URGENTE Art and the Sacred SCL 2018 01

Dear Guru Maharaj, 

We put a lot of efforts in to arrange the calendar to inform you, but we couldn't post yesterday, and in our meeting, Arjuna told me that we should write just about Art and the Sacred before. So we are here doing it.

I have attached .png picture with a large mind map with the timings, day by day, is more visual but is 4mb., So here is a .pdf version in the nube with the text used in the mind map also, and at the end of the document is the text. Also here is the .png. (so no image attached)

You always say that people are first and then the other things, so We start with people first:

Art and the Sacred SCL 2018

Name of the speakers and the topic/titles of their talks

Descriptions of the speakers

Raúl Zurita - Not confirmed his specific topic

(description in our post of july: node/9517)

Cecilia Montero - Aesthetic Kidnaping

MONTERO studied sociology and worked as an academic at the Catholic University of Chile until her departure to France. PhD at the University of Paris VII, she began a career as a researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Upon her return to Chile in the nineties, she worked in study centres (ILO, CIEPLAN) and taught at the Catholic University, later becoming a full professor at the University of Chile. Being director of the Department of Public Policies, she decided to change her life and created the Espacio Indigo cultural centre. She is the author of numerous publications in the area of economic sociology. In the last time he has dedicated himself to exploring the relationships between science and spirituality.

Cristian Contreras - The value of the Vedas

Journalist and has a PhD in "Filosofía de la Ciencia" from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. In the last four years, he has become famous due to his appearances on  POTV, speaking about ancient cultures, myths, mysterious energies of the universe, anti-matter and religions.

Claudia Lira - Nature and Beauty: The aesthetic experience of the serenity like experience of the sacred.

"Naturaleza y Belleza: La experiencia estética de la serenidad como experiencia de lo sagrado"

Professor Lira is PhD in Philosophy, mention in Aesthetics and Theory of Art, Universidad de Chile; She is a Master in Theory and History of Art, Universidad de Chile (2002); Degree in Aesthetics PUC (1992) and Professor of Philosophy, U. Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación (1991). She also has postgraduate studies in Andean Culture. CBC, Cusco - Peru (1995-97 and 2001); in Sciences of Religion. UHC (1993-94) as well as in Neuroscience and Meditation (2013-2015).

Denis Kolovob - The sacred in Bach

Oringaly from Smolensk, Russian. There he began his violin studies at age 6 at the Special School of Music, with Master Olga Zemliakova and graduated in 1994 with Gold Medal. Then, he studied violin at the Conservatory of Tchaikovsky of Moscú with maximum distinctions. He teaches now at the Universidad Mayor and he's the honoured Director of the Symphony Orchestra of the Cultural Institute of Providencia and other several orchestras in the Chile, Argentina and he has played at Cuba and Russia in the last years also. He's a member of ISKCON also and his name is Devarsi Narada

Paula Miranda - You already know about her. She will present the same topic that in Lima (Violeta Parra)

Hanumatpresaka Swami


Day 3 The influence of the Bhagavata Purana in the eastern world


Day 1 - Corporación Cultural de Las Condes

La experiencia poética y la música de la trascendencia

Same place last year. 200 people capacity.

We will have Claudia Lira, Paula Miranda and Denis Kolovob. We are thinking to have your participation with the same conference that you will have in Peru. Our plan is 30 minutes to everyone and 5 minutes for you, considering the translation. What do you think?

Day 2 - Cine Arte Normandie

Un ejemplo de la espiritualidad de oriente en el 7º Arte

Very nice Cinema. We had the  600 people capacity.

"Cine a Luca" Luca is a colloquial way to say 1000 Chilean pesos. Our friend Mildred Doll, manager of this cinema is agreed. She was interested in to have the Hare Krishna movie there. So, we took advantage of the Bhaktibusana Swami and managed an event to relaunching the movie in this new cinema. Almost 300 people go there, paying 2.000 Chilean pesos (3 USD) in the first day. And last week we were invited to participate in the installation of deities there. A lady was there, chanting the maha-mantra, helping. And she met de devotees in this cinema in this event. Mildred is mature lady very close with the cultural scene in Santiago and Chile in general. He likes Krsna a lot.

Prior to the movie, Cristian Contreras would present the value nowadays of the Vedas. He have spoke on TV about this.

The idea is to replicate the program with Bhaktbusana Swami, and is that you answer the question of the journalist or the public directly due your direct connection as a disciple of the main person of the documentary. We are thinking in invite a lot of people because is almost free but is not. Our calling would be more to be more massive than academic.

Day 3 - Teatro iF

La Divina Literatura y la Estética de Oriente

This is the place where I work. A collaborative platform of entrepreneurship and innovation. Cool neighbourhood, a lot of designed and nice stores. 

350 people capacity.

This is the last day, and there is an event at noon at the same place, so we can't star too much early, we put 7pm. This day will be Raúl Zurita, Cecilia Montero and you. The idea is the format here change a little bit in relation to the formal and academic of the Tuesday. The idea is to have a more conversational mood. So, after the talks, the idea is to have a conversation with question promoted by Cristian Contreras or another journalist.

Our original proposal, considering that we thought the triad about ART and THE SACRED: First Day; Theory, Second Day; Analysis of Praxis, Third Day; Live the Art. In this context, we proposed for you, the second day and the topic would be the influence of the Bhagavata Purana in art and culture of the eastern world.  But, we had changes of places and different things, so put this new subtitles in grey. So, you could say now what would be your suggestion in this dilemma, what do you preferer present this day?

And finally, Our idea is to have a big and short concert at the end with several instruments also. And Maha Mantra even at the end. Or just instrumental from the professional devotees. What do you think?  

Thank you so much for letting us serve despite our deficiencies. Arjuna, Rodrigo and Carlos are putting a lot of effort into this program. Now Piero is participating too and the whole spiritual family here is anxious to become part and help. We will mention in another post.


Hare Krsna.

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 AgtSP We don't have any practical knowledge of the influence of the SB in Asia. Other topic might be … ART AS MEDITATION AND MEDITATION AS RELIGION.

 The list and description of the patients and their contributions seems good, although we could not read It in detail.

 Which books will we have for distribution, TLC? NO IKK