Jara Mara Hari Das from Madrid

Dear Hanumat Presaka Maharaja


Write you from Madrid, by the mercy of Bhadra Vardana and Sananda, full inmerse in the Sankirtan mood.

In July 76 big (Science of self realiciation and journey to self discovery) and 34 vegetarian Fantasy

In Augost 271 Big and 52 Fantasy

Finding very kind and receptive people in the streets.

My plan is to distribute at least 1008 big books during augost.

In the other hand We have to leave the apartment at the end of the month.

So we are looking now for something closer to the temple.

We atended Kripa Moya's Congregational development course, it was very nice and encourage.

So plans are Bhaktin Marta will be in charge of the Traveldog managing.

My self will be on Sankirtan and will make some trips but mayn focus is now book distribution.

Bhakta Marcos will help Marta and also Sankirtan

Vrindavan my son is having nice hollydays with Us and is atached to our srimad bhagavatam lectures.

We are realy enthusiatic about reading and right now we are very focus on first Canto.

Shadana is developing well and Japa Joe is helping a lot.


             ASA - Jaya!       It wasn't so "secret".  B. S. Damodara Swami told us that we just have to discuss things in a general sense.  Don't start naming everybody and then we can talk about them.  People can know what feelings other people have. Most cases, and talking, "confidentially", with all the devotees involved from GBC to abc, everybody loves everybody else. nobody is too disturbed by the diferent ways that people have of seeing, things.  The Old Authorities see that most of what is happening is the result of the ways things have been in the past, and the New Authorities are accepting this and trying to get to know people and take practical steps to go forward.  We have made soooo many steps forward over the years.   O.K.   Some more.    Your ideas about working with devotees and were to live etc. seem pretty good.  1) Check with the GBC line of authority,   2) Check with a few good friends.............    etc.

Whoof!     Whoof!            Special advice????     Keep on sending news just like you are.  It is wonderful.  There are probably 25-devotees reading this letter at least.      So much to do!!!!!