Candidates for Second Initiation

Hare Krishna Gurudeva:

Reciba Ud. Mis reverencias y respetos personales. El motivo de esta carta es para pedirle su misericordia para otorgarme 2da iniciación. Estos 3 últimos años he estado haciendo servicio de pujari en Wilson Lima Mandir entre otros servicios así mismo he terminado estudios de Bakty Sastry y de Arcana. Me encuentro muy entusiasmado por su respuesta y recurro a esta carta ya que estamos en pandemia. A través del Prabhu Abhiram Das le hice llegar la carta de recomendación de mi autoridad, así como unas fotos de mi servicio. Las cuales también se las reenvió por este medio. Le envié también mi reporte annual con todas mis actividades


Hare Krishna, Gurudeva:

Receive my obeisances and personal respects. The reason for this letter is to ask for your mercy to grant me 2nd initiation. These last 3 years I have been doing pujari service in Wilson Lima Mandir among other services, I have also finished Bakti Sastri and Arcana studies. I am very excited about your response and I turn to this letter since we are in a pandemic. Through Prabhu Abhiram Das I sent him the letter of recommendation from my authority, as well as some photos of my service. Which also forwarded them by this means. I also sent him my annual report with all my activities.

HpS - Karuna Krsna Das has recommended three or four devotees for second initiation on Nityananda Trayodasi, February 14th or 13th.

  1. Tarangaski Devi Dasi,
  2. Mitravida Devi Dasi,
  3. Janapavana Das,
  4. Abhirama Thakura Das,

Some of them have some specific requirements to meet but in general

  • I need to talk individually with each candidate.
  • They all must have passed the ISKCON Disciple Course and show there certificate to us.
  • All need be fixed in the mode of goodness in their service eg. Mangala-arati and full morning program regularly.
  • Be announced as candidate for second initiation on Yatra media one month, or whatever is the GBC standard, before the ceremony.

Hope to talk with you soon.

Post any recommendations here.

Thank you.

You seem to have many of the qualifications for second initiations.