Hare Krishna!!!!!

9 years, 1 month ago by danielfrozero

Hare Krishna!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

My most humble obeisances to you

How are you you Maharaja?
ASA - AGTSP    paoho.   We are O.K.    Gotta get back to our rounds.  Took time off for the God Blog because internet is O.K. early in Kolkatta!!

Here we are in Krsna consciousness, trying to make progress
I'm fine, with little time and much to do.
Still working at the restaurant, LuckilyI am used tochange
since many years I worked in the previous employment.
I continue on my mission father, and I see my children grow up .. every day, offering love and example, and try to raise them as best as possible.
I'm in a time of change in my life, and I have organized, and also internally. Sorry ... still do not ask questions about the Bhagavat Gita and Bhagavatam to you, I'm not very intelligent but I'm in a constant search and read on a daily. Read to you and listen to their classes, are very important to me
I follow the principles.
Now my alarm clock ... this at 6 AM, I hope the ring next month at 5 PM. J

Rounds ... Chant 16, sometimes 18 or 20 rounds, my question ... Why is it that I sing rounds after 16 am that are sweeter, softer and more conscious?

ASA - Huh?    We don't know?   Maybe you are doing the first 16 with an offensive attitude: "Gotta chant these rounds our I'll go to hell".

The Ratha Yatra was done in Buenos Aires, we were playing music.. with Narayana das Parah, and other devotees. It was something unusual ... something like a Kirtan Rock Fest .. but hey .. we will improve them, ahaha
I have attached some pictures...

I hope thatthis good
Thanks for reading my letter
Forgive my sins

your aspirant
Bhakta Daniel

Nitai Gaura Prema nande!!!

Hari Hari bol!!!

ASA - Hari Bol!!!!!                Super nice letter.        You save your kids and they'll save you!

Getting near to path of Bhakty Yoga

9 years, 1 month ago by AKD

Dear Guru dev

thaks for give'us to much 

all yor activities are example of how may one set up in bhakty.

I'm try to do it, the lesson about to like the devotees is so hard to me. many distractors do me slow walking.

Wake up early. chanting with care and attention is gruelling. but just for try may be on a time I can get the blessing of do it good. just if you like, for me is so hard follow, untill I get lucky to have affection and to acknowledge all the favors that many devotees near to me are givin it to me. 

In GDL Nitai Nimai made the 35th RATHA YATRA. we join to New nilacala mandir devotees to bring Lord Jagannath and Lord Balabhadra, and Srimati Subhadra Devi, back to Vrindavan. but I found many disabilitys on team service. the unity in diversity of characters,  I need dairat, to undestendig how the lord is diverse like his energies (tathasta and more).

we are working on the program of cultivation and contacting new sadhakas. ISKCON ministry of congregation programs help us but it's a extensive job. and time live is going out and the slowness don't leave me.

I hope be useful. please keep me under your lotus feet!

Thaks a lot 

HpS - ASA -   Awk!    Gronk!   Braaack!       AgtSP   Pamho.   Who wrote this?  Pablo of the Parikrama?     What does GDL mean???    Green Dog Lover?? ? ?

Yet, is wonderful letter.     Even when Krsna was personally present in Vrndavana there were demons, what to speak of ISKCON GDL!      Yet, we can see how they all have a nice purpose as we get on the inside of Krsna's manifest lila!

Learn to like the gruel!          Up early and rounds done and the rest of the day is a lot of fun (with Gopal and Subal. . .)


9 years, 1 month ago by Bhakta Italo

Le ofrezco mis respetuodas reverencias:

Desde Tacna una vez mas, aqui tratando de establecerme, canto 6 rondas fijas por dos semanas pero llego a 16 , 3 principios y seguir, seguir...

Lectura del Sri Isopanisad, krishna book, la abuelita lee Bhagavad Gita de vez en cuando y canta 16 rondas sin mucha dificultad por varios dias, ojala digua cantando todos los dias. Tomamos la decision de estudiar ingles en Tacna, quedamos en buenas relaciones con los devotos de Lima, no hay exigencia de buscar asociacion en otro pais, mi corazon esta tranquilo; Guru me da mas relizaciones para mejorar mi servicio y mas fe, ojala terminen pronto todos mis apegos jay Sri Guru.

HpS - ASA -  TlgaSP    Quien es Vd?   Bhakta Italo!      O.K.   Muy bien.   Japa, Japa, Japa!            Muy bien sus noticias.  Continua visitar a Lima, mejorar su vida de todos manneras. No hay pequeno papeles en esta drama, solamente pequeno actores!!!

last leg of Indian trip 2011

9 years, 1 month ago by harsh_horse

Hare Krsna Maharaj, AGTSP, PAMHO,

hope you had comfortable journey to Kolkata..this letter contains mutiple issues

1.things BHavi must know - file sent to ur email id

2. we were thinking of transcribing your sankhya audio lectures and then distribute to over professor  in humanities department , we can use that as great preaching tool we think.. but we wont do it without ur permission

3. sadhana report

chanting quality improved, but we were not able to complete rounds by 10am// we are doing 10 minute reading of all arti in our morning program (no  worship or dancing)// our reading slacked esp krsna book but we caught up other like "Japa reform notebok by satsvarup maharaj"  //brother ass {gross body} have been very unhealthy,, little fox{subtle body} is creating problem... may be little fox is bitting brother ass..

