Hare krisna from Madrid

Dear Hanumat Presaka Swami:


Here we are In Madrid.

Very stable Sadana program (Mangala arati, 16 good rounds before guru puja, some extra rounds if posible with japa joe)

Attending to the bhakti sastri course but I am not able to study enough so probably I will not pass the exams.

                 HpS - AGTSP paoho. Study some. Don't have to pass with 100%. 75% is fine. Sastra is dressing the Deities also. Arjuna had a Bhakti Astri degree, no?

Very happy and stable with my good wife Bhaktin Marta, She is helping a lot and is a constant inspiritation.

               HpS - Our respects to her!

By krisnas mercy, She got a wonderfull job athe flower shop in the same espiritu santo street, 1/2 minute walking from the temple.

Going to the street for sankirtan book distribution regularly as much as my service as a temple comander allow me.

              HpS - Meet a lot of nice people?

We are living a basic, simple living "vanaprastha live" she is attending regularlly Mangala arati, Guru puja et all.

My older son Mario,s 24th birthday was last march and Vrindavan 12 and marta and me got a Birthday Icecream party.

             HpS - What does Mario do? Carpenter?

Mario finished succsesfully his university Mayor degree in Computing enginiering and Mayor degree in Math, He is actually working in the largest consultan in the world Deloite here in Madrid.

                  HpS - Immediate answer. Accountant for the Empire!

Madrid temple is developing really nicelly and older devotees (yadunandana Swamy, Jiva Tattva, Hridaya Caitania, etc) are very happy and suporting and visiting regularly.

Lunch program is developing really nicelly and ve are offering many new options to buy like samosas, cookies, cakes, and also products from new vrajamandala like mahaprasadam, berfis from protected cows, etc.

Any devoty can cook or make products (Bhakti rasa is making soap, toothpaste, and some other things) the devotees stablish the seling price and the temple takes a 25 % comition and the rest goes to the devotee.

Jiva goswamy is cooking 5 days a week and yasodanandana prabhu cooks sundays and mondays.

We are trying to develope a team to serve the hindu comunity and I hope that soon will have good news in ralation with this.

Sananda DD is hardly working ("working hard". "Hardly working" means she is almost doing nothing. Ja! Ja!)  in the development of a devotte care ministery, she is hardly working in cooperation with akrura prabhu who is also helping in the development of the master plan for the temple.

Bhadra vardana and my self are very enthusiathic about the development of a bhakti vriksha program that will start soon.

Bhaktin Ana a great russian devote is helping a lot in this area, actually she is the bhakti vriksha manager for Madrid.

Yadu is trying to center his preching efforts in Spain and we are trying to assist him as much as possible.

Markandeya and Sveta are pussing with the harinam programs and we finally got the flags you have allways demand.

Bhaktin marisol is helping the temple in so many ways and she is really involve in the flower and gardland departmen and in the Rata Yatra festival 2014 (Bhaktin Mercedes is assisting a lot with the garlands, cleanning the plates for sunday feast and making sweets for harinam)

Marisol is planning to move to the temple for some time and help with the pujari service.

Jharikanda is doing a great job with the deities and he has a compromise to stay till augost 2015.

We are very happy of sharing our days with him and he is improving amacingly in his relations with the devottes and in his mood of serving and assisting the rest of the devotees.

Jharikanda and yasoda are developing a fantastic latin Jazz proyect and a lisened two thems and are great songs.

All the Bhaktas in the temple, Petre, Alejandro, Kike, and specially Marcos are developing really nicelly and they are and will be for sure great soldiers for the sankirtan army in the future.

I am specially concern in the development of proper relation among other temples, Devotees, and hindu comunity.

The only way we can grow as individuals and as a comunity is learnig the art of working togheter and assisting one to each other.

I thing that bhakti vriksha, devotee care minister and the proper aproach to the hindu comunity will help a lot in this mater.

We all hope that you recover as soon as posible of your body pastimes.

Every body is really exited about your visit to Spain.

Will be in October?

will be in July?

Will be this year?

Will be next?

             HpS - ASA - Now I am not sure. We are not releasing the book in India in October, so seems we will not come until next year, but then we should stay for a long time, no??

I personally fell always your presence in the temple, trough your teachings, your requests, japa joe, and all your other iniciatives.

I fell really glad of trying every day of becoming a better servant of Srila Prabhupada andd you good self.

Hope to see you soon in Madrid

thank you very much for your Sankirtana service and for your causeless mercy onto this little fallen soul.

Please pray to lord Nrisimhadeva for the improvement of loving relations of all the devotees in Madrid, Navalakunda, New Vrajamandala y rest of Spain.


HpS - We certainly hope Lord Nrsmhadeva makes everyone feel happy.

Thank you for all the news!!!! Thank you! We can smell Espiritu Santu. Kirtan.