JMHD from Spain

Dear Hanumat Presaka Swami:


Long time without contact.

HpS - ASA -- Is a fact. <img alt="cool" height="23" src="" title="cool" width="23" />

During these months Marta and my self have been going trough different challenges.

She has been and incredible partner and companion.

We had a miscarriage 2 months ago, it was so bad that Marta went into dangerous surgery.

HpS - Oooof!   Intense, but if we are chanting our rounds and following four principles strictly then it is under Krsna's control.

Thanks to Krishna she is now fully recovery physically and emotionally, also grateful to have lived this loving experience as a mother.

We understood that this boy might have some little karma from the past so needed some fast visit to the material world among devotee parents so he can later go back home, back to Godhead.

HpS - We heard from Mahi-bharata Das that Prabhupada had exactly wrote to him about this. Also, maybe Mataji had a debt of some physical violence to the baby, no?  Karma is compicated. You know that.  All respects to her. I think she is a great person. Very rare.

Even though it's her decision, maybe we try again so she can experience the miracle of being a fully mother in this material world.

If so, it seems like I might have to keep serving as a Grihasta for some time still (guess at least 20 more years) (Till I become 68) (Jayyy)

But she is also thinking maybe it is not worth trying again taking into consideration our circumstances so she could exercise the mother's roll toward young devotees by helping and supporting them, as she is been doing lately.

HpS - Yes, that is recomended if possible. There are enough kids in the village that need Aunts to love them!!!

We continue our service to the ISKCON youth.

This year we traveled with our youth gang (16 teenagers) to Itally (Vilaggio Hare Krishna), Hungary (Krisna Valley Farm), Slovenia (Ljubjiana Temple) and Croacia (we had a nice meeting in the Pula temple and a bath in the sea with our dear God Brother Namacarya).

Then we had a 100 youth meeting in New Vrajamandala with youth from Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, Latvia.....

Tirta Kirti Prabhu, Antonio, Vesko and Devananda prabhu were so kind that the play a Mantra rock concert for the youth and as usual all the youth were jumping to the sky and chanting like nothing.

Laksmana also joined the gathering and his [her] son Shyam got an amazing birthday cake and more than 100 devotees chanted happy Krishna to you and birthday songs in different languages.

Jayanta and Purnamasi were also there and helped a lot (We are coordinating with Purnamasi to start a second group for the youngest age 12-15). So another generation will have this opportunity for European Sanga, Parikrama and training.

Urmila DD was giving nice seminars about her new book on Varna Ashrama.

She showed very interesting views in her description of Varnas: Shudras are the ones who give beauty to this world (It's a much nicer description than those who are incapable to be in the other 3 so must serve because their bad capabilities)

Also nice explanations about the different wealthness in the world (Not only money is wealth but many others like living in nature or surrendered [surrounded] by beauty an nice people or being respected)

She explained that once you know all the difference wealthness you might choose which ones you like the most and according to your preference you might understand better your nature or Varna.

Manorama Prabhu (The minister for ISKCON youth) was also part of the team and he gave very nice advice about finding your call in KC.

Definitely we will start working with Manorama in different youth projects.

Mahajan Prabhu (The Argentinian devotee from Mar del Plata) recently moved into NV with wife and daughter and gave an amazing workshop about man and women in ISKCON "The metaphysics of sex". This workshop was a great success.

HpS - We saw him in Mar de Plata just before he left!

We are finding a very nice association with Mahajan and wife and feel it is the starting of a great friendship in the service of SP.

This year we will finalise our European youth meetings in the wonderful Ljubjiana temple from 28 December to 3rd January.

And next year we plan to develop new adventures and projects for youth.

We are also working close to Kalakanta Prabhu (Minister of Cow protection and agriculture in ISKCON). We will gather in Karuna Bhavan Farm in Scotland from 5th-10th September for the European ISKCON Farm conference. Kalakanta Prabhu offered me to be the ministry representative for Spain (and maybe Portugal). If this process goes on I might be also a member of the national council in Spain.

At home in Miengo (North Spain) I am developing preaching efforts. Marta and my self are lucky enough to have the greatest neighbours: Your disciple Sukania Sita and his great husband Prema Rasarvana. We are very happy they are living so close to us, 10 minutes walk. We are very good friends and share the same vision of ISKCON and service.

We are working hard in the development of the Nanda Gram Organisation.

Once a month we have a Bhakti Sanga meeting and between 12 and 28 devotees gather together and chant, read, dance and have Prasadham together.

Some devotees are moving or thinking about moving to the area.

We are thinking about buying some land and try again to start a rural community.

Looking for possible ways of economic development of the project we found a very nice business of establishing spirulina farms and most probably we might start a pilot plot to check possibilities.

Of course I have to mention about Krisna Balarama deities arrival!

