Panca tattva das from Brasil

Pamho, AgtSP, Agt harinam sktn.

Hare Krishna Gurudev, I wish you are very well and extatic in service....

Things are going very nice here in Nova Gokula,Brasil....This weekend  we are comemorating 50 years aniversary of ISKCON. SRILA PRABHUPADAS LOTUS FEET.

Bhaktas program is going very well. There is 5 bhaktas already in the asram, full sadhana, Upadesamrta study and learning book distribution. This service is helping me a lot to get fixed, am learning so much and is helping me a lot to work my false ego and anarthas... 

Personaly Im very satisfy with this service, I have good sadhana worship Radha Gokulananda once a week and cooking for deity...Im taking some instruccioons from Maharaja Danwantary and Maharaja Kesava Swami...Posible in october we do a sankirtan trip with Kesava Maharaja to Argentina...for 1 month..

Radharani, is giving us a lot of mercy and sometimes it looks like She's acepting our poor service..

I been talking with Nandanadana das about your possible visit to Brasil..planing to serve you..And we wanted to invite you to spend one more week so you can do some preaching programs in Sao Paolo, Nova Gokula and San Jose dos Campos if it is possible I could perchase your ticket from Sao Paulo airport to Rio de Janeiro for your departure or when you get your ticket you can arrive to Rio and departure from Sao Paulo. 

Ammmm very sorry not to write you so offten and ask you to spend more time in Brasil..

Thank you for every thing you do for us and to accept our poor service.

Please pray  for this poor servant...


HpS - Highly Esteemed Poor Servant et al

Hare Krsna! Being a teacher forces you to show what you are talking about. Who benefits more, students our teacher.

I think we will do fast tour of Houston, Mexico City, Guayaquil, Lima (Arrequipa), Santiago, Buenos Aires (Mar de Plata), Symposium in Brazil, Houston.


Then die.

Actually go to new body.

Send some Sankirtan news if you can.