...and the hits just keep on coming...

April 8, 2024

Dear Maharaja Hanumat Presaka Swami,

pamho, AGtSP!

How are you? We’re still serving as best we can... now how efficiently, is even a better plan.

HpS - Yes!!! NoI 7 or 8, no? The Dasas. It becomes constant then more intense, then constant, intense, broad and 💥 Aaaa haaaa [Re):>> we remember who we are!

  Contemplations in Krishna Consciousness (KC) are meditations with ecstatic information. An exercise to maximize our connection with the “powerhouse “of Love, coming from the inside and outside, below and above, the tricky part is how to compensate for our conditioned state. That is where quandaries begin... at least for those listening within.

  Time & time again queries bring the mind to grasp its confines, then viewing Oppenhemier’s film with his astuteness so fine, it keeps some perspective in line. The Lord divine empowers material scientists’ minds due to their karmic inclines, yet forces found they can’t impound, for they are borrowed from our Source most profound.

ASA - He had to use nicotine to control his mind, no?

  This is where I’m impressed, God allows intelligence to guide men and do their best, even when they’re a mess. The efforts of 2,000 scientists orchestrated to make one thermo-nuclear bomb, is it more motivated to create a virus to retire us? Oops, that’s been said and gone (or is it?, still notice the “covid visit” from January’s Texas trip)

In scientific summary, I’ve found that the intelligent society may also be profound, & realize my insignificance and will always be a clown. Regardless, the ability in man is part of God’s plan, so I will continue to try and make a relative stand.

 Speaking of stands, I was brought to my knees by flower-child with the greatest of ease.


 Was skipping along in ye’ old hardware store and saw a young colored man and his daughter...eyes met, gave respect, and continued on my way. Then the man’s wife was in the same aisle with her youngest child (4, maybe more) and I gave a smile. The lil’ girl had a blooming plant in a pot and I said, ”Nice flower,” as she smiled a lot, I went to my aisle. I was digging in the garden section, she had followed me. Her Mother kept calling her and I watched in perplexion. As the girl walked to me she held up the little pot, “Well,” I thought, I kneeled & smelled that flower in that pot. Both the Mother and I were construing, like, “What’s her girl doing? Quickly responding, I thanked her fondly, to her Mothers relief, our departure was brief.

Then recalling all this, I realized a moment I missed... had Krishna flyer in my pocket and failed to abide by my lil’ guide. It’s not about me, it’s what’s around me that’s to be... serving in clarity, that’s the key. Thus I’m learning K’s plans and when to get out of the way by joining in the play, a fresh way to enjoy the day.

HpS - Been there. Done that!

Gaura Purnima, Ki Jaya!

  A joyous moment to say the least, do not want to spoil the transcendental feast. We were dhotied up, seeking association with devotee trust, ecstatic in festival lust, surpassing the material energy. All we’re jubilant and in good Spirits was quite the experience. Then my time came, back to the mundane, donning my uniform of fame I continued to pick up the remains, packing all in bags unnamed. 3 trips around the grounds taking in all trash no matter how profound, then jumping in the dumpster till it couldn’t compound, honoring Jayananda’s inspiring training with the Trash-Mash Dance. Complete Seva while in a blissful trance.

ASA[tb] = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsPdVsIXqzU .. .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frwzLFZKCMY . . condidates for Guru Krpa????

  K’ book's now on my iphone, better than any clone, finally have the Krishna Book right where I can look, day or night for any occasion that seems right. Tech has made a transcendental step, guess I should enjoy the depth. The more I look for Nanda-lal, the more He gives what I long... His eternal song, now I best not forget and listen for His flute and duet. 

   B.I. (Bhaktivedanta Institute) has subsided so am doing work as guided, Bhagavan always has provided, now Akrurnatha & Jagarinni have secured an Alachuan home and I’m on my own, sorting jobs to hone at their new abode. The biggest place I think they’ve owned looks like the family has grown.

Was reminiscing of their house's past and jobs that passed and in doing so gained a finger gash from a razor's slash. Best not to dwell on projects that are done... focus on the ones that have come; such are the dangers of the mind, to indulge on company time. Now with the bandages strong, I’m doing fine... so I pine, now stepping into a fractured bone with this foot of mine, the karma is right on time, my seva changes even as I rhyme.

     As you may see, my writing is a bit gleaned, as I age it seems to be an unusual opportunity to jot any obscurity that be, now where is me? Again, the kaleidoscope turns, my vision blurs then focuses on sights to yearn, and then a lesson turns when another epiphany churns. Such are my digressions, so glad to have your instructions and alternate directions to avoid this Tigress of obsession.

  So with all this self-prophecy, I shall leave you in peace, knowing that with surrender some may become a devotee contender and not a bhakti pretender.

your servant in training,

caitanya caritamrta das, das anu das.n

Thank you!

HpS/ASA - Krsna is 'yamuna tira van achari', not too straight forward, no? maybe jehovah and allah are more straight forward. got a letter started for you all.

your news is great. a little sample of a very practical sankirtan.

unflinching warrior.

what is happening in the public propaganda of Temple?