Death Ceremonies

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asa[e] death ceremonies

[10/14/2023 9:01 AM] Rama Das: Hare Krishna Gurudev AGTSP 🙏🏻

My father die today, so I need to know what I should and can do now, some indication for this process and something immediate for his benefit.

Thank you.

HpS/ASA - AgtSP! We would say that first thing is the attitude, perspectve, Bhava, Krsna Consciousness.

Do you have that?

Bg, SB, CC?

Prabhupada's story of the father going on a boat to work in China?

Then the ceremonies can be performed on three levels:

  1. bhur
  2. bhuvah
  3. sva

Have Kirtan for your father with his picture there.

Do Kirtan with your lips, mind and heart.

Read nice texts and purports for audience.

offer mahaprasadam to your father and then others.

ask brahmanas what else to do.

he may, probably, is staying on the second leval, bhuvah, so make a good world of thoughts to guide and orient him.