Surfing in the material world

Hare Krisna maharaja


Am  I suffering ?

Or may be I am surfing

May be I am surfering

in the material world.

Right now in Alicante 

Our plan was to perform some Sankirtana (Book distribution) Jagya but as usuall Krisna had some other plans.

Got involved in Yasodanandana prabhu Krisna cusine Lila.

Yadu Swami, Nitiananda prabhu and my good self try to help in the mediation.

Finally we got a win win solution by krisna´s merci.

We are trying to help Yasodanandana prabhu´s family to stablish in Radadesh.

He has a sister in brussels and she would like to support and we belife is a nice place for the children to grow.

Yasodanandana prabhu is allready there. Lets see wich are the plans of the teenager and his flute.

Marta and my self keep surfing in the material world dressing the mess with some bhakti stuff.

Basic shadana 16/4 reg

Dealing with some cyatic nerve pain and geting recover from the 3 years service in Madrid slowly but surely.

Some book distribution

Taking care of the veg garden (we are now 70 % food self suffency, got potatos, and pumquins for the whole winter and plenty of salad and beets, carrots, Kale, cabagge, chard , etc) we eat simply but healthy

Also developing some euro funding projects:

Took some 15 second generation devotees to the slovenian padayatra for 15 days it was a crazy, nice trip. All of the boys and girls restablish their identities as young vaisnavas, many of them cried on the begining because did not want to come and then cried at the end because they did not want to go back home.

These Euro funding and the sankirtan is helping us to get out of debts and hopefully we will get rid of on the beguining of 2017.

Also helping yadunandana swami´s institute and other ISKCON friendly projects to get acces to the funding.

We also got a nice second hand 9 seats van and we are using it in the service of the sankirtan and the devotees.

So Basicaly we have our base at north Spain, taking care of my lovely vrindavan son. 

He will go to university in 2 and 1/2 years then we will see.

Doing some sankirtan and some devotee care.

Taking care of the garden and working with second generation and euro funding.

From the administrative point of view I am under the authoritie of Yadunandana Swami and GBC Hrdaya Caitanya but basicaly running my own organitation

One devotee asked me if I worship my own deities and then I thought that the devotees are my deities I am not patient enough to worshes but I love to help devotees to fulfill their dreams and to solve their obstucles so for now on I will acept devotees as my deities.

Miss you a lot

Hope to see you soon




HPS - Hare Krsna. AgtSP. Thank you for your letter. First principle is that we can die at any moment. A driver can lose control on the highway and smash your body into mutilated corpse or... first we accept this principle and give our life to Krsna. Then the witch cannot touch us.

Then understand your service to Krsna and Prabhupada. Talk with them.

Then develop your team, friends. Then look at the institution. It may be good it may be bad. Accept it as it is and work to help it.

That was Prahlada attitude toward his father, institution.