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Hare Krishna Maharaja, please kindly accept my most humble obeisances at your lotus feet;

All glories to his divine grace, Srila Prabhupada.  

I have been wanting to take some time out to write some meaningful words to you, but witing is something that does not come easily for me.  I am easily distracted for the most part, because I don't always know how to say what is in my heart.  I want to express so much gratitude for your kindness when you come to our home, but I don't want it to sound like cheap flattery;

Showing gratitude is not something that I do lightly.  Yet, with your vyasa puja observance upon us, I am feeling compelled and inspired to try and share something here and now, during the quiet moments when everyone is asleep, about how my devotional service has been lately.  I heard once that a devotee can offer his admission of weaknesses and failures as an offering unto the spiritual master, and not just his achievements.  So I thought that since I have plenty of weaknesses and failures, that this would be a good place to start.

Whilst we do still have daily morning and evening sadhana in our home, there are many mornings when I feel lazy and therefore am not alert to the importance of the early start of mangala hours; As such there is no punctuality in either the morning or evening programs in our home.  In spite of years of endeavoring to practice Krishna consciousness, in my heart I still feel so much contamination of the material energy, always contemplating sense gratification.  And even though I am fully convinced that I will be a devotee for life, I haven't the slightest inclination and make any significant sacrifice outside of my comfort zone; I can't say if it is laziness, or lack of true faith, or lack of devotee association: Or all of these things.  Lately, we have had some really ecstatic kirtanas in our home each week for the past 6 weeks.  But then the devotees leave, and the normal pattern of the material energy returns into our daily existence, and it seems like I find myself beating my head against the wall.   At times I contemplate going on some spiritual retreat, but then I easily talk myself out of it, feeling it is too much trouble and how I can't just leave my wife alone to deal with the economic struggles.  When the GBC came to Boise last spring, we invited the entire community of devotees to join us for a lunch program, and they all came, but it wasn't without total anxiety and reservation on my part.  And when I visited the temple for Janmastami last summer for the first time in so long, I was struggling with so much envy and anxiety, that I only stayed long enough to witness and participate in the Sundara arotika, and then went home.

I can say for sure that when I am engaged in my morning sadhana, much of the time I am alone, and it is in those moments that I am able to hear more attentively the meanings of the prayers that we chant every day: Such as "the lotus feet of the spiritual master....I bow down to his lotus feet with great awe and reverance."  And I can understand, at least in some part, that accepting the shelter of the spiritual master is not merely some formality, but an absolute essential.  I can also understand that I don't know how to show such deep, genuine, heartfelt respect.  At best, I can only act out some show of respect superficially.  When I hear myself uttering these translations, I sometimes reflect on how much you have to sacrifice your own life in the service of Srila Prabhupada, and I wish that I had even an ounce of such dedication: If I did, then I would be an inspiration to others.  I can understand that I am in great need of your mercy, if there is to be any hope for me in my Krishna consciousness.  So I pray that you not forget me in your own prayers to Srila Prabhupada, that you continue to bless our home with you future visits to the Boise community, and that you kindly accept my humble efforts and meager words as an offering, for my own purification.

Your lowly servant,

Balabhadra dasa

                  HpS - ASA - Jaya!!!!   AGtSP. We don't have much to say after such an intense offering. We are in Argentina with a little headache growing. I think it is in part from the computer screen and part from the lack of oxygen in our basment room. So I opened the windows (with a hammer) and now the mosquitos will drift in one or two. 

Ha!  Ha!  Hare!
I don't feel much ahead of you in your advancement: Comfort zone, anxiety about institutional problems etc. My only effort is to chant good rounds. Get association by tele-communication. For example, get a Japa partner and check in by Twitter or telephone, and do the same for Mangala arati and SB!
We hope to see you soon. Thank you for your inspiration. It is a reality for us.

what is mind?

