Request for permission to ASA (Urgent)

Hare Krsna Dear Maharaja,


We read that you have a fever, I hope your improvement.

ASA - We though we answered this letter a few days ago. We cannot find that posted answer with a quick look so here it is again!  Thank you!!!
We have "hay fever", allergy. NGD has it so bad he had to leave working at his hospital to lie down. We are under control but sneezing. 

I just realized that Lad had not asked for a formal permission to use the name ASA. Please apologize for the lack of formality, Lad forgets certain details.

Here in this letter, we request for permission to use the name of ASA.

SS Hanumat Presaka Swami (ASA)


I am writing to you to express that we are an educational Team interested in developing Vaisnava education in Peru. And we would like to have the support and advice of ASA on educational issues.

Our Mission - Vision is very simple and specific, we specifically want to develop the courses Bhakti Sastri, Bhakti Vaibhava and the whole saga of the study of bhakti, we seek specialization.

For this reason, we ask for your permission to use the educational material of ASA and also to call us ASA- Peru. We are committed to developing close communication with Asa and the respective authorities.

The educational group consists of eight people, who will be teachers of courses:

Laksmana agraja d, Candramukhi dd, Lila sakti dd, Isvari dd, Abhinanda d, Tarangaksi dd, Rupa gosay d.

The structure of the organization is linear and autonomous, there will only be 3 Coordinators of 3 areas (Academic, Courses, Procedures and communication) that will work with the National Board.

We have sent our service proposal to the National Board and we will await a response

We look forward to qualifying and being accepted into ASA.

I will be waiting for your response and thank you for your consideration

Lord Nrsimhadeva protect you

ys Isvari dd

ASA-SUAC, Secretary, Buck White - Thank you for your letter. These are formalities but not without meaning, like wedding ceremony or initiation ceremony!

1. Do not us the the name ASA in a formal sense until you have approval from the ASA-SUAC (Anjana Suta Academy - Supreme Undifferentiated Absolute Commando) with includes: Tom Brown (Monkey), Buck White, Guy (Uncle) Gismo, PhD, Prof. H. H. Robinson (Hanumatpresaka Swami) and a bunch of other mixed Dudes.

2. Submit a Request for Banch Affiliation with ASA here. The devotees in Mexico should do the same. ASA is a Branch of ISKCON. Our GBC Secretary currently is Tamohara Das and our head-quarters are in Murfreesboro, TN 37129, USA.

Our Mission (from Preface of NOI) is to qualifiy ourselves to help Lord Caitanya in His mission of giving the science of Krsna to humanity (an animality) at large by studying the literature left by the six Goswamis. NOI constitutes first instructions.

Branches must have a President (and Vice-Presidents with different areas if desired), a Secretary and a Treasurer. Secretary must post a Report regularly in the Blog (every fortnight can be good). Then we can work out details.


Management should be by consensus and then can be formalized by a vote of members.