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We have 75-10/12 years old body. We have been expecting, planning, to leave this material, possible spiritualized, body at 76-years old. That time has come.

So, we are consolidating our Sankirtan, personal, legal, social, institutional relations, day by day. What consolidating we have done, agtSP, so far, is pretty substantial, but we should try to do more. This is Srila Prabhupada's example, no?

Our editing and publishing on our Blog of past and recent letters direct to us is part of that eg. trying to make public all of our administrative involvement in the Peru Yatra. That is what an old man should do, no?

Of course, we have made mistakes even due to increasing dementia, so we sincerely apologize. Several devotees have misunderstood our situation and we have posted some things that may have been too confidential for our Blog, but in some respect we can say that we feel it is a fault of the current Krsna consciousness movement that this knowledge of Sannyasa, and how to relate to it, is not common to even to leaders who are institutionally and socially responsible for so many others.

So, we certainly want to correct any mistakes we have inadvertently made, but anything that is sent in private letters that you feel is too confidential for arenas like our ASA Blog, should be noted as such BEFORE speaking, writing it, especially anything dealing with women [politics (money)].

🐒🐒🐒🦍 As far as we are concerned whatever we have posted has been about 70- 80% correct and should be on the Blog.

The Blog is for ASA Friends and Members. If others read here then it is at their own risk, whether they are envious hogs and dogs [] 😂 or members of fanatical Kanistha Adhikari guru cults. [Which includes some so called Scientists].

After rereading this and editing it and praying at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada, it seems a little strong, but otherwise people complain that we are not clear about the confidentility of our communications.

Thank you.

Please respond here, in the 🐸 ASA Blog with any questions, comments, complaints or donations.


ASA Head

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