Hare Krsna Dear Gurudeva

Please acept my humble obisances

All glories to Srla Prabhupada.

War report :
Now we are in mexico Cueramaro , dedicated to the study of Srmad bhagavatam and new projects , including the culture of recycling and construction , preparation of organic beauty products , gardening and planting plants and I personally find in the department of communications bbt Central America and Mexico , playing a new role as manager of graphic and audiovisual design on different pages that have :

sankirtan is necessary to live so we went out on Saturday to nearby villages .

nectar is studying the books , we are doing a campaign to promote the study of books , I would like to know what you think about Dear GM bhakti Shastri .

             HpS - Jaya. AGTSP. Is very nice. We have our Study Guides. Really is nice just to read the books in association with other devotees. Then automatically your system of study will develop.

GM I want to serve you well but these senses are very attached to material enjoyment constantly biting me and keeps me in a fluctuating state with my rounds and my service, in this unfortunate situasion not to be a pure devotee but also be by maya full . please explain to me how  should i do to get spiritually advance  ?

HpS - Just what you are doing. There is not special trick. Ask devotees who live with you, see you often what you should do. Of course, Krsna's in your heart (BG 10.10-11) so He will also give you advice.

Your eternal servant
Vrajendra kumara Das

              Are you planting trees?