They came home the auspicious day of Balarama Rasayatra and, since then, we have realised that they are so merciful as Gaura Nitai but with an special mood of Rural Teenagers. They gave us a lot of mercy but definitely they like to have fun, so sometimes we have to face situations that look like impossible for us to deal with, then in the last moment, when we feel hopeless and facing an inevitable fall down, we surrender our souls, minds and bodies to their lotus feed and immediately we perceive their loving hand taking care of us and solving all the impossible problems and challenges.

HpS - Its a fact: Krsna I can't do any more. The festival is about to fall apart! . . . Knock, knock, knock on the door and here comes someone to help!

Marta decorates every morning the altar with amazing local flower arrangements.

My son Vrindavana (16) is traveling with us in the European tours and participate in the local Bhakti Sangas every month. In one year from now he will have the chance to go to university.

HpS - Jaya!!!

My son Mario (29) has become an international logistic expert, and he is now a very successful boy traveling all around the world. He is not still too much spiritual inclined but I believe we might work out in the future.

I am also cooperating with Yadunandana Swami in the development of some specifics projects in NV.

We try to get money income through European Union funds and also try to bring some devotees to develop service.

I'm specially enthusiastic about the idea of developing a Varna Ashrama Dharma training course for devotees.

The idea is to offer a 3 months training where students will learn to get the maximum from their bodies, minds and souls for the service of the society and the Lord.


The starting point is this:

Training program Varna Ashrama Dharma


The main objective of the course is to provide participants with an understanding of the concept of the Varna Ashrama Dharma, its structure, function and benefits.

Each student will make a trip to his self to be able to understand his nature (physical, mental , material and social body) and in this way to develop his full potential and to be able to serve society fully according to his nature.

The student will learn to develop his maximum potential in the areas of the body, mind, spirit and society.

The student will learn to develop the maximum potential of his body applying the knowledge of Ayurveda.

The student will learn to take full advantage of his or her mind and intelligence and to get rid of psycho-emotional obstacles through the modules of Vedic Psychology.

The student will learn to understand his occupational nature through Vedic Astrology and vocational tutoring and in this way he will be able to develop in those areas that are natural to him and will satisfy his occupational yearnings.

The Ashrama modules will serve to help understand the different stages of life and how to transit and position themselves appropriately in each of them.

All this accompanied by the fundamental modules of Bhakti Yoga where we will learn to unite all the above with the Divinity, the Spiritual, the Supreme.

In these modules we will understand the importance and benefit of the practice of Japa, the study of the Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Vaisnava literature, the importance of the 4 regulative principles and, in short, all the benefits that the practice of Vaisnavism gives us.

No less important will be the section on personal relationships, nonviolent communication and conflict resolution.

The course will last for 3 months that we could compare with a complete reset of the body, mind and spirit in order to free ourselves from the disturbing elements that impede our full personal development, in order to become the best version of us and serve in this way in the best possible way to society and ultimately to the supreme.

After this 3 months course the student with Brahminical or Kshatriya inclination will take an extra 3 month training including Bhakti Sastri and Manu Samhita training including leadership, etc.

The Vaishyas and Shudras will take advantage of the European grands so they will take an apprentice job with some successful Vaisnava entrepreneurs in the areas of their interest.

The internship will last between 6 and 18 months.

SO well ......... this is a summary of my service during this months

As you can see I am taking some more Kshatriya roll (administrative and organisational position which I am finding is my natural position)

I hope you like and approve this service from my site [side].

Also I did not asked for, but the national council talked about my service and decided to give me an special relief on the Bhati Sastri Mandatory to get second initiation.

Even though I am trying to get the Bhakti Sastri diploma (I already did 1/3 of the tests and I hope to be done with 2/3 by your next visit), I was wondering if it would be good for me to finally get the second initiation ceremony.

HpS - At least let's get a letter from the National Council!

We just celebrated recently our 20 years anniversary as Guru-disciple contract.

And I feel I am ready for the compromise.

Yadunandana Swami is ready to recommend me for the initiation.

What do you think Maharaja?

HpS - Start with letter from National Council and then we can see if you know Srila Prabhupada's books well enough for a Ksatriya.

Are you ready to take in your back all the sinful reactions of this fallen donkey aspirant?

Do you think I am ready to be second initiated?

I will travel with your good self in the train from Guadalajara to Barcelona (31 August) and the train back (3 September) and we might talk (And rest of course !!!!!!!!)

HpS - SUper.  The more the merrier!

It seems that Pablo´s initiation ceremony might be on NV on the auspicious day of Janmashtami 3rd September.

hps- yes

Do you think it might be possible for me to take initiation the same day?

HpS - Yes, possible. Letter from National Council today!

Or I do not know, do you think is better for me to try to serve you in my actual position of first initiated.

Thank you for all the love, care, example and inspiration of this 20 years.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare



I send you some pictures of the youth meetings and Krisna and Balarama

If you do not recognise me I am the fat one with beard.

HpS - Thank you for your letter.   How is your Japa?  A Dvija, twice born man, must show proper comportment so that if neophytes see him they can do the right thing just by imitating his example. How is your morning program????   Brahmana means Brahma-muhurta, no?