Hare Krsna Maharaj

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All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

Please accept my humble obeisances. 

I sent you a message several days ago in response to your reply but it seems to have not gone through. Maybe because I used my phone and it didn't save properly..? 

So, in which case, I feel empty to have not heard from you in a while, so I shall try and remember as much of the message I wrote to you previously ;) And a little more ;)  

The school that I go to is public, so that's why I suppose some issues may have arisen from. Anyway, problems are everywhere in this world, no matter what environment we are in. 

At the moment, I am studying the following subjects: English, Maths B, Legal Studies, Philosophy, Chinese and a Diploma in Business. I don't particularly enjoy all of them ;) but Philosphy and Business are fun and interesting. Last year in Philosophy, we had a topic on the existence of God. It was quite fun, but we had to analyse the theories of specific scientists and philosophers and use their ideas. It was unfortunate I could not integrate any of our beliefs into the test. I argued for the existence of God, since we had to examine both sides. The opposing arguments were, to some extent, quite compelling, I may admit ;) but I still recieved an A on the exam :). 

There are no drama teachers for our grade as there were not enough students interested to study the subject, so that they had to cut it overall. 

Currently, I am not entirely sure what I want to pursue as a career in the future. But I do know this - my father always had a desire to open a restaurant, so it is my wish to fulfil that dream. I enjoy cooking as well, so hopefully it may work out in the future some time. Although, my mother says that this may be a hobby for me, rather than a primary job. She wants me to study in University and get a good job. Perhaps, once I have established a profession and earn a substantial income, I may then think about opening either a restaurant, named Krishna's Kitchen, or a food truck. This may be my service to Lord Krsna. I guess my studying Business now will help me in this task for the future. Perhaps I should further my study in something related to Business... I'm so clueless as to what to study. I enjoy everything (except for maybe mathematical and scientific things ;)) There are too many options. I hope you may guide me. 

HpS - Hare Krsna, Mataji!    We did get your letter. I think maybe even twice. We try to answer within three days but some times it slips. We put news in the DTC how many letters we have answered if it is getting slow.


We did answer it, and very much our perspective is that it is most comfortable for girls to set their career from their family perspective. If you marry some genius and he becomes Prime Minister of Australia or does epic Star Wars movies, or repairs watches in a carnival, then that will determine a lot what you do, no?

Stay flexible. If you like technical things like accounting then a degree in that would be O.K.  If you want something more general then History is good if you have good teachers. Education is also very super. You learn a lot about how people think. Everybody needs to employ teachers and it can be very closely dovetailed with KC!

I also remember I asked my father if he ever wanted to be temple president. He said no, but if he were to have a role, he may be the head in charge for the kitchen :) This may be a difficult task, but I also desire to open a temple one day. I remember my father saying, Srila Prabhupada said that there should always be chefs in the kitchen, preparing something for the deities. I would like to establish such a standard ;) May be difficult.. I don't know. My mind runs wild sometimes. 

HpS - Ha!   Ha!   Ha!       Ours seldom stops!

In addition, I wanted to ask you some random, non-related questions :) 

1. What is the importance of chanting the Panchattatva Mantra before and after completing a round? I have heard that it does't really do much and we don't necessarily need to repeat it, but I have also heard it helps rectify the sins we have committed during the time of our chanting that round.

HpS - I have never heard that Srila Prabhupada gave a specific rule, but in general there is: https://www.vedabase.com/en/cc/adi/7/4 which give the general principle!

2. Why, on Dvadasi, do we have specific times to break our Ekadasi fast between? Also, what happens if one breaks it later on, not during the designated period? Or not even at all?

HpS - I don't know. I think it is a valid consideration in how the universe works. When we eat grains there is a cosmic effect. So the timing in terms of the Sun and the Moon has a result.

Another one: During the last five days of Kartik, Bhishma Pancaka, when some devotees fast on fruit, etc., should they break their Ekadasi fast (if it so happens that Ekadasi falls during the 5 days) with grain? And if they do break with grain, will their Bhishma Pancaka fasting be broken?

HpS - Hmmm.  Again I don't know the details, but I think the Panchaka always starts with Ekadasi (11th day) and then goes to Purnima (15th day). Kind of standard is Nirjala ekadasi and then even water breaks the fast. If you want to become pious (or maybe dead) quick then you can do Nirjala and then live only on water for five days and chant a LOT of rounds, but consult a doctor!

Sorry, there are like 5 questions there ^^ :) 

Please guide me in both my spiritual and material life. 

I sincerely hope your health is in good condition Maharaj and we are all waiting for your return to Brisbane. Please come, if you can. 

Hare Krsna :) 

Yours servant, 

Lakshmi Dasi

HpS - All respects to everyone. What is Bhima doing?