Divya Drsti desde Cuzco.

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja.

Por favor reciba mis más humildes y respetuosas reverencias.

Guru maharaja deseo hacerle solo una consulta: deseo mudarme a una nueva casa para compartir con devotas porque en mi casa el karma familiar no me deja avanzar espiritualmente, claro alli hariamos mangala artik diariamente. Le parece una buena idea?

Otra pregunta : deseo empezar a armar un programa de kirtan y titeres, he pensado empezar a crear historias basadas en las escrituras y contarlas a través de los títeres, empezaré a hacer muñecos tambien para ello, quisiera invitar a esta nueva casa que alquilare a devotos o devotas que tengan experiencia con titeres o kirtan y empezar a hacer un programa, que le parece? Por favor cualquier sugerencia de su parte es bienvenida para mi .

Muchas gracias Guru Maharaja.

Divya Drsti d.d


Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja.

Please receive my most humble and respectful obeisances.

Guru Maharaja, I want to ask you one question: I want to move to a new house to share with devotees because in my house the family karma does not let me advance spiritually, of course we would do mangala artik daily. It seems a good idea?

HpS - AGTSP.   As far as we can understand it seems like a great idea.

Another question: I want to start putting together a program of kirtan and puppets, I have thought to start creating stories based on the scriptures and tell them through the puppets, I will start making dolls for it too, I would like to invite you to this new house that I will rent to devotees or devotees who have experience with puppets or kirtan and start doing a program, what do you think? Please, any suggestion on your part is welcome for me.

Thank you very much Guru Maharaja.

Divya Drsti d.d

HpS - ASA --- It all sounds very nice.   You don't need complicated visual presentation. The most important thing is the audio part. Maybe recorded background noise, some Raga music. Then you can show pictures as you speak or have dolls that you hold up. Just a little visual and good audio and your message goes straight to the heart. Have something: Extracts from Purports, whole books, DVDs that people can take with them. Get contact names. Become WONDERFUL.