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Hare Krsna Maharaja, please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!


I am Maha Anandini Radha dd, in charge of initiations and other services at Iskcon Chile until 2022, and mother of Narotam. I am writing to first of all send my humble obeisances at your Lotus feet. I miss him very much and I deeply regret not being able to see him in these upcoming dates. I have always been very grateful for your causeless mercy, I owe you my life and you are a person who always motivates me to continue with my spiritual life. My desire is always to be able to serve you.

HpS - AGTSP!!! Yes, we remember who you are.

It is very nice for us to hear from you.

Any good qualities we have are 99.999...% the sacrifice of Srila Prabhupada.


Below I am enclosing the recommendation letters for second initiation from Prabhu Parasuram Avatar Das, mother Alankriti Devi Dasi and first initiation letter from Narotam.

All three have been very sincere persons on their way to Krsna.

HpS - Thank you. Has The Narottama passed the ISKCON Disciple Course?

I don't think Alankrti Devi or Parasurama avatar Das' have done the Bhakti Sastri course, no? So, do you have some local examination for a standard of Sastric Knowledge for Second Initiation?

When might be the ceremonies?

Maharaja, I always carry you in my heart, and I long to have your association again, Krsna knows that is my wish. Always remaining like a servant under your lotus feet, again I thank you for everything, so much!


Bid farewell, Maha Anandini Radha dd🌺