8 years, 9 months ago by Sananda

    AT 1.30 I WISH TO GET UP.



 It´s all an opportunity to  go deep in,
         in the boat of your instruction I can safetly travel, I take to the heart and keep trying.

thank you for being there,
your servant
Sananda dd.  

Buck White - AGTSP          paoho.    Pretty good for a NNS!  (Non-Native-Speaker)!   But where are the pictures of Radharani and Vrndavana candra???   News  of what's happening in and around the Castle.  What the cows smell like!!!! 


Hare Krsna Beloved Gurudeva! Greetings from Buenos Aires!

8 years, 9 months ago by radhamm

Jay dear Gurudeva!

AGSP!! Please accept my humble obeisances onto Your lotus feet!

HpS>  AGTSP   pamho.   I think they are not yet lotus feet, but we wash them regulary.

Long time since I´ve written to You..please forgive me for that! Hope you´re great, happy and w/ a good health. So many things to share w/ You. Well, last year during Your visit to Brazil,I´ve asked your blessings to come to here I´m in Buenos Aires. Since March 16th i´m living at the temple. Actually, what has make me come faster was  a fact that a devotee got interested in meeting me, Prema Sindhu Caitanya das (JPS),so I decided to give it a shot and get to know him but it hasn´t work well, he´s  good but not for me,we´re almost 3 months together trying it,but it was a bit stressful...I cut it off..better now than later,didn´t want  to break any principle... I´ve got the realization mentioned on Sri Isopanisad  about the 4 defects  that a human being has, I´ve got it clear, we weren´t meant to be together.So I decided to move on and stick in my service. Anyway it´s  a lesson that I´ve got to learn...  

HpS> If we always keep these "Romeo and Juliet" storys in the association of many other devotees then we won't end up with a room full of dead people like Romeo and Juliet!!!  So far, so goodlife´s here is great..I´m totally happy. I´ve met so many great devotees, they´re great,friendly, and warm and also some   spiritual bothers and sisters, being associated w/ them  it´s priceless. Right now  in the ashrama we´re 6 madres...In my ashram few weeks ago arrived a nice devotee from Rusia.,who speaks perfect spanish...she´s been lived in Mendonza w/ her fiancee who´s a devotee  and decided to experience the life in the temple.i´ve been trained by Madre Vrndavana Biharini,such a wonderful vaisnavi, an example to be followed. My daily activities are so sweet attending Gaura-Nitay, I´m in charge of the programm at 12.30 p.m, cooking/aratik/siesta..twice a week besides this service I also prepare the offering in the mornings and once a week in the afternoon...On Friday Radhika Madhavi dd (JPS) and I are in charge in doing the whole service from Mangal Aratik till Govinda, it´s such a sweet service...whenever duing the week it´s arriving Friday, we starting to to wonder what Our  Lords would like to wear ...and how. it´s impressive how arcana-vigraha attains our mind and thoughts in Krsna. during the week also sometimes I got to replace madre  Vrindavana dd and then I awake Gaura- Nitay offering bhoga/ and do the aratik.

Life here it´s great, great ,warm and friendly devotees, and many spiritual brothers and sisters,all of it it´s worth my experience here.  Every Saturday morning we do harinama in the neighborhood,astonished!!!There´s also a Vaisnavi Programme here,last Saturday was my turn in giving the class. Few days ago prabhu Maha Hari das(temple´s president) and madre Gandarvika have given me a position(job) at the Naturaleza Divina´s boutique which it´s placed on the 2nd floor of the´s so charming and hype the place..have you ever got the photos?please let me know I can send them to you,ok! It isn´t everyday job but it´s so cool, I can preach for the clients...inform about the books, costums..and all the vaisnavas acessories.

Beloved Gurudeva...I feel that I find my space here..I´m very happy and fullfilled...but any of this wouldn´t be posible without You...thank You so much for all Your mercy and kindness.Well...I´ll be here for a quite while. actually .I´ll get my papers (Visa) to stay in Argentina.  Hope in seeing You A.S.A.P! Take care Beloved Gurudeva! Hare Krsna!!

