Connecting with you and pictures from RY

Hare Krishna, Guru Maharaja. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. 

Thank you again for letting us camp out with you in Murfreesboro. That was a wonderful time that we are holding on to. Thank you again for tolerating me and engaging me:) 

HpS/ASA - Thank you for your association. We need more and more.

Seems to be some confusion about ISKCON of Boise and The Hare Krsna Temple corporation.

What if we ask our GBC Secretary to make an official Branch of ISKCON Los Angeles as ISKCON Boise, that has a formal agreement with Hare Krsna Center about use of buildings etc?

Too much?

It is like getting married. It is a formality but not a meaningless formality.

ISKCON Boise needs to make a cultural conquest!

We will look at the photos and hope to hear more about our Temple in Boise and everyone.

Hope the Kapi Dhvaja and these Blog posts are adequate.

Feel really energized to see you in the FMS!

H.G. Kalakantha Prabhu was very happy to receive your letter and copy of Tava Pache Pache. I was able to help him with some things around his farm and talk to his cows. Also, had the great fortune to live like a Krishna House student for a couple of days and do some service. These little glimpses and experiences of brahmachari life seem to be very helpful for our grihasta life. We hope to be a full fledged brahmachari  grihastha someday. Not sure if that’s a bonafide term. Maybe what I mean to say is just a matured grihastha. 

We are happy to hear that the fourth DTC movie is complete. Looking forward to seeing this one that is set in Spain. These movies are very inspiring to us on many levels. I have always been around artists, writers, eccentric intellectuals..through out our little life for some reason. We see a great opportunity for these types of people in our circle/village to be inspired by these movies. These people can go deeper and become truly mad. Mad for Krishna! This is a desire I am trying to cultivate. The bridge is there? I just need to say “hey, you got to see this and check out what this guy has to say..”? 

There are a couple film festivals in the area(North West) that I’ve played shows at that I think would be very interested in one or all of the DTC movies. Is it okay if I propose to them/submit? I have good contacts for both. They happen annually. 

Then eventually I want to muster up the strength to get the first movie into the Egyptian theater downtown. They play all kinds of stuff and quite a lot of independent films and documentaries. So why not Diary of a Traveling Creature: The Ultimate Trip on the marquee !? 

The GoTo meeting morning program has been very good for us. Very helpful in setting the right perspective for the day with your association and the devotees. Propels us into our local program!

So much struggle with the false ego though and our ignorance and remaining enthusiastic. Making baby steps and falling down a lot but always lifted up by your mercy.

This quote often comes to mind when trying to get through the work day and when cultivating my monkey mind to get my rounds done early(: “Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible” 

-Saint Fransis 

ASA - 😮 Amazing! Just amazing. Prabhupada said that St. Francis was a BHAKTA!

We have sent film number four to our Board of Director's for their comments and then we will do a larger Critic's Review, we hope with a copy for you, then Gala Release. We hope Jaga-guru Das in Chile can lead this.

Maybe you can work with him.

Invite devotees from Chile to Boise!

Thank you Maharaja !! 

Your aspiring servant, 

Nitisara das 

P.S. here are some pictures from the RY festival: