I hope you can remember my

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Hare Krishna Maharaj.
Please accept my humble obeisances.

First of all, thanks for responding. Failure to remember me and leaves me a lesson, how insignificant I am. I appreciate that you think well be coperando musically with the construction of a larger hall for the church of Santiago de Chile. Please send us your blessings to have a more comfortable space to have more souls that can receive the message of Krishna. 

I send more references about me. I'm Juan Elgueda, the musician who plays tabla and I had the honor of accompanying him on some conferences that you have taught in Chile and in Argentina many years ago too, in the city of Mendoza. I accompany Lalita Madhava, his disciple. As he had in the previous letter, I'm putting in the service of devotees my musical skills. Now study Santoor an instrument of 93 strings, it will be a pleasure to play to accompany your next conference in Chile. We are a group of devotees trying to organize some conferences of good standard. I hope to be in contact with you, Maharaj. TLGSP. !!

HpS -  Jay y y y   yy        y!           AgtSP          Yes, we remember you!       So nice to get letters from you.    Yet we only are able to get to Chile once a year and so we didn't remember you at first.   But now is better!             Tick   Tock    Tick   Tock!    Watch the time.   Watch the clock.      Krsna within as Supersoul.  Krsna without as time.  Krsna always present in poetry and rhyme.   Hello!!!



Hare Krsna Maharaj

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Hare Krsna Maharaj,
    Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    All glories to Guru Parampara.
    My comments are in Blue :

   HpS - ASA -  Jaya!       We are trying to call India now from Argentina. Little struggle and fix the dates
  for Delhi, Manipur and then Kolkatta. I don't think we will have time to go to Vrndavana or
  Mayapura. We will invite the devotees from those places to visit us in Dehli or Kolkatta.

   Thank you Maharaj. Once you confirm your schedule for Delhi or Kolkatta, then i will book tickets
   accordingly. Till then i will wait.

    Maharaj, i hope you are in good health now. Some time i get worried to read your health issue in
   different letters but i normally do not react but i pray to lord only. because i have no other option.

   We need your assocciation.

   But i have one thing to get connected to you - The Chanting. that i do prafully.

    Always pray for your blessing. Your servent.

your aspiring servant,
Gopal Biswas

HpS - ASA -  Ei Visvas!         Thank you for you letter. AGTSP.   Srila Prabhupada says, (they say), that this body doesn't get dieases.    It is a disease.     Because of all the nescient acivities we performed during the "Hippie" era in the United States etc.    I would not be surprised that we don't have Alzheimer's disease soon.       Of course, no body is great.  We are trying to call India tommorrow.

Little reminder

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Jay Sri Radha Madhava !

Pranams beloved Guruji.

I write reminding the devotee "Juan Tabla", he play tabla (indian drum) and other drums, he play with me in your lectures.You have always been his guru.He is from Chile .

I hope have helped.
Dandavats gurudeva.
HpS - ASA - Jaya Lalita Madhava Das !        AGTSP   pamho.  Ahhhhhhhh!  Ah! Ahhhhhh!    Ah!  Ahhhhh!     Yes, I remember his very well!!!!!     Very nice person.   O.K.   We hope more communication from him.   Good sense of timing is a symptom of Sannyasi, no? 

Service fever

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Dearest Guru Maharaj,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

Just at this minute I found out you are in Buenos Aires. Fantastic! I was really missing you yesterday because I was at a house program and I remembered last year Jiva Goswami took us to a house program while in Huston. I'm not a big fan of those; however, Yogendra prabhu insisted I go. 

I was advised by my mentor, Mangala arti dd, to tell you of my involvement with the Bhakti Lounge yoga centre here in Toronto. I have mentioned my services with this program before and it is expanding very quickly. We have recently been granted the opporunity to conduct a club at another university campus in downtown Toronto. Succcess!! It will consist of Kirtan and Japa. Mangala arti has really showed me how chanting definitely is the way of self realization in Kali yuga. Amazing. And this coming June our Bhakti Lounge center will have its third annual inspirit festival- a yoga lifestyle themed event with guest speakers HH Deavamrita Swami and Bada Hari das Prabhu. It's an intese week of service. Very enlivening. 

I got to utilize some of the daksina from my initiation in books. There is an upcoming event in April at the university and we will take part with our books, kirtan, and prasadam. There was the need for someone to sponsor a box of POYs and I immediately volunteered. I hope I did good with this. Please let me know if it was alright. 

ASA - Yes!    Yes....    Jaya Srila Prabhupada!!

On another note, Yogendra prabhu and I have decided that we would like to be engaged. He told me that in order to make something happen one must seek the blessings of the Vaishnavas. And so I come to you as humbly as I can to ask for your blessings and permission. When you asked in the previous letter if I had investigated the Grihastha ashrama I thought about it and in a way i have but indirectly. In my readings I come across this topic here and there. One of the members of the Grihastha Vision Team lives in Toronto and we have received advice from her.  But I shall investigate directly this time and let you know of my findings. 

I think I have written too much although there is still more I would like to convey. I hope I may visit you and have your association this year or you said you might visit Toronto this summer. Only Krishna knows.