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hare krsna maharaj, pamho, agtsp.
we have understood that we are thinking quite often that we are this mind, more often than that i am this body.

we had some discussion in node 3054. on this
-continuing to point that MS Word is an idea.  the intreseting part is that even though it is idea, it is represented by binary language in the to some storage device and transferred. so even software is transmitted through hard ware... every hardware has also some compatibility with range of software only.. it can not work with every software

           HpS - It can also be printed out on paper.   We could start C++ for example and go to Binary.           I "get" and idea?    Where does it come from?   No hardware involved.        We are continuously receiveing ideas, no?  A little perspective and it is obvious that inumerable ideas are coming and we ar accepting or rejecting.]

Now our question is
i]what is mind?
ii] how it effects intelligence ?
iii] How can convince any natural scientist that chanting clears the mind? ceto darpan marjanam.....
iv] chanting clears the mind or intelligence or both?
v] What are the signs of clear{mood of goodness} mind and intelligence ?
vi] what is the parallel of mind in spiritual world ?
vii] what is source of ideas ?

viii] What is link between desire and ideas?
sorry for asking so many questions, as u know with out any physical association, we are taking association of our mind, and surrendering to it. so we thought better to understand it.
hope this may help in dialogue ith Prog Carl G Jung.


             HpS - ASA ---  Jaya Srila Prabhupada, who has inspired our understanding of what is this world, how to use it as a ladder to Krsna-loka! 

Some one has just finished learning to count and do addition and subtraction and just starting fraction and asks what is calculous, how can it be applied. the answer is that he has to progress in the normal curriculm to  understand, no?

this is explained in second half of 2nd canto and then several times in third canto.

all we can expect is that hearing explntion in gita a natural scientst will  be satisfied with abc and want to learn to spell now.

yes, by mercy of lord caitanya, we can a taste of higher yoga level.

how do you understand this text and purport. mostly the text:



Dear Hanumat Presaka Swami,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! I have recently listened to your lectures on scientific preaching. I am interested in learning more about this subject because I feel that it is related to my dharma. Maybe it is something that I can do for Krishna in the future.

I am currently living at the Krishna House in Gainesville, and I am enrolled in a Master of Education program at the University of Florida. I have a Master’s degree in Biology from the University of North Florida, and my current program is designed specifically for secondary science teachers.

When I first met the devotees, about 1 ½ years ago, I was taking a course in Advanced Evolution. I was thoroughly convinced that this was the mechanism by which species were created. It took some time for me to open up to the possibility that there is another explanation. I saw a presentation by Drutakarma prabhu on Forbidden Archaeology, and purchased his book Human Devolution. Unfortunately, I have not devoted much time to reading it yet.

For some time, I have left my questions about evolution behind, because I wanted to focus on strengthening my devotional life.  Now I am faced with these questions once again, because I am expected to teach the theory of evolution, and no other theory of the origins of life, in the secondary classroom.

I am planning to talk to one professor, who I believe is Christian, to find out what is permissible and what is not. I feel that I should be allowed to bring up some of the holes in the theory, the “loose ends” that don’t line up perfectly. I should be able to encourage critical thinking. But many people in my field are adamant that nothing other than evolution should be taught because it is the only truly “scientific” theory for life’s origins.

I find it a bit paradoxical, because I am also learning that we should be sensitive to the various cultural backgrounds of our students. We should present information in a way that relates to their experiences and prior knowledge. Yet while many of my students will have been raised with a belief in God, I am only allowed to teach an atheistic theory that promotes the idea that we are nothing more than matter, a fantastic accident.

Forgive me for taking up so much of your time, but after listening to your lectures I felt that you are very qualified to answer some of my questions. I have spoken to several different people about these issues, and I have received several different responses. Someone suggested that I should focus only on reading Srila Prabhupada’s books, because they are the most valuable and because there are so many. Another devotee, who works as a cellular biologist, said that he believes evolution is the best explanation we have, but he is willing to let go of his attachment to scientific evidence when it comes into conflict with spiritual knowledge. He also made the point that in order to fully understand the arguments for and against evolution, he would need to become an evolutionary biologist, and even then he would not know everything.

