Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja,

How are you??

HpS - ASA - Pretty good.

How is Sankirtana??

HpS - We struggle to get the books out according to our nature of preaching: Movies, symposia. People we meet while traveling.

Very nice seeing you today at in Huston.. Always inspiring our spiritual life..

HpS - We wish we could see you-all in Brazil on Mayapura TV.

This opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to have your asosiation [association] in Santiago de Chile...I know and always try to imagine the big effort you are doing to manteing this Sankirtana Program...The Programs in Santiago were amazing.. All of them!!!

HpS - We were amazed. It was really amazing being in Parasurama Das' Dojo facing all their uniformed B'caris in our uniforms.

Krishna is giving me a lot of Mercy, cause your Mercy....

I'm in Campina Grande, Danwantari Swami Jaladuta Institute wright now!!!

Asosiation with Devakinanda das very favorable...Helping me a lot to grow in my personal caracter and my service of lidership...

Starting with bhakti Vaibhaba Study...1.2

Every thing I study takes me to Siksastaka...So I'm preparing PowerPoint of "the 7 stages of purifation and transcendental elevation"....ohhhh is Nectar every thing I study is in the Siksastaka...Is like Nectar of Instruction...Every thing is there...

Serving Maharaja with students...lots of service!!

Mharaja is very merciful with us...

Thanks again for your help....

Next year I would like to travel with you maybe Peru and Chile, or India...if you give me the opportunity to help you with anything I can...

Hare Krishna...

This poor servant

Panca tattva dasa

HpS - Thank you so much for Jaladutta news. Send us more. Respects to Maharaja and Devaki et al. Seven stages of Bhakti is from first verse of Siksastakam? They seem to match the six levels of Bhakti that Rupa Goswami describes in beginning of BRS: Freedom from distress, harmony... songs by Bh. Vinode Th. based upon Siksastakam, no?

Maybe we go to India again in the Spring?

Jaladutta news!