Your erternal servant, Radha Madan Manohara dd

HpS> One time we asked one Mataji, disciple, whether it was better to have a husband or a brother.  She laughed and smiled and thought for a moment and said, "A brother".  Yet, everyone is in different position. So main thing is to do what you are doing.  Take Gaura Nitai as our Teachers, Supreme Spiritual Masters of all  Spiritual Masters and engage with Them in the service of Radha and Madana-mohan in the associationof devotees.  The happiness will expand more and more.  The physical necescities will follow auto matically. When you put a flower garland on your body you don't have to put another one on your shawdow!!!
O.K.  Abhiseka just called.   5.22PM/   We jhave to close the office, pack up, and go to the house.  Then at 6PM   BhVai class for Peru on Web Ex!!!!!!!   See you soon!

reporte de sadhana bhaktin zareth de mexico

8 years, 9 months ago by zareth bhaktin

hare krishna tlgaSP y a su movimiento de sankirtan
Pamho, maharaja hanumat presaka swami
estas vacaciones de semana santa estuve le vantandome en casa a las 4 de la mañana para cantar buenas rondas desde temprano ,estoy pintando varias cosas que hablan de la frustracion yansiedad humana de como entender que la vida material no hace feliz a las personas si no la conciencia espiritual, la segunda semana de vacaciones he estado en el templo haciendo servicio en la cocina de la deidad en raja bhoga y lavando parafernalia,un dia me toco cuidar a srimati tulasi devi, y fueron de los momentos mas hermosas ahora estoy maas apegada a ella, levantandome a las 3:30 de la mañana asociandome con las devotas, que nos ayudan a ser mejores personasy cantando 16 rondas diarias intentando lo mas posible que sean en la mañana.

Hay mucho servicio gracias a krishna por que los devotos estan en maraton de sankirtan, estoy muy emocionada por que vendra a mexico para ratha yatra, aunque en su ultima visita no pude estar , ahora el señor jagannatha da las bendiciones para que lo pueda volver a ver, el servicio en la base namahatta continua con la doracion de las deidades es algo muy fuerte para mi, por eso he acudido  con devotas mayores para aprender a hacerlo de la mejor manera, predicandole a las chicas que estan interesadas en conciencia de krishna, aprendo mucho, es de las intrucciones de srila prabhupada, con la que mas me he comprometido, a habido varias reuniones de hermanos espirituales para su visita y organizar el programa en ratha yatra, el prabhu aristasena esta organizando una exposicion de artes visuales con el tema el despertar de la conciencia y estamos trabajando en eso, MUY EMOCIONADA por su visita, este es mi pequeño reporte espero un dia servirle maas y llegar a tener su refugio, por que usted ya esta en mi corazon mis reverencias

hare rama todas las glorias a srila prabhupada<img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="18" />

HpS - ASA  -  TLGASP  pfanrh.  No Hablamos muy bien el Castellano, pero nos gusta.  Nos gusta prasdam mexicano mucho.   Es el mejor en el mundo.  En muchas maneras Mexico es el mejor en el mundo!  Muy bien su Sadhana.   Muy bien.  Adelante.  Adelante.  Adelante.       Adelante.  Muy rapido puede jugar con Krsna y las Gopis. <img alt="smiley" height="20" src="" title="smiley" width="20" />

Bhaktin Rashmin from Toronto

8 years, 9 months ago by Rashmin dd

Dear Maharaj, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!! I bought my ticket to Houston and I shall be visiting you between the 21st and 28th of May!!! I already informed mother Gurubhakti- awaiting her reply. From my observations, the devotees inform of their Sadhana- I shall as well: 16 rounds everyday. Whenever I have some left over I finsh the next morning. I have also recently completed the whole morning program from 4:30 to 8:30 without taking a nap during japa time. I am officially a walking zombie... 4 regulative principles- it's hard not to eat chocolate... Service all day long. I get to make the sweet preparation for Raj Bhoga (CAKE for Gauranga). The Govinda's boutique is taken care of by myself. The women's washroom I clean. I clean the prasadam hall almost every morning. Sometimes I mop floors. And my favourite service ever is Sankirtana!!! I am still blissed out from today's session. This one is very important to me. Reading Bhagavad gita and Nectar of Instruction everyday. Thank you for your mercy and I look forward to serving you in Houston if I can. Your servant, Bhaktin Rashmin

HpS - AGTSP  pamho - Oh, Lord of the Blue Hill (Nila-cala)!   <img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="18" />    We go to Mexico from the 21st to the 24th!!  It's on the Calendar!    Ooof!    Quick, get another ticket.   <img alt="smiley" height="20" src="" title="smiley" width="20" />   Ho!   Ho!   Ho!       But we are in Houston from the 24th to the 27th. Then we fly to San Jose.   Seems that Nila madhava has His own plans for most of your time!
Your report is great.   I feel like I need to follow in your footsteps!   You can  call us on Skype with some respetable dude as a camperone to discuss and calendar details.   Every gone to Mexico?

