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How to deal with lust and anger when they overcome my mind and I find it difficult or seammingly impossible at the time to shake them from my being???

One thing I have found that works sometimes is to take a Japa walk. But even if I do this often times it does not help and the lust will remain lingering in my being for several days.

PS -irrelevant general question: is there any spell check on this blog my computers built-in spell check does not work when I type in the blog thing...
Thanks so much!
Hare Krishna!
Prahlada-Nrsmha Das

HpS - ASA >  AGTSP  pamho.   I guess the answer to your question is that in the beginning we are subject to so many passions.   It is like children when they start to walk.  But by natures arrangement they have extremely well padded buttocks and their parents keep an eye on them so their fall downs don't hurt them. 
As I understand, one very senior Indian disciple of Srila Prabhupada went into Prabhupada's room in Mayapura and paid his obeisances crying. Srila Prabhupada was very concerned and asked, "What has happened?!".  The devotee responded that every time he was going to Calcutta on assignments from Prabhupada he could not control himself and he was eating Rasagullas.  Prabhupada laughed and said that it was O.K.    In the beginning we have so much conditioning but if we just continue with the process it will go away.   That is what I have experienced.     Out of pride we should not take 1st, 2nd or 3rd etc initiation too soon, but just go on with Japa and Kirtana and honoring Prasadam and then it will all occur naturally. 

reporte de mexico nama hatta

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maharaja! mis reverencias

aquie estamos nuevamente reportando las actividades que hacemos. esta semana a sido muy buena, mucho sadhana mucho servicio deVocional..estamos levantandonos 4 dias a mangala artik dos horas antes de la salida del señor sol. 17 rondas 4 principios fuertes grasias a su misericordia..muchos resultados por el pequeño esfuerzo  ,krsna es muy bueno con nosotros ,prabhupada es muy bueno con nosotros ,usted es muy bueno con nosotros...mangala artik ki jaya :) hoy  tubimos reunion de hermanos espirituales. un dia al mes de sadhana.estaban todos todos todos muy bello.


ayer tubimos nuestra reunion de nama hatta en casa.gente nueva biene cada vez..eso llena de entusiasmo y de amor.tubimos clase de cocina..como hacer halava <3 mucho kirtan,mucho prashadam  ,nuestro pequeño templo en casa lleno como 25 personas en pequeño cuartito pero mucha energia cinceridad de las personas.

todo esto es como una pequeña ofrenda y resiprocidad hacia usted y la mision de S pabhupada.
sri sri radha madana gopala ki jaya
hanumath presaka swami ki jaya
hanuman hanuman hanuman!
su aspirante a sirviente . B. DANIEL  

HpS - ASA    TlgaSP   pfanrh.   Si puede ser fijado en esta etandard todo su vida esta listo para iniciacin, no? Un examen y la carta de la Junto, no?  Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna!!! 


bhaktin zareth mexico

8 years, 4 months ago by zareth bhaktin

todas las glorias a srila prabhupada, hare krishna maharaja por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias.

le envio un pequeño reporte de las actividades que estoy haciendo, despues de su visita en mexico en la que lamentablemente no pude estar, debido a una practica en yucatan y chiapas de la escuela, hable con sus disipulas la madre jambhavati y la madre astasaki, y me platicaron de su vicita y sus clases, estuve ayudandoles en el festival de gaura purnima, en la preparacion de las ofrendas, fue un hermoso festival decoraron el altar de una manera sumamente hermosa, he estado paricipando en mangalartik con el prabhu laghu-baghavatamvrta y prabhu daniel asistiendo a el templo y los sabados sirviendo en la adoracion de las hermosas deidades del la base namahatta, los sirvientes del señor jagannatha, dirigida por el prabhu daniel, estoy a dos meses de terminar el bachillerato en arte, y mi sadhana continua en 16 rondas diarias, aunque mi shadana en las mañanas  la mayor parte de los dias es a las 6 de la mañana para despues ir a la escuela. le agradesco mucho por toda la fuerza que me da para servir a srila prabhupada, y que mi amor por el creesca cada vez mas, espero poder servirle mejor algun dia, su aspirante a sirviente bhaktin zareth

HpS - !!!! ! ! ! ! !        ! ! ! ! ! <img alt="" height="18" src="" title="" width="21" />

Mas!!!!!!   (Somos sus servientes)

Hare Krishna!! From Chile

8 years, 4 months ago by nadiavillar

Hare Krishna Maharaj!



4 principles and 16 rounds

Hope u doing well, dear Maharaj!

I'm expecting your visit to Chile, we are working on that. Our team: Rodrigo Hernandez and Kriya Shakti... We have many things to solve before propose you some ideas. Our conversation on Skype this morning was an injection of strenght for us! you are so inspiring for me!

I send the link with the uploaded pics. The idea is that disciples here in Chile upload their own ones.

hope u like them!!

Radhe Syam!!!  

 HpS -    Jaya Srila Prabhupada    Thank you for the letter, but who is writing????    We will look at the link.    We are just trying to use what strenght we have intelligently, courage.  It is not much!       We want to be of real value to the Sankirtana movement.  Get better life after life with Srila Prabhupada. 


PAMHO-Pablo of the Parikrama

8 years, 4 months ago by PABLOPARIKRAMA

Pamho, agtSP.

I'm bhakta  Paul's parikrama of Spain.
I hope you find you well in all aspects.
I am very happy reading your letters and KD.
We are in Balarama Loka ... or Loko, hahaha, great Maharaja.
My brother Alejandro and I are very happy to work from sunrise to sunset on earth,needs a lot of love for the evil that has been maintained.
Since we are calculating to bring a cow, some sheep and chickens Alguns, plus our dogs Sita and Hari ... seems like everything comes alive.
As for my wife Virginia, there is much to say but the only thing worthwhile is that I hope Krishna will protect her.
I am very proud of Varuna, but I am sorry that so young have to show such courage. Sometimes I think I care for him to me.
I love to hear from you, I hope that we can always be friends. Thank you for being what it is. 
Vrndavan,                         Vrndavan,
Vrndavana.                       Vrndavana.
Amigos,                              Friends,
Yasoda-nandana.            Yasoda-nandana.
Laddhus,                            Laddhus,
Govardhana.                     Govardhana.
Vacas, Govinda,               Cows, Govinda,
Nanda-nandana.              Nanda-nandana.
Amigas,                               Friends,
Vrsabhanu-nandana.       Vrsabhanu-nandana.
Krsna.                                  Krsna.
Radhika.                              Radhika.
A veces                                 Sometimes
me siento solo.                   I feel lonely.
Entonces Usted                   Then You
me saca de paseo.              walk out of me.
Besos                                    Kisses
HpS -  Jaya   AGTSP   paoho.   Our respects to everyone, your brother, dogs, chickens, Varuna, Mataji.  Krsna has an eye on everyone and is giving education.  Thank you so sososo  much for you r news.    we are in spain the last two weeks of september.   now we are very tired but i dont want to wait to write.     hare krsna!!!

DTC 12 Apr

8 years, 4 months ago by hps

AGTSP  SOme letters that came earlier we just answered so they appear back in the Blog before the last DTC!   It sorts them that way.  Good news from Vrndavana all!   Jaya Sri Rama