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Hare Krsna querido Gurudeva 

Pamho Agtsp

Disculpe tardarme tanto en escribir, en estos 8 meses hicimos maratones de Sankirtan en colombian, Panamá  y México, tambien trabajamos mucho en Bhakti Vrksa. Todo se lo debo a su infinita misericordia muchas gracias.

Ud me había pedido que lo llamara por teléfono y me daba 2da iniciasion en Gaura Purnima pero fue muy dificil, el presidente del templo de Mexico df P Maharsi d y la madre Asta Sakhi dd me dijeron q estaban desacuerdo con q tome 2da y quería preguntarle si Ud esta de acuerdo en q lo llame en alguna de estas fechas especiales para tomar 2da para mi seria un honor ser aceptado por ud.

También me pidieron preguntarle si ud esta deacuedo con que viaje a la india en Kartika o en Gaura Purnima cuando Ud considere mejor si ud considera bueno q valla, pues el año pasado cuando ud me pidió viajar a india el templo no tenia muchos recursos y no me dejaron colectar pero ahora me dieron la oportunidad de colectar mis tiketes .

Gracias por su inspiración contante, soy un perro a sus pies. Espero su respuesta.

Su aspirante a Discípulo

Vrajendra Kumara Das


Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva

Pamho Agtsp

Sorry for taking so long to write, in these 8 months we did Sankirtan marathons in Colombia, Panama and Mexico, we also worked a lot in Bhakti Vrksa. I owe it all to his infinite mercy, thank you very much.

HpS - Our mercy is not "infinite", but Srila Prabhupada's and Krsna's sure seems very, very deep to us!   All glories to your mercy also! We feel very humble to see your Sankirtan.

You asked me to call him on the phone and he gave me a second initiation in Gaura Purnima but it was very difficult, the president of the temple of Mexico, P Maharsi d and the mother Asta Sakhi dd, they told me that they disagreed with q that I took 2nd and wanted to ask him if You agree that I call you on any of these special dates to take 2nd for my it would be an honor to be accepted by you.

HpS - I don't remember that we discussed Second Initiation after all this time but it seems like we certainly might have discussed it then.

It is not clear. Maharsi Das and M. Asta sakhi DD did not think that it was a good idea for you to take Second Initiation last Gaura-purnima, but now they think it is good idea?

I was also asked to ask if you are willing [for us] to travel to India in Kartika or Gaura Purnima when you consider it better if you consider it good q fence, because last year when you asked me to travel to India the temple did not have many resources and not They let me collect but now they gave me the opportunity to collect my tiketes.

HpS - Hare Krsna. We can tell you that distributing books and keeping the association of devotees like Aravinda Das et al in general is very good, but we cannot give you detailed advice that it is good for you to take Second Initiation in just a few days or go to India without more detailed knowledge of your life.

We just had very nice talk on the phone with the help of Govinda-pramodini DD and we were also surprised to hear that you are associating with a lady with perspective of getting married. As I remember when we last talked you were trying to remain an enthusiastic Brahmacari.

Second Initiation means that now we are Ladies and Gentlmen for Krsna. So, these things, like marriage, going to India for pilgrimage, Second Initiation, should be part of our exemplary social relations. Of course, you can keep contact with us through the Blog and we do make the effort to be in Mexico for even personal contact, but even if there is not so much of that then we can be in touch with the leaders of your cultured community such as Temple President and others with whom we have relationships and then give good advice on these details.

So, (1) Asta Sakhi and Maharsi were not agreeable for you to take Second Initiation last Gaura purnima, but now they think you have made the proper progress to take this nice step forward?  (2) What is the name of your financee? Is she a member of our glorious ISKCON community? Tell us about her.

Waiting for for your delightful answers with great enthusiasm, like Lord Balarama!

Thank you for your constant inspiration, I am a dog at your feet. I am looking forward to your response.

Your aspirant to Disciple

Vrajendra Kumara Das

Mexico DF

Pd: Sorry I did not serve you the two times I came but we were from Sankirtan marathon.

México df

Pd: disculpe no servirlo las dos veces que vino pero estábamos de maratón de Sankirtan.