PAMHO MDP - Satisfied Mind

All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

All Glories To Hanumat Presaka Swami.. Pamho....Hare Krishna Gurudev,

I Hope You Are In Very Good Health.

Thank's Very Much For All The Effort You Are Doing To Take Us Back To Godhead.

I Am Eternaly In Dept (debt)

And I'm Always Feeling I'm Not Doing Enough. Here We Are Yet In Sri Govardhana Krishnas Land Mar de plata. With Bramacaris Closing A Cycle Of Construction,

Its Geting Cold Down Here...Prep For Brazil 2 Month Sk Travel Maybe With Adi Yajña Das And Other Bramacaris In Vw..

This Last Month Was Very Intence ..

We Did service Of Oficial Priest Twice In The Ceremony Of Initition For Gdg Maharaja,

Once In Mdp And Othe In Bahia Blanca 500k Souther.

On The Last 10 Days Ago We Been In Bs As With The Asociation Of Jayapatka M. And Lots Of Devoties More O Less 25bramacaries,  Vijaya Prabhu, Etc...

I Been Realy Admired Off Some Brasilian Bcris And Inspired Me A Lot..

Last Two Ekadsis Were quite Good Bimas And Yogini ..

Nirjala, Extra Round And Lots Of Reading Sb 3.29..

This Weekend 28 June We Are Going To Vyasa Puja Of Hhgdg

In Bs As And Stay There For 10 Days Skt..

And On The 9 July We Reciebe Hh Bhakty Vidya Purna Swami In Mdp For Two Days Seminar Of Education And Varnasram...

Every Day Trying To Put, Open Our Heart, In Every Thing We Do So We Can Offer To Krisna More Than Our Simple And Insignificant Actions..

How Can Our Mind Be Full Satisfy In Our Service??

Trying To Control Our Sences,  Chanting Good Heartly Rounds.....

Your Eternal Servant Panca Tattva Das

             ASA - AGTSP paoho. Your letter is very inspiring. Of course, you must have been a Brahmacari in your last life time or a Brahmacari in Grhastha Ashrama. "How Can Our Mind Be Full Satisfy In Our Service??" Of course, the first place to look for an answer is SB 1.1.11. After that the whole SB is trying to answer this question. The Gopis are trying to answer this question. It goes in progressive stages. In the beginning we have so little mental satisfaction that we have to destroy our mind with beer every now and then, but later we just need Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, or Spider man and Harry Potter. The NOD answers the question, but it is just a rapid summary of the SB. So, for you, from a great distance, reading your letter I might ask if you have your own deities that you plan to keep for every?