Hare Krishna

your aspiring servant,

Rasa-mandali dd

HpS - Jaya, Jaya Rasa-lila, sarva mano rama . . . .    The Bhakti-lounge sounds great.    Many people are attracted to austerities (that work).   One devotee, just took Sannyasa, from Russia, and he does lots of preaching through Ekadasi-vrata. People join and fast all day all day, different levels, and chant, like Kirtan, Reading, Japa, 20-minutes each in group, for hours, even for the first time.  Of course they are Russians, and many like it.
So, nice to hear from you. Why don't you and Yogindra Ji read the story of Kardama and Devahuti together and give us a report here???   Yes, maybe wee can visit Toronto this summer.    We are neighbors.   When is the Rathayatra?

Querido Guru Maharaja ,estoy tan feliz de Su Santa llegada a esta zona del planeta.

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El proposito de mi carta es decirle ,que soy un indigena arboreo ,que habito en unos de los bosques, de Vraja, por lo tanto no se mucho de tratos civilizados ,siempre  veo todos los dias de mi vida cuando recojo los enseres para adorar a Radha Gopal Vihari ,veo pasar al Santo de Hanumat Presaka, todos los dias de mi vida veo que el pasa por mi Kunja, y junto flores ,frutas y nueces de mis amigos los arboles, para ofrecerle a MI Querido Amigo y protector El Santo de Hanumat Presaka Swami ,estoy tan triste con mi condicion de ignorante ,lamento tanto ,que Mi Santo,El guia de mi Dulce Sadhan ........Madhuran Dulzura......ya no quiera venir por el Gupta Vrindavana Kunja Bihari,  disculpe por favor la confucion de esta indijena de Vraja que sin ninguna cultura ,incivilizada ,ama a Kana solo con la lujuria que corresponde a seres ignorantes ,Por Favor Gurudev le suplico que visite Gupta Vridavana Dham ,que es mi corazon ,quisiera venir ,a un encuentro por favor se lo suplico Gurudev.acepte a este ser que siempre llleva su sadhan a la sombra refugiante de Sus Pies de Loto,yo no entiendo muchas cosas ,lo unico que se es que usted es Mi Amado Gurudev ,Bhakti Naypunia Rasika Gurudev,aca Su Sirviente Jiva Goswami Dasa

                                             JAY JAY SRI RADHEEEEEEEEE SYAM,SRI VRINDAVAN DHAM KI JAY HO 

                                                    PARAMA KARUNA NITAY GOURA SUNDARA

                                                 SRILA PRABHUPADA PATITA PAVANA KI JAY HO

HpS - ASA - Estimado Indigino et al,

Hare Krsna.   Muy feliz oir de Vd!    Ya llegamos en Mar de Plata hace solamante 3 horas pasados.   Vamos a volver a BsAs 19 y quedamos alla una semana hasta como martes. Nos gustaria visitar a Gupta Vrndavana pero las cosas son bastante confundido ahora si es un templo de ISKCON o que, entonces, El Presidente de ISKCON BsAs esta pidiendo hasta que cosas son mas claro si Vds. puede visitar nosotros en el Templo de ISKCON. Tenemos cellular 549 (11) 36 44 75 41.

Y tambien visitamos casa de Bhima arjuna Das!     Esperamos oir mas de Vd y su ideas de como acercarse a Krsna!     Muchas gracias su carta!!


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JAY MIS Mas humildes reverenciAs GURUDEVA tlgsp!!!!!

espero que al recibir esta nota se encuentre bien de salud !!!!!

la verdad me cuesta mucho expresarle mi situación, porque aun seguimos viviendo juntos sin poder casarnos, debido también a los papeles de primer matrimonio  que aun se estan gestionando. MAHARAJA quiero pedirle sus bendiciones para  tomar responsabilidad y consolidar mi relación  por el fuego ya que por lo civil tardará un poco más. tanto sus padres como nuestras autoridades están de acuerdo,  quería saber cuando usted va a poder visitar nuevamente España porque nos gustaría que esté presente!

Por otro lado estamos hablando con Jayanta prabhu para tener un servicio estable en el templo, por ahora cuando Jayanta prabhu me lo pide doy la clase de los miércoles de la Bhagavad Gita  y voy comprendiendo la importancia de poder hablar  acerca de Krishna y la fuerza que da la asociación con los devotos. 

 SADHANA: aun nos cuesta despertarnos muy temprano por la mañana para poder cantar las rondas pero no perdemos la esperanzas, eso si 16 rondas todos los dias tratando de atrapar la mente en el corazon para cometer las menos ofensas posibles. Y SIRVIENDO A GAURA NITAY Y JAGANATHA,BALADEVA, Y SUBHADRA EN LAVAPIES MANDIR KI JAYA!!!!!!  QUE NOS DAN MUCHA MISERICORDIA.

mi deseo siempre es querer acercame más a Krishna,  le ruego por favor que me ayude ya que es a través de usted que yo pueda lograrlo lo único que quiero independientemente de la situación en la que me encuentre es el de poder HACER SERVICIO Y SERVIRLE GURUDEVA.


HpS - ASA --  TlgaSP    Pfarnh.   Muy bien su carta.  Gracias.  Super.    Primero lugar, si mantenmos los cuatro principios estrictas las detalles de casado, no casado no son tan super fuertes.   Son importantes, pero estamos bien con los cuatro principios.    !!!!     Claro, juntos, con la familia,  Kirtana y leyendo cada tarde y manana.   Y Krsna arregla un buen situacion para su Grhastha Yajna!

No vamos a Espana esta Mayo!!!  Demasiado fuerte la problemas en Manipuri, entonces vamos a India.  Pero 3-8 estamos en Radha desa!!!