All the glories to Srila Prabhupada

8 years, 10 months ago

Hare krishna gurudeva! You will be in Mar of Plata soon? ... reverencias.

HpS - AGTS pamho.    Who is this???!?!?       No, we will not be back to Argentina for some time as far as I know.   We are in San Francisco!!       Hare Krsna.  Very nice ot hear from you!

I would like to talk confidentially. Thanks

8 years, 10 months ago by philip108


I would like to email you some thoughts that I have but only on the condition that you not discuss it at all with anyone else, and keep 100% confidential. Can we agree on this?


Thank you so much!


Hare Krishna!


your servant,

Bhakta XYZ


HpS -  AGTSP   pamho.  Haw!   Haw!!   Haw!

You have this kind of mentality in several things.  Like you would accept me as Guru but only if I didn't give you certain orders.


I think I have the same interesting mentatlity.


And I answer like, "No".   If you tell me that you are a serial killer and are planning your next murder I will tell the police.   Haw!      Haw!   Ho!


But, of course, we can write about some things confidentially,  but that is $200 per hour.


The whole purpose of this blog is to put things in a genral way so that we can disscuss them for the benefit or confusion of others.


Why not start that way, make more general comments, and then if we need to discuss in private we can set up a separate temporary address.

Dear GM

8 years, 10 months ago by tcsd


Did you recieve my vyasa puja offering? I sent it via this blog.



HpS -  AGTSP!!!   pamho.   Yes!    But we could only read the first few words.   Ooof!    And we know that we can't  "save them for when we have more time"  because it doesn't happen.    But we are so happy to get letters and read at least a little and answer!!!!! 


Jiva Gosvami's understanding

8 years, 10 months ago by mittalga

My dear Maharaja,

Dandavat pranams. Ram Ram.

the first part seems very nice.


If there are any details that Jiva Gosvami and others see as different then it seems that they would be answered in Canto Seven:

My understanding matches quite well with Jiva Gosvami, Vyasa Deva etc.. The problem is that it does not match well with most Iskcon devotees.  . . . .   HpS  -  AGTSP!!    pamho.    Please excuse your inaboitities.   We are almost dead from travel and work in Peru.  GOt a chance to answer finally.  As soon as we hear phrases like "most Iskcon devotees" we fall apart:  Does it include Life Members? They can eat meat fish and eggs and have all kinds of illicit relations.  Does it mean GBC?  Has the writer interviewed ten devotees in all 500 ISKCON temples?  ? ? ?

Your servant,



8 years, 10 months ago by PABLOPARIKRAMA

At your feet Maharaja. I hope you are well in all conditions.
I ask your mercy and allow me to put the dust of Your lotus feet on my head, not to be too bold, because I do not see how to say it without being offensive to this Holy place, but Your comment about ET in the KD, has raised a desire in my heart to explain something about this according to me I understood so far.
To my dismay, my Karma always crosses and drag me on hidden things and messes. I hope that all this energy misspent now serve to serve the Vaisnavas in my limited skills and knowledge.
I feel a great pity to see how heavenly craft mix technological craft, divine appearances with energetic materials phenomena, Gods and aliens, etc..
I think it boils down to the words of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, when he reiterated that his son will come from angels of heaven, not otherwise. Confirmed by the Hadith Muslim. A. . . . .

HpS -  AGTSP   pamho.   Very nice topic but too much for our exhausted selves today in route to Europe!!

Bhanu Swami's article on misconception regarding fasting in ISKCON

8 years, 10 months ago by Namacarya das

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

This is a published article by Bhanu Swami regarding conceptions and misconceptions of fasting in ISKCON. It clears up some points. What do you think about it?

Some Confusion in ISKCON Regarding Fasting

by Bhanu Swami

In ISKCON, there is some ambiguity in the term "fasting". This ambiguity is reflected in the VCal computer program, and it is often perpetrated in many printed calendars produced by ISKCON centers. Sometimes "fasting" means fasting from grains all day, as on Ekadasi. Sometimes it means not eating anything, even non-grain prasad, until a certain time, as in the phrases "fasting till noon on Ekadasi" (which is mentioned for the Ekadasis that occur before Vamana and Varaha Dwadasis) or "fasting till moonrise" (which is mentioned for Gaura Purnima). And sometimes the term's meaning is unclear, as in "fasting till noon" on the appearance day of an acarya. Can one take non-grains before noon on those days? After one "fasts till noon", what does the "break-fast" consist of? On the Ekadasi before Vamana Dwadasi, it must be non-grains, but on the appearance day of an acarya, it is grains. On Gaura Purnima, many centers "break fast" with non-grains, others serve grains.

It would be better to use the term "fasting" to exclusively refer to not taking grains all day. The term "anukalpa prasad" may be used to mean taking non-grain meals during Ekadasi or appearance days of avataras. We do not break a fast by taking anukalpa.

For the appearanc . . . .

HpS - AGTSP   pamho.  To me these are pretty clear, but it is nice that Maharaja has made such an apparently defintive statement!!!