Hello from Madrid

Dear Hanumat Presaka Swami:


Hare Krisna from Madrid.

Many news, sorry about the delay of comunication.

I moved to The new apartment side by side with the temple.

Is a real mercy from Gaura Nitay to live so close to the temple.

Many devotees male and female are taking advantage of the new plot and thats really satisfactorie.

We pay quite a big laksmi 700 € but krisna is helping to get enough income.

I and Bhaktin Marta are engaged and plan to marry soon.

We already got benedictions from our parents and many devotees.

We will have a legal weading in Barcelona with family members and then a Vaisnava one in Madrid temple with all vaisnava family and friends.

             HpS - Jaya!   AGTSP.  So, nice to hear from you. ".. family members..", what about your son? He is integrating the situation well? Seems like he could understand.

August was a very succsesfull book distribution month with 935 bigs, 158 smalland 11 gitas.

september 441 bigs, 22 small 12 gitas

october was a very poor sankirtan month with all the work, relocation, weeding,etc.

           ASA - So nice! We can guess that you must have a personal relation with the people you meet. Do you distribute in one place? Near the Temple? What is your relation to these people? What chance to continue the relation?

I hope by your mercy increase my sankirtan in the coming months.

Bhakta Marcos is living in the temple and doing a very intense and wonderfull bramachari live.

Marta and my self atend everyday to the mangala arati and follow 16/4regs

Things in the temple are developing satisfactory slowly but shortly

Our GBC Hridaya Caytania Das and Yadunandana Swamy are taking care of us and supervising us wich give us a warm feeling of care.

The temple consell (Jayanta, Jagad Mohan, Avesa rupa, Adi Ras, Dandava, and jiva tatva)

want to stablis and executive comite to run the temple.

Non of them live in the temple or even in Madrid except Jagad Mohan that recently moved outside the temple so it seems logical that they delegate some of theirs dutties to other devotees that have more oportunitie of regular atendance to the temple.

Beside that many devotees feel an energy twist in Madrid comunity.

Bhadra vardana and shananda are promoting many new activities related with Sankirtana, Harinam, theater and devotee care.

Harinams are getting a very nice standar, ladies paint their faces with wonderfull flower paintings, we use plastic garlands that look very nice and real.

Book distribution is increasing and many devotees now are distributing books in their posibilities.

Dandava is playing a nice roll in comunication and as a link between consejo and devotees.

Jaricanda is getting a prominent roll in the temple as head-pujary and getting many devotees involve in the adoration of sri sri gaura nitay.

Devotees are helping a lot with the adoration, the flowers and also preaparing new clothes for deities.

A new devotee called, Janardana, is a great refresh also. He has been preaching in Cuba for the last 10 years. He is mathematic professor in La Habana University. And now he won a 2 year Master Sponsorship in Madrid.

He will start the 2 month introduction to Bhakti Yoga under the Bhaktivedanta institute and Yadunanda swami and Dandava.

There are more than 10 people allready signed and we expect more.

When this course finish we will continue with a regulae bhakti sastri course.

Classes are monday, tuesday and thoursday so from now on Madrid will offer filosophical clases at 19:00 from monday to fryday.

Bhakta Marcos is helping a lot and he has a very good friend from Italy, his name is Ramchor he was born in Vrindavan. and is taking a semester in the Madrid´s university.He is a very nice devotee and is developing a very nice friendship with Marcos.

Yagat mohan is very kindly leaving space to the new comers and developing his haribooguies carrier while developing as much service as usuall in the temple.

He will flight for 3 months to India from the end os febrary to the end of May.

       HpS - Yes, he wrote to us and we suggested we can meet there!

Isvara Das is also around. He is a Praladhananda sw bramachari disciple that use to live in Mayapur and will stay In Madrid till Febrery.

             HpS - I think I know him. He is very transcendental person.

He with Rupa Ragunath prabhu are helping a lot specially giving classes. and asociation.

In general the madrid devotee comunityis becoming bigger and stronger. Trying to develope a loving realation among vaisnavas trough the process of serving Srila Prabhupada.

Jayanta is very busy with the new baby, Back problems and work, But he is doing a nice effort of delegating in younger devotees.

Yasoda and family also working hard with sankirtan and preaching, deities etc

Caytania Caran and Mela DD very nice disciples of Guru prasad swami he is from Barcelona and she is from Mexico.They had being living in BArcelona and just moved to new vrajamandala and they are making a great job at the NVM but also involved with the care of deities in Madrid and in many other projects in Madrid Temple.

Prema Bhakti dd and old devotee moved to Madrid with her son Balarama(18) and she is stable in book distribution.around 200 books per week. She is also atending regularly to mangala arati.

Many other nice devotees are getting involved like Bhaktin Marisol, Bhaktin Sveta and many more

Ok thats all today 

Will inform you more soon.

Hope to get your blessings to mantain and improve my service to SP in Madrid.

I feell very fortunate of being your servant

Hope to see you soon


                 ASA - Well, you don't write often but when you write, you write in great penetration and detail, and also in 85% correct English. WONDERFUL!   Thank you. Your letter will be inspiring to Madrid, Spain, and so many devotees.
But what about the dogs!!! [and cats]??? Have you abandon them?   Congratulations on the wedding. It seems like it has good possibilities.