So I guess my main question is this: Is it a worthwhile endeavor to try and learn about the scientific arguments for and against evolution? Can I use this in Krishna’s service? Also, if you feel that it is worthwhile, I would like to know which arguments against evolution do you think are the strongest?

In addition to Human Devolution I have Rethinking Darwin and Life comes from Life. What other resources do you recommend? Can I find more information on the conferences you mentioned in your lecture on scientific preaching? Are there any conferences coming up in the near future?

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to consider my questions. I look forward to hearing from you, and perhaps I will even get to meet you at the Nashville Ratha Yatra! Hare Krishna!


Your Servant,

Laura McLaughlin

HpS - ASA - Jaya!    AGTSP.   Paoho.   You have many questions. Is it relevant to your service?    I would say that it is a little bit relevant at this point. Like looking outside to see if it is raining before you leave for school in the morning. Now just try to focus on getting the standard for first initiation, 16-enthusiastic rounds, 4-principles strictly, a regular morning and evening program, experimenting with different service, sankirtan, association.

Of course, along with this you have to go on living, eating, working, and looking to see if it is raining, but only by the time you are ready for second initiation will you really know if detailed investigation into evolution is your service.

It's a big topic.

I don't know too much about Druta. and Sadaputa. books. Also there is Nature's IQ which was nice.

In general, and I think first point is that there are FUNDAMENTAL flaws in the evolutionary theory the way it is presented, and second we have a SCIENTIFIC explanation from the Bhagavata.

1. We accept natural selection, that pressure from the environment eliminates or favors different offspring. Krsna learned in Guru-kula how to do selective breeding. It has been know in Vedic culture for 5,000 years, comes with the Vedas.

But evolution is another thing. Evolution says that a random mutation fits into the envirionment, nature, better than exisiting forms. But this means, and I have seen from the very beginning of Darwin's presentation this flaw was recognized and Darwin and Huxley were try to dance around it, that if we are going to call it "better" the environment already is supplying a higher standard. Where does that come from? "Nature" already knows the highest standard and favors those random mutations that fit better into "her" goal?

For example, we know the example of green moths and grey moths related to the industrialization of the English countryside. Today gray moths survive but then when the soot is cleaned up we are back to green moths. Which is "higher" on the evolutionary scale?

Do you see the BASIC flaw?

We accept natural selection but not that things are getting better by chance.

Nature itself may be changing. Then some thing will fit in better today and not tomorrow.

Second, Bertram Russell said that the most important idea in the 20th century in the idea of chance, because no one has the slightest idea what it means.

Push a mathematicion, statistician, biologist on this point, "What is a random event, chance mutation?". If you look in a basic book on statistics it will tell you that a random event is an event the outcome of which can not be detemined, "We are absolutely sure we don't know".

In Vedic philosophy this is called "neti, neti", not this not this. It is an approach or a retreat toward knowloedge.

Evolution is based upon random mutations, but why can we say they are random? Maybe there is a cause why all the mutations occur that we just don't know yet. It is another big area, but from basic to advanced study we find it is full of faults, a random event.

Nature must already have a goal, where do "random" events come from?

Such a coffee and cigarette and Colonel Sander's chicken headed philosophy of the origin of the cosmos?

Hitler, Goebels, "If you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one, because nobody would ever expect you to say such a big one".

Third and last major flaw that we see.

If the chunk or singularity had no competition, was all there was, then why did it change? Was is improving?  Was there a random event from some other source?

Then the alternative from the Bhagavatam. This is described briefly in the Gita more in the Second Canto etc. It is Sankhya. It is not understandeable to most Western intellectuals because they are conditioned to lower modes of mental activity. Their minds are absorbed in matter. We graduated 1st place in psychology for U. of California with minor studies in biology and electrical engineering. Then invited on on full fellowship to UCLA and Northwestern. Our mentor, Donald Campbell at NW pushed us with out own intelligence to look for wider perspectives. that lead okinawan karate, improvisational theater and YOGA....  SB...  Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and Jiva Goswami.

