Check in & Boise Visit

Maharaj Dude,

Joking about the dude part but I thought it was quite funny when you mentioned it last letter. :) Probably inappropriate on my part.

HpS - We appreciate it from a sincere person!




I hope your health is well and you are in good spirit.

HpS - We are dying of old age. It started about 71-years ago. We are in good spirits because we hope to have a better body for Sankirtan in Srila Prabhupada's Sankirtan in the future.

Currently I am 2 months following Hari nam initiation requirements. Waking at 3:30am, Mangala Arati, Kirtan, 16 rounds as nice as we can in the morning, SB class (Srila Prabhupada lecture), 4 regs. Finishing up reading YEW. Listening to Amala Bhakta Swami's Krsna book narration and in the 51st chapter. I have read now the SB intro of Lord Caitanya and NOI. Next either Science of Self Realization or LOB . Trying to get in at least 1 hour of reading in each day, goal of 2 hours daily. Trying to please Nitai-Guaranga and Srila Prabhupada (photo attached).

We are currently going to Iskcon Hillsboro (Suburb of Portland) every Sunday. The Temple President there is JaiSacinandan Prabhu and he is very nice. We come an hour early, start Kirtan with the family and encourage other devotees to come. Alicia is doing Sunday School very nicely and kids really enjoy her as a teacher. JaiSacinandan Prabhu is engaging us in helping with events. Right now I am helping find a venue for a youth Kirtan seminar where Bada Hari Prabhu and Amala Harinam Prabhu will be attending in June. Its a simple task but we hope to do it nicely, maybe Krsna will give us more service. Inspired by your book distribution we talked to JaiSacinandan about starting book distribution where we encourage devotees to take a BG and distribute it any way they are inspired to. Then each week we encourage them to get another at the temple and distribute it. The books are already sponsored or the temple will pay for them, so no pressure on the devotees to sale but just try to be inspired to get Srila Prabhupada's books out. Then we can try to find ways to inspire devotees to see more books being distributed if it goes well.

The whole family we are visiting Boise March 27-April 1st. Alicia and I are discussing moving back to Boise or to a community. Something with some more association for her and the kids. Where we are now in Salem we are about a hour and 20 mins from the temple and there is 1 devotee family anywhere close. She thinks it will help her KC and the kids. I believe my position is support our wife and kids in their KC so I am just trying to be encouraging, engage them in KC activites and not stick my foot in my mouth (which I do a lot, a lot lot). Trying to learn to control the tongue. Mostly trying to get out of Krsna's way so he can do his thing and we can make advancement doing our things for him.

Then during your visit there I will likely come for a 4-5 days with just myself if it is alright.

HpS - Sounds great.

I would like if it isnt trouble to attend with you any programs that allow, or anytime that allows. For instance lunch home visits to devotees and such. I wont be a bother,

HpS - Seems fine.

O. K. I will do my very best not to be a bother, but I would like to be there in your company if possible. I can even sit out side the door or where ever I can be within ear distance I hope. Or whatever way I can be in service please. Your assoiciation is very inspiring for us in desiring to be apart of Srila Prabhupada's mission.

Thank you for your association Maharaj and please forgive me for my offenses.

Your aspiring servant,

Bhakta Big Foot (Nathen)

ASA - Dear Mr. Big foot. What was your father like? Like you? Mother's Grandfather. Your activities in Portland sound very, very nice. Make a program you can maintain for a planned time eg. readering standard for one month, two weeks.

What is your phone number. We will not publish it.

Do you own a weed whipper? Respects to your family. Did you see the article on Sunday School teachers in the Viplavah mentioned in the last Kapi Dhvaja?