Hare Krisna HPS


I hope you recive this letter full of health.

HpS - ASA - AGTSP. Paoho. We are with more energy after recovering from all the travels!!!

I am sorry for the delay of comunication but there was really a lot to do here in Madrid-Spain.

As you may know we had some changes here in MAdrid.

Jayanta and his team decided to center their efforts in Navalakunda Project.

GBC decided to let them take 128,000 € from Madrid accounts so they can develope the project nicely.

MAdrid temple is now poor but we are working hard for krisna.

Right now the relationship with the previous administrators is not at its top level but I hope this will change soon.

Avesa Rupa DAs, Jayanta Das, Adiras DAs, Yaga Mohan [Jagamohan], Purnamasi Devi DAsi Et all made a great service, Sacrifice and austerities for so many years, They are all great souls, I hope we can expand our relationship in a lovely Vaisnava way daily.

I pray for Navalakunda project every day and Hope with the deepest of my heart that this project developes nicely for krisna.

Now Madrid:

Things are developing very nicely in Madrid:

THe atmosfere is very suportive and lovely care.

Congregation is getting involve and help a lot.

Education is now a very strong leg of madrid temple The bhaktivedanta institute is ofering Introduction to Bhakti yoga, Bhakti Shastri and Bhakti Vaivava courses allready.

We have clases every afternoon from monday to friday.

Also a servian devoty named Akrura das is staying in Madrid and helping a lot in developing comunication, devotee care and managing areas.

Bhakta program is developing nicely - Bhakta Marcos, Bhakta Pedro (rumania), Bhakta kike-1 and bhakta Alejandro are livig in the temple and taking bhakti shastri course.

All of them are rending and enormous service to Srila Prabhupada´s Mision. God bless them All.

We have also external bhaktas like Mihail,  KIKE-2 and others that visit regularly, offer service and stay ocasionally in the asram.

Kike-2 is coming with me everyday and distributing many books.

The atmosfere in the asram is very friendly and family kind.

Jharikanda Gaura is doing a great effort in taking care de deities, he is making a lot of progres in improving his relationship among others.

He is also in charge of the unbeliveble breakfast.

Jhanardhan Prabh (CUBA) is a young(23) but amecingly mature devotee his teaching math in the university Carlos 3 of Madrid and is really erudite hi is giving most of the formative classes, he is a great soul.

Jiva goswamy(Peru) Kepps cooking as an angel and every body loves his job.

OLders devotees like Yadunandana Swami, And Jiva tattva and Gundica visit us regularly and give us their asociation, care and wisdom.

Also GBC are very supportive Hridaya caytania das and Bhakti GAuravani Swamis.

Dandava And carchika are doing and amacing job and are really suportive with every body.

YAsoda is cooking to days per week and is developing a regular daily harinam Program. He also started a devotional Salsa project with Jarikanda.

ekadristy make the dress for the smaller deities in goura purnima and is taking care of her mom, children and Husband.

With the hep of Maha LAxmi we hope that from apbril will be harinam every day in the streets of Madrid.

Sunday harinam is developing very nicelly under the care os Sveta and MArkandeya Risi DAs we allready have the flags with de counch and the "Maza" and a very nice blue Maha MAntra emblema.They also designed and make the new dress for the deities in Gaura purnima.

Sananda and Bhadra Bardana and makig incredible efforts to develope congragational preaching and devotee care programs, working close with Akrura Das, also helping a lot with the sanga sankirtan project and tañing care of the deities.

With the support of Maha Laxmi Devi DAsi we hope to open a lady asram in apbril.

The plans are to settel up the temple at the maximum of his potencial and then when the family is ready we will jump to a new temple manteining this one. We all know that to open a new temple is esential but first things first. We must grow as a team and family, we must mature, I hope we wiill be ready for a new twmple in 18 or 24 months. We have a very good team now.

Sankirtan is going nicely Marta and I had a Really Bad car Accident, We are ok but the van was destroy.

We see it as a Krisna arragement, now I am very happy distributing SP books.

My personal shadana is goin very nice 16/4 and every day managala artik and full program, then some administration, then Sankirtan !!!

The congragation is growing are becoming a fundamental resource for the temple, devotees like Bhaktin Marisol, MArta, Shadana, helmut, Raquel, Arjuna, Marcos-2 and many others are helping a lot.

We are working in a very cooperitivly mood with the farm.

We are selling maha prasadam from Radha govinda candra and is a going really well. The most famous are the berfis from protected cow´s milk.

Well, so we have plans to change the world, changing or selfs first.

every body is working really hard internal and externally.

It will we great if you may come this year.

Is not a joke the plans are to conquere the world, but we need you asociation.

Please come!!!!!!!

Any personal Advice ????

Yor fallen servant


                HpS - ASA --- Wonderful news. AGTSP! paoho. We have news from many devotees, have daily association in the Japa workshop on line with Bhadra-Sananda, Yasoda-Ekadrsti, Paurnamasi, Sati-mani-sita Dasi et al. The vision you describe sounds practical. It seems that you have to refine it, not make any large change.

How is your morning program? Fun? Basically simple? With whom?

NOTE: The GBC agreed that the name "Bhaktivedanta Institute" should only be used by the science group headed then by Sadaputa, BS Damodara Swami et al. I will write to Yadunandana Swami.

Thank you for naming so, so many devotees. I think the morning program is the essential focus now for  you. We have many other thoughts but that seems to be the center.

I don't know when we can come in our body now.

Honestly we came very close to a brain stroke or heart attack during this last marathon of travel. Now we have to rest, rest, rest the body and work, work, work the intelligence. Only one trip planned until end of July. So, in some few weeks we should begin to see who and how we are and then make plans on that basis.
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