NIOS Campus Development - Theory and Practice

Another Committee Member writes:

Other Member writes:

Minutes of meeting for NIOS campus:

1) identify real estate agent

2) identify the bank for loan

3) formation of the board of trustee

4) Plan the property lay out

5) start building low cost designer housing

6) gaushala

7) workshops

8) organic farming

9) water harvesting/storage

10) bio gas and bio composting plant

11) fruit trees

12) cottage industry of soap, honey, etc

13) wind and solar energy production plant

14) Sewage treatment plant

Note: I am planing to retire from GLA job and visit Houston/Nashville around Dec -Jan to work on the development of the NIOS campus. 

All are requested to give feedback on this. So that we may chalk out a time line for each of the action item by the end of Nov 2023.

HpS/ASA - This is wonderful.

We were at Rama ghata during the Braja mandala prikrama and this management process came to us:

  1. Whom am I?
  2. Who are we?
  3. Whats the Plan?
  4. What Materials do we need?

We applied it with great success again and again, and then Srinivasa Das showed us "From Good to Great", a first class business administration text that they were using for Micron.

It was almost identical principles identified in corporations that had gone from being members of their industry to leaders.

So, first question would be:

Why do you personally want NIOS to develop a Campus?