Hare Krsna Maharaj

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All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

Please accept my humble obeisances. 

 Sorry for the double or triple messaages I sent. I didn't think you recieved them XD. 

Thank you for your response Maharaj - I appreciate it. 

Bheemsen is good. He began high school this year, and he likes it. But he is quit annoying, hhehe.. But aren't all siblings?

HpS - Krsna and Balarama "fight". Radha and Krsna, fight. You all should visit Peru.  Get a government grant to do an exchange study program. From one 'land down under' to another 'land down under'.

I suppose I am also annoying to him. He plays to many games. It's too hard to convince these boys otherwise.

HpS - What is Goloka without games? Wrestle with Krsna!

Maharaj, this year I have begun year 12. The final year of my prison sentence ;) I have calculated I have around 145 days more of torturous time. I will have completed 3 terms. The 4th term should be quiet relaxed. I can't wait to finish school. Hopefully then I will understand what I want to do. I guess it will come to me in time. Or in uni after I try out some courses. 

I have also started driving Maharaj. It is quite fun. I might have alrready completed around 2 hours :) 

Also, thank you for answering my questions. The link was spot on. Now I know where to quote about this topic ;) Heheh! 

I have another question: 

1. When someone has committed sinful acts and has Karma to pay off, even us devotees, they have to pay it off. But always in the scriptures it is said the chanting of the holy name eradicates all sin. Does that mean the most sinful person may commit whatever actions they want and in the end, if they chant Hare Krsna, or perform some activity, for example, bathing in the Ganga, do they still have their Karma to pay off? Or maybe it's minimalised?

HpS - In the Gita, can't find it righ away!    Krsna tells Arjuna that the intricacies of Karma are difficult to understand and when we also include devotional service it becomes even more complicated.

If you break the law you have some reaction, but if the King gets involved then it changes. He takes some interest. He is being kind. He makes some personal adjustment, but decides that for the most part is better if you follow the law rather than try to be involved in things with Him personally.

You see how it works a little better?

If we can't be 100% devotees (Chapte Twelve) then... then  ... then...  Follow the Green path, Follow the Yellow path, Follow the Red path. Fot us, initiated devotees, at the time of second inistiation, Krsna takes charge of our Karma. It may still be running but now he controls how it runs and relates it more and more tightly to purer and purer service.

Is complicated. Depends on the individual situation, but basic principle is that anyone who yells, Hare Krsna, because you tell them Krsna will give them all protection, will get it.

You all should go to Peru!
What was Rukmini's solution to Her "career" choice?

Hope your health is in good condition Maharaj. Please visit us again :) 

Hare Krsna! 

Yours servant,