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On 18/01/2015 Hps Wrote:

Thank you. Can you send this report to the Blog also? Edit it as you like it. It is very wonderful. Very. How is Martha? Your son? What is there spiritual development. Of course, we hope your parents remember us. Your Grandmother has been gone to another world for several years now, no??? Yes, let us have a lot of time all together from 30 March to 12 April!!!


Marta Is really Happy living In North Spain in our own griha Taking care of the house and the veg-garden helping me a lot in all matters specially this days inour European Union funding projects.

My two sons are great, Mario (25) Computer enginer and mathematic, working in a big company and getting his third degree this time in economics.

Vrindavan is happily developing his studies in high school.

Yes my Grandma left her body 2 years ago we happily travel together 5 years ago to argentina and Uruguay i made a sankirtan Jñagia in her bennefit and I distributed 1108 SP books on her name.

HpS - Wow!

Yes I hope to see you during your European Tour 2016.I will do my best.

I have been traveling this last months taking asociation of really nice devotees and Deities in Hungary, Holand and Slovenia (Wonderful yatra and amacing Panca-Tatva deities)

Developing my carriar as a EU funds Project developer, I think we may use that fund in a nicely way for krisnas and his devotees service.

Ok here is my public anual report :

Dear Hanumat Presaka Swami: Finished my service at Madrid temple. Mayor Changes where made as required. Jajanta, Family and team (Avesa Rupa Das, Adi Ras das et all) happy and focus in the development of Navalakunda temple, Guru kula, Travelling Sankirtan, etc.

Jaga Mohan Das happy, Living at his own Griha, developing Haribooguies music carrear, and activilly engage in madrid temple service (Cooking Twice a week and rendering service as required by the temple like in festivals, cooking and playing devotional rock)

Nice leadership in Madrid temple leadered by Janardhan Das as TP and Dandava Das and Carcika DD in charge of congregational development and training in coop with Yadunandana Swami "Instituto Bhaktivedanta"

Jiva Tattva acting As the good old Brahmana Superviser.

Good team of Devotees living in the temple leaded by Mantri Ram Das (Temple Comander) Higly increase of the pujary standars (Leaded by Mantri ram) Tulsy Puja Going on for a year (Never did before in Madrid temple), Tulsy is very Happy and healthy.

Apartment rented for matajis and grihastas giving a chance to ladies to serve and be trained when needed (They had not this chance for 15 years) Good congregational development (Thanks to dandava and Carchica Efforts and determination)

Yadunandana Swami got a compromise for serving Onece a week per monce on regular basis.

Good team of internal devotees like Bhakta Victor and Isvara Das, Kirtan Ras And Family, Kalindi And Nico. As many ISKCON projetcts more devotees come and go But there is a nice open mood.

Also senior devotees visit the temple regularly.

Congregation visit and help regularly Helping specially in festivals, Sunday feast and FFL.

Soooooo..... My job is done for now Moved back to My Home town......Miengo

Taking care of my Sun Vrindavan (14 years old now) and my Good wife Bhaktin Marta.

She helped me a lot In Madrid and Now in Miengo (My village) Leaving a simple live, Taking care of our veg Garden, Chanting my rounds and developing some projects:

1)Family as mentioned and trying to improve my relation ship with parents and sister (My Parents are allready over 70) and I belive is our last chance so we do not have to come back next live to solve unsolved problems.

2)Trying to officially stablis a Minestry for varna asrama (vaisnava rural comunities and simple livin high thinking) in Spain and europe. Stablish a FB page to start

3)I took and old NGO  that was created in 2003 named "Asociación Nanda Gram" and re-legaliced and apliying it for working in cooperation with the European Union. In cooperation with many other european devotees work together getting EU funds and grants to support Devotional Pan-european Proyects. The idea is that We will support the development of rural vaisnavas comunities and the development os european devotees specially youth giving them training in many different areas of interest. Hope to see you soon Ysv JMHD

This 3 projects have the benediction and aprovement of GBC (Hridaya Caytania skype call from India), National Council (In contact with NC President Gundica Das) and My temple authority (Janardhan Das) Also working in cooperation with Yadunandana Swami.

ISKCON GBC Authority: 

Janardhan Das (Madrid TP) Working in coordination with Gundica Das (National Council Cheriff) And Yadunandana Swamy in order to stablish my official Space in the institution.

Short Comment: 

We miss you a lot. We are happy of being your disciple and trying our best to serve Srila Prabhupada trough your Lotus Feet.

HpS - Thank you so much for the news!    We just got to USA. Now we plan India, then Spain!