Updates about the Congress (161102)

Dear gurudev,

Some news about the congress.

  1. Just today we received the final invitation from the devotee encharge of Vraja Bhumi, Nrisimhananda, to Hanumatpresaka Swami and other one to Rama Giridhari prabhu. He already reply and said that he could answer the next week. Are you received this letter well?
  2. HpS - Yes we got a letter from him but we also got one earlier. We asked before into what airport we should book our ticket. We will need a Visa, no?  Anything else.   Did his invitation go to Rama-giridhari Das???
  3. The dates to the Congress will be:
    1. 19TH Wednesday > 21TH Friday April morning > Private meeting about curriculum and exams in “Bhakti” Programs.
    2. 21 TH Friday evening > 23TH Sunday noon, Festival to the South American Community of devotees. A different name?  
    3. HpS - ASA -- "LEARN SOMETHING" In one lecture Prabhupada Srila Prabhupada commented that we should come to these classes not just as a ritual but also to learn something. Then he looked at the audience and said, "All right, come as a ritual but also try to learn something". So come to teach, learn something based on Srimad Bhagavatam and how to apply it in Sankirtan, Primary School, Congregation Preaching etc.
    4. 23TH Sunday evening > 23TH Wednesday morning, workshop and led conferences and talks to brahmanas, teachers devotees, temple presidents, brahmacari and bhakti vriksha leaders, etc.
  4. My “not complete task” now is the aims and secondary aims of the congress with this general planning that I put above to Chandramukha Swami. But when this work is done I’m planning make a brochure in .pdf with a nice design to invite senior devotees. It will be finished this same week. Could I show you this advance this Monday 7:30 pm?
  5. HpS - A little earlier?  We will have some evening program here. We are in Washington D. C. hour. Main thing is who has committed to come and what they want to hear and explain.
  6. Baladeva and Param Padam, Ananta Sayana sent to me their topics in the congress. But in my last travel to Italy I missed my phone, and they sent to my throught whatsapp. So now I ask them again in mail. So now, I only should ask the topics to Dhanvantari Swami, Aravinda, Rama Giridhari, yourself.
  7. HpS - We want to discuss preaching and teaching in the universities, especially with Psychology and the Sacred, and the ISKCON Ministry of Education which includes Pre and Primary School, and Sastric Education.
  8. Dhanvantari Maharaj says that if we invite devotees like Hridayananda das Goswami (in his condition of senior preacher in South  America) or Jayapataka Swami (in his condition of the GBC) could be complicated to the organization because, like too much devotees could come, also a lot devotees could leave the place after this devotees leaved and that even he should go outside because he would be like a host because they would be at Brazil.
  9. HpS - ASA -- Seems true, but maybe they could do a video clip for the program!!!!!!!


  1. This is the minimum cost for Vraja Bhumi with prasadam included, according the place when the devotees sleep. (To 10 guests will be free):
  1. Festival Congregacional

Viernes – Domingo = 2 noches y 3 días.

  1. Chalés= 570 Rs / $120.997 / 181 USD
  2. Hotel = 480 Rs / $101.892 / 152 USD
  3. Hare & Camping = 300 Rs / $63.683 / 95 USD

ASA - Damn cheap, Bobba!

  1. Brahmanas y Ksatryas

Viernes – Miércoles = 5 noches y 6 días.

  1. Chalés = 1140 Rs / 362 USD
  2. Hotel = 960 Rs / 305 USD
  3. Hare (some devotees houses) & Camping = 600 Rs / 191 USD


  1. Ksatryas

Lunes – Miércoles = 2 noches y 3 días.

  1. Chalés= 570 Rs / 175 USD
  2. Hotel = 480 Rs / 148 USD /
  3. Hare & Camping = 300 Rs / $63.683 / 92 USD

Hare Krsna gurudevm thank you for encourage us to serve.

HpS - ASA --  The ASA Absolute Undifferiniented Commado is Please With You!  Go ahead with full intelligence. List of Participants and their topics. We will prepare.

Photos below.