You are on the right path.  Just stay steady.   Zoom!     Zoom!   Zoom!


8 years, 9 months ago by b.Natalia Molina

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja
Please accept our humble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Gurudeva, I was thinking about what is to take shelter of you as my Guru, to be really related to you as my Guru. Is it the best way to really be connected to take really to heart the basic and essential instruction: mangala aratik, 16 rounds, 4 regulative principles? In my following this am I really related to your guidance? And what is the situation if I follow that but not really to heart, with devotion, faith, simply doing? Then the senses are not completly engaged, connected, then not completly purified, and then they can be attracted by other things which make us feel some illusory feeling...? That is my freedom, to choose if I want to take to heart, to devote my feelings, to connect my energy to the process or not? Or the process will connect me at some point? Superficial connection seems not to be enough to cut our attraction to matter.

Gurudeva, I am following everything, but some days I am surviving because I am not very expert to manage time, and many things to do. I hope to have some kinds of rural life some day, because is crazy to be running from one thing to another. My brother is chanting, giving up terrible nonsenses, and reading, talking about Krsna, vegeterian, offering food. Sometimes devotees has the experience that people feel pushed by devotees to change everything in their lives, as if everything was wrong before. At the same time we have the function to give some advice because they are willing to accept some spiritual life. So what would be the essential things we should emphasize, that will give them some real path that will connect them? Chanting, Prasadam, 4 regulative principles... Then more details should be given according to their desires to know?

Normally I read again one or two times when I write to you, but the last time I did notice I wrote: all glories to our service... And i wanted to write All glories to YOUR service to Srila Prabhupada! An unconcious mistake, maybe you did notice but I was very ashamed!

Hare Krsna
Your servant, b Natalia

HpS - ASA ---  Jaya!   AGTSP!!!!  All glories to our service. Pamho.  Is very nice to be able to serve devotees. Read this Text and Purport and especially the next one!

It is like which comes first, the chicken or the egg??
We follow mechanically and we try to feel properly as and exercise and we try to do it from the bottom of our heart.  These rules don't come from me.   They come from Srila Prabhupada.  I didn't invent them.  Neith er he.  It is parampara.  It is mercy from Krsna. 
Just do it as duty, because of fear of going to Hell if you don't. For peace.  For prosperous and happy life.  Because you know that if you do it even mechanically with a desire to do it spontaneously that will come.  Do it from your heart as much as you can in your present condition.

Little by little you have to learn how to understand each persons position differently, like an advanced doctor, but good example is always important.  Be a good example.  Engage others in Karma yoga.  Find things that they can do for Krsna according to their inclination.  Then later advize more the rules and regulations.    Little Karma yoga,  some rules, increase karma yoga.    Introduce them to other devotees who can give them advice!

Right now.  It is 5PM.  We had a pretty good day.  We were about 87% engaged in devotional service.  Not intense pure devotional service, but not in stupid eating and sleeping that took Prabhupada's work to keep us a float.    Abhiseka, Nitai-gaura-sundara's good son, will come by and pick us up after work and take us to the house!   We are in Lima in  about five weeks. no?   O.K.  Next letter before he comes!!!     Send us news of Miraflores!

DTC 3 May 2011

8 years, 9 months ago by hps

of a
Traveling Creature

3rd of May, Tuesday Day

Capitol and careful care,
   And you'll see some profit there.
To grow all wise at Guru's feet,
   While he sits, and watches from his seat.

Day's end has come, strife's still as snow,
  That down upon the ground does go.
But hoary, hairy, funny plot,
   It is not even cold and piles a lot!

This is the Astasaki's joke,
   That Radha-Krsna's play's not broke,
But bubbles on in piles of snow,
   That's warm and thick enough to hoe.

Such a fuss we find all day. People run their cars away. Yet, little profit at such a loss:
Get up early and get your round's done.

Build a foundation then it's fun, build a bridge, build a shop, where Yasoda devi will make a stop  -- things that are everlastingly, increasing, in beauty, grandeur and harmony.

So now, brown cow,
Sleep deep, with grey sheep,
So that tommorrow upon Maya's fortress,
We may creep!

Hari!!!   Hari!   !!