4. we need to increase our Bhvai studies as you putting lot lot lot of effort.. so we reqeust us to be presenter for Sb 2.2.8 for crotia -lima group

5. we will try to give our BS exam also.. this dec..

thats all -- we are advancing towards eternal home..

salute from

buffalo /horse

HpS - ASA ---   AGTSP!       We just wrote a long answer to this letter diatribe and then it all got lost so we again will enscribe.

Wait to transcibe the Sanhkya essays, because we will work on them in Nashville in the very next days.

We can only control our body and mind, as Krsna desires when our soul is in-line. If He wants us diseased then that is perfectly fine. We will go on chanting within our heart and our mind.

Essence of all is good Japa before noon, or even before Mangala-arati is never too soon!              Yet, arati, kirtan, classes and fun, accelerate the chanting and make it all fun (for Krsna).

Japa!   Japa!   Japa!    (and then things that help it.)    O.K.   We send again and see your answers here and also in Dehli within 4-days and 12-hours!
Gopal has a SPECIFIC hope from you!

Hare Krsna Maharaj

9 years, 1 month ago by Gopal C Biswas

Hare Krsna Maharaj,
    Please accept my humble obeisances.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Thank you so much for nice mail and enlightenment.

    Please forgive me Maharaj, for my unknowingly done mistake. I will take care of your adviced
    suggestions from previous mail & always take care.

    Actually, i did not done it intentionally. I have great respect and love for you. So by love, while in
   writing, i did the mistake. But i can assure you that i will not repeat the mistake,error again and will
   take care in future also.

   But i am happy, that this way  you have given me the first 'Siksa'. Thank you Maharaj. have to learn
   lots of thing from you.

   There are lots of mistakes in ME. I will be happy if you kick me for 'Siksa'. Maharaj, ready  to learn.

    Sorry to say, i have no knowledge about NOI 4 and NOI 5. How can i get to know about this or
    from where i can read about it.

   i will KEEP writing, because this is the only way to feel, i am with Maharaj.

Your aspiring servant,
Gopal Biswas

HpS -  AGTSP!       5.24AM in Kolkatta.   Internet modem is working!     We don't remember what "mistake" you made!     Oh, well, guess it isn't important.    . . .   Use this link:


And report your reading!

Still alive just by your mercy

9 years, 1 month ago by candra108_mukhi

Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva:

AGTSP, pamho, Very nice to have your association all sundays with our Bhakti Vaibhava group. I feel just fortunate.

I am focusing on my priorities... I know that mangal arti, 16 good rounds, SB is the basis of my service but MAYA sometimes makes me doubt about all this. Whenever something does not work the way I want I just get so madddddddd and frustrated...

I really sometimes have doubts and I am completely honest about this it is worthy to make so much effort in wilson?? or shoud I just do service in chosica for Sri Sri Radha madana bihari our principal deities.. I mean it is offensive to have 3 temples in Peru?? do we have to focus just on chosica??? and in other centers more hear and chanting but the deities like hearing and chanting.. But at the end I come to the conclusion that deity worship for Gaura nitay helps me to not fall down... LOrd Nityananda is so merciful because of Him I just continue.. But for how long??? how to balance my effort? this week I have to go to the altar 4 days and sometimes it feels like a burden and I HATE to feel that way... this service is so sweet ...

Today I remembered your words "focus on your priorities.....chant Hare Krsna" and I did that it felt good......

Please always give me Your Saint association otherwise I will be lost.... I yesterday returned Patraka's silas it was a nice experience...to took care of my nephews but They are at home now..... :)

My mother is chanting her rosario.... we go out with her on sundays she is feeling better...Ulises is growing and growing and jajaja He is  a mischievous dude jeje ...

Well Gurudeva thanks for listening.... please send us your blessings in order to continue in this path going back home back to Godhead....

Your eternal servant

Candramukhi dd

HpS - ASA -    A G T S P ! ! ! !       paoho.    It is 5.17AM here in Kolkatta at the Avion Guest House.     Bhakta Nicasio just left for Bangalore with 6000 pounds of gifts and medical books that he is taking back to Argentina!

We will write a DTC so everyone gets the news.

Don't think we have to stay a long time in the material atmosphere.

If we all go back within a few days, that is O.K.     Krsna arranges what He wants us to do in His experiments with different toys and games!       Even Mother Yasoda has challenges determining priorities. (Should we give Krsna more milk or save his milk on the stove?)
It keeps going deeper and deeper, no?
We are advancing by the process and see the confirmation in the books.
For stronger and stronger association we look.
O.K. Go with us to the next letter!
You are essential part of Krsna GRAND PLAN for Peru and this universe. Realize your Role!