for his bad habits and they had forgotten God, and Krishna gave a look at the world and said “ I send my son for help them. To in every town and village singing Hare Krishna”. Then Prabhupada came to us and he is still present in his books, and thanks to him is that we have to guide our spiritual master, who inspired in Srila Prabhupada, lights us to be happy and go home, back to Krishna.

In Villa Vaikunta, says Prabhu Maturesh, we have become a group of devotees who attend consistently, which can hardly be separated. I fixed my service, kitchen, preaching, Pujari, and I help the devotees all I can. 
My spiritual authority is Mathuresh Prabhu, a great devotee who also Krishna has placed in our lives. 
I say goodbye Gurumaharaja invoking their Lordships Gauranga andNityananda, protect you in every way; you are a hero, who gives his life in body and soul at every moment in many parts of the world, to help the fallen souls. 

Please accept my dandavats to his lotus feet. 
His servant 
Vrisabhanu Das

HpS - Jaya!   AGTSP   pamho.  You English is fine.  Thank you for all the news of Bolivia.  We want to visit but our body is getting old.  Haw!     Haw!      Is a fact we have to reduce this travel or die.  Your all activities sound wonderful.   Just go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.

We will see you soon some how or other.  Srila Prabhupada's mercy, ISKCON, is saving so many people!!!