sankirtan harinama report

<big>Dear Gurudeva<img alt="heart" height="23" src="" title="heart" width="23" /></big>

<big>Pamho AgtSP</big>

<big>You Are mi inspiracion  </big>

<big>thanks for take care of my spiritual live.</big>

<big>now im traveling for europa making Harinama Sankirtan<img alt="laugh" height="23" src="" title="laugh" width="23" /></big>

<big>in this month of Purusotama Masa im chanting more than 20 round diary</big>

<big>mangalarti and Harinama programs of 4 hours Diary</big>

<big>I am trying vigorously to follow the 4 regulative principles but the lust appears every so often and it shows me that I am still an insignificant fake.</big>

<big>the devotis in panama send me a tiket for make Harinama Sankirtan in the rathayatra this 1 of june, </big>

<big>after Jala Yatrha in monterrey mexico 14 y 15 of may.</big>


<big>I apologize again but I would like to know your answer on whether it is possible that I adore the Giri Raja that I was given in the Harinam Parikrama in Govardan, I am still traveling with her but it is still in my bag, I know that she is sore in her eyes and has to answer Many letters, but I would like to have her blessing. </big>

<big>your servant  </big>

<big>Vrajendra Kumara Das </big>

<big>Praha Czech Republic </big>

<big>Sunday, 20 2018</big>

HpS - ASA 

Thank you for your letter and the inspiring news. From my point of view it would be dangerous to worship Giri-raja-sila unless you are on the platform of Raghunatha Das Goswami. At least very Brahminical in your nature. He is like a little child and becomes very angry about people with lusty thoughts pouring water on Him and burning his body.

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Worship your Japa beads, get little Gaura-Nitai!!!!!!!