A letter from a lost monkey

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaja

Please Accept my Humble Obeisances

I hope our health will be good and if that is not posible at leats leave this body in a good way, in sarkitan or with the chanting of the holly names of Krsna.

How are you?

hps/asa - immortal, alert, ecstatic!





The notice of you going to Spain make me feel very happy, because now I will se you again, now I'm making some plans to be able to work there (in europe) and I think that is goig to be nice for me, I hope for your blessing in that matter, also I want to say sorry for not sending a letter in such a long time, this months for me have being really hard, but for now I feel very better, I'm chanting and dancing, also now my sankirtan is not as good as at it was a few months ago, but now I'm foccus on make every person that I make true sankirtan a devotee or close the way for that, I'm also reeding al most every dat the Srimad Bhagavatam (and sometimes the Bible) and I'm really enjoying that, is crazy how everythig that you put along with Krsna makes you feel more plesure or a strange gratification for do in it, now my target is that, make everything conected with Krsna in some way, I think also the bad time that I was having was for that, for forget that every action that one have to do have to be for and with Krsna, otherwise is just a lost of time, sorry for not being able to conect to your morning program, this fool can't go to bed before 11 pm, now we are workig to change that but for the moment is a problem that my family don't help much to solve.

Also I will start the Spiritual Warrior of his holliness Bhakti Tirtha Swami my dad give to me in one night along with some pizza and a few Popcorn made with Ghee, a very strange desition of making it but ended up tasting very nice hahaha.

A last thing to add, I still think about the pictures that I promise to you of the travel of Argentina, but I don't know way in this app is super complicated to send, once I almost loose the letter that I was trying to send, so If we meet in Spain and if I have the oportunity I think will be a best time to show you that.

Now with little to few to add, I say good bye and Hare Krsna :D

ASA/tb - agtsp!!!!! thank you for news... ours is about the same.

is this a good documentary?

from ww 2 we see how hard it was to win even one little fight on this planet, what to speak of conquering durga devi!!!

maybe we should expect many battles!!!!!

but see lasting progress each time!!!