Puppets in the hands of maya or Krsna

Hare Krsna Guru Maharaj,

Please accept our most humble obeisances.

All glories to Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada.

It has been a few months since we spoke Guru Maharaj. My husband and I both agree that your mercy, advice and guidance have sanctified the situation and made us feel much more comfortable and supportive. We got some advice from some wonderful Vaisnava saintly matajis who were from Nairobi that we can be like “one big happy family” for the sake of our son of course and sake of the community  (and maybe for the sake of our own sanity and false ego!)

HpS - ASA --- And the whole world. Be generous and give you strength to the whole world. Boom.    Little action in Boise can echo throughout the whole world if that is your perspective.

We thereafter tried to still maintain  some sort of friendship with our friend of 6 years and thereafter invited both over to have a meeting about Aja’s spiritual and values education and goals. It was actually a nice experience, possibly because we know each other pretty well and there is a sense of trust. 

Rounds have been ok during the week but we do extra  during the weekend because we rarely can sit down for more then 2-3 rounds at a time. We help with the evening offering cooking during the week and Sunday school. Right now we are preparing for a puppet show, children’s theater camp the 13th-16th.


We want to help the children learn how to project their voice, and get “into character.”

Do you have advice Maharaj on some good resources we could use?

HpS - Just "Improvisation for the Theater" by Viola Spolin and here son, but I have seen good pepper books. We will look for some when we are in Berkeley with our Boss, Lokanatha Das.

We also found some nice ideas for puppets using styrofoam heads on wikihow https://m.wikihow.com/Make-Puppets.

We also will have kids kirtan/arati, theatrical games, storytime/pastimes told by devotees in the community, creating props/puppets/stage and practicing the play as part of the daily itinerary . We are curious what else we can do to have a nice theater camp! We look forward to receiving your guidance as we know you are an expert in this area.

HpS - Tom and Buck are experts. Seems great as you can get the parents to come and teach. For example a devotee plumber could come and show them how pipes screw together and stuff.

We are happy to hear about your pastimes in Tennessee on the blog and look forward to your visit.

Your aspiring servant,

Kamagayatri Dasi

HpS - We will be there in three weeks!  Krsna will make our Sankirtan effective. We just have to remain pure by Chanting HK/HR all the time.   Don't just limit your efforts to Aja, your kids. Think of all kids eg. how can new kids join your summer camp.