Resultados maraton de diciembre y Japathon

Dear Guru Maharaja

Pamho AGTSP!

Now is the end of the sankirtan Book Distribution Marathon of december, start the maraton of Summer <img alt="wink" height="23" src="" title="wink" width="23" />

The Score was 4320 little books and 20 bg 

chile 2017

the score of Japataton was 32 round

now the 6 of february we have a tiket to india ( my desire is complete your instruccion ,may be this year, to will go to Mayapour Dham) we will travel with Harinama ruci making sankirtan Harinama in the holy dham, after 23 of february taiwan, Philipine, Honk kong an europe in march, after in June we will make sankirtan for colect to the  Ratha Yatra in panama, after september Mexico with Harinama ruci team, october and november, paraguay chile urugua y Brasil, and next December the marathon i dont know mabe i will be die, is good?

HpS - For a devotee, any day is a good day to die (change bodies)! like this plan of sankirtan?

HpS - It seems fine. C0-ordinating with GBC authorities?  Seems fine.  One year traveling with Kirtan and book distribution.

Krsna is laughing with my plan i know, but i need dream and make some arrengenments for make sankirtan or maya make a plan for me.

you are the source of nectar and inspiracion in my live, thanks for prai to Krsna for me, all the satisfaction and happiness that i have achieved in sankirtan  and the  8 people who came to the temple it is my humble offering at his lotus feet.

your eternal Donky

Vrajendra Kumara Das

HpS - Books, books, books!     I got a book from you, or some other sankirtan devotee. I read it carefully. I am still reading it carefully.  It takes even weak devotee beyond the mind and senses very quickly.  Sankirtan.  Make Sankirtan devotees by the association of Rupa-Raghunatha.