Sankhya requires a change in perspective. We have to go from doing science (karma) to logical understanding of science (jnana) to contemplation, meditation in science (dhyana), to loving science (bhakti) to understand the deepest aspects of the source and operation of reality.

Meditation is only roughly taught in modern universities in the drama department in theater training as far as I know. Following the grand tradition of Stanislavskii and Viloa Spolin, "My LIfe in Art" and "Improvisation for the Theater" they offer practical methods of meditation for Western modern people. We use them in our ISKCON yoga.

What is the knowledge?

That Krsna expands as the Minister of Prisons, Maha-visnu. He sends the glass, cement, steel, wood, pnut-butter and BLUE PRINTS and PRISON RULES. Garbodaksayi visnu enters each prison as its Warden. Ksirodakasayi Visnu enters as the individual Guards.

Brahms in the Trustee who creates the individual cells etc.

The criminals, lunatics move in.

It starts from subtle to gross, from steam to water to ice.

The creation stories in the beginning are taking place when there are like maybe 100 gods and goddesses in the universe. It is a subtle level. More permament and substantial than gross matter. The blue print level. In a dream a women may have erotic connection with a snake and give birth to snake babies. This is the dream world. It is more "real" than the gross world. Read Carl Jung's Auto biography.

Then the subtle bodies from the demigod level start to produce more gross bodies at the semi-demigod level like Gandharvas (fairies), Dwarfs etc. They are magical powers to disappear etc. Then from them it evolves to ice, gross level, our level. Blue print becomes house.

This is a summary.

The details and the explantion of how to scientifically experience it are there in the SB.

We will submit this essay to the Spirit of Carl G. Jung with whom we are now having a dialog.  Thank you!!!!  We hope this was useful.

First thing is to get fixed deep in you heart in getting up early and getting your rounds done!!

Jara Mara Hari Das

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Hare krisna Maharaja:

Jara Mara Hari Das Still alive.

         ASA -  Jaya!    AGTSP!!!   He is always puting up so much work to help us in so many ways!!!!

Living in Madrid temple for 2 months full program and shadana.

Giving a lot os classes atending sri sri gaura nitay deities, preaching.

The most important service now is meeting and taking care of the devotees.

Do not know why  many devotees are frustade and depress and mad with the temple i one or other way.

I am veging the devotees to come to the temple and praying for their asociation.


Its working Maharaja, by your mercy they are starting to come and talk, and crying and slowly but surely they star to open their hurts.

Most of the devotees are realy sincer devotees they realy love gaura nitay and srila prabhupada but some way or other are not able to work together with each other or with the authorities and there is a lot of pain in their hurts.

         HpS  -  A lot of it is just the same as any Spanish family, community faces, no?  It's not a "Hare Krsna/Temple" problem, it's a local life problem that manages in our particiular religion etc.

What little by litlle Everything is moving and I allready can feel a movement, a bit of hope.

I am telling everybody that this is prabhupada´s and gaura Nitay´s temple and that they should come to serve them.

Prabhupada tall us that you will so the way you love me in the way you cooperate with each other on my movement.

So I am Happy serving you, prabhupada and the devotees.

Also trying to help the female devotees to group together and work to improve their relation with the temple and their spiritual lives.

I went to Malta is a little island south of italy. they speak inglish and drive on the left.

Very nice people a nice devotee (Laxmy) is preaching there if you wish we could make arregment for you to visit the island. there is a Hindu comunity (500 Shindis) an the president (Lady) she is very enthusiatic about helping the devotees to stablish a permanent center in the island, we could arrenge also talks in the university and their is a good group of young people leaded by laxmy.

Is only 2 hours flying from madrid and we could pack the whole program in 3-4 days.

If you want to try let me know and will make all the arregments.

Your fallen servant


Is great to be back serving you and Srila Prabhupada I really feell back home, back to godhead.

             HpS - AGTSP.  We see you in two weeks.  How is your son, wife???