Amistad en conciencia de Krsna

asa[e] friensdship

Querido Gurumaharaja

Por favor acepte nuestras respetuosas reverencias.

¡Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada!

Muchas gracias por su constante asociación a través de los diferentes espacios tecnológicos, también agradecerle por aceptar invitaciones como Mayapur tv español que nos permiten más oportunidades de clases con usted y muchas gracias por sus noticias en el twitter. 

Estamos agradecidos por su visita pasada a México, también reflexionando sobre algunos puntos para poder entenderlos.

Porsupuesto entusiastas por cantar nuestras rondas, observar las regulaciones prohibitivas e incrementar las positivas como el sravanan y kirtana, también tratamos de seguir algunos programas regulares online del templo.

Con mi esposo continuamos sirviendo a la Deidad en el templo, realmente es una gran fortuna mantener la mente, sentidos ocupados con las Deidades, al inicio mi esposo no tenía mucha habilidad estética pero posteriormente se esfuerza con delicadeza y paciencia al intentar peinar a Goura y Nitay. Sino tenemos hijos podemos volcar nuestros sentidos en la forma Supremamenre bella de una manera formal. 

Por otro lado, he estado reflexionando en algo que usted ha mencionado en algunas clases acerca de saber desarrollar amistad con las personas que tenemos problemas, incluso si tenemos diferencias administrativas pero que no debemos dejar que toque la amistad. ¿Cómo lograr esto ? Suena tan elegante y civilizado que nos gustaría alcanzarlo sin una postura diplomática disforzada.

Usualmente nuestros amigos son los que aprueban nuestros pensamientos y modo de trabajo, y sino piensas o actúas igual es su enemigo y trata de destruirle si es posible o intenta desacreditarlo, he podido ver grandes amigos y luego grandes enemigos tratando de destruirse y faltandose el respeto, el que humilla más es el mejor, esto es muy contrario a la conciencia de Krsna. 

Pienso que una palabra clave es el respeto, pero hoy en día se cuestiona mucho si tal devoto merece o no respeto, esto es interesante, con seguridad en las Escrituras podemos encontrar la respuesta.

Talves podría dar el ejemplo de una pareja de esposos, hay una línea tan delgada para perderse el respeto por cualquier situación, sin embargo, si se cultiva la apreciación como vaisnavas, como personas, con la educación que nos dieron nuestros padres y los consejos de Conciencia de Krsna, por lo menos podemos naufragar como enemigos respetuosos y honestos, pero como pasar a otro nivel de una amistad real en medio de las diferencias ? 

Muchas gracias por su gentil atención.

Por favor disculpe nuestras limitaciones.

Que el Señor Nrisimhadeva proteja su sankirtana y energía para el placer de Śrīla Prabhupāda.

Vuestra eterna aspirante a sirviente.

Asta Sakhi dd 


Dear Gurumaharaja,

Please accept our respectful obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you very much for your constant association through the different technological spaces, also thank you for accepting invitations such as Mayapur tv español that allow us more class opportunities with you and thank you very much for your news on twitter.

HpS/ASA - Ooof! We hope these are of some benefit. Yet all of us, you, me, everyone, in the ultimate issue, just have to speak on behalf of Guru and Krsna! If we can see them smiling and patting us on the head then it is wholly satisfying.

Of course, how does that pat come if not from the comments of God brothers, Godsisters...

We are grateful for your past visit to Mexico, also reflecting on some points in order to understand them.

Of course, enthusiastic about chanting our rounds, observing prohibitive regulations and increasing positive ones like sravanan and kirtana, we also try to follow some regular online temple programs.

With my husband we continue to serve the Deity in the temple, it is really a great fortune to keep the mind, senses occupied with the Deities, at the beginning my husband did not have much aesthetic ability bu]t later he strives with delicacy and patience when trying to comb Goura and Nitay. If we don't have children we can pour our senses into the supremely beautiful way in a formal way.

On the other hand, I have been reflecting on something that you have mentioned in some classes about knowing how to develop friendships with people who have problems, even if we have administrative differences, but that we should not let friendship touch. How to achieve this? It sounds so elegant and civilized that we'd like to achieve it without a fancy diplomatic stance.

Usually our friends are the ones who approve our thoughts and way of working, and if you don't think or act the same, it is your enemy and try to destroy it if possible or try to discredit it, I have been able to see great friends and then great enemies trying to destroy each other and disrespecting each other , the one who humiliates the most is the best, this is very contrary to Krsna consciousness.

I think that a key word is respect, but today there are many questions about whether such a devotee deserves respect or not, this is interesting, surely in the Scriptures we can find the answer.

Maybe I could give the example of a married couple, there is such a fine line to lose respect for any situation, however, if appreciation is cultivated as Vaisnavas, as people, with the education that our parents gave us and the advice of Krsna consciousness, at least we can shipwreck as respectful and honest enemies, but how to go to another level of real friendship in the midst of differences?

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Please excuse our limitations.

May Lord Nrisimhadeva protect his sankirtana and energy for the pleasure of Śrīla Prabhupāda.

She your eternal servant aspirant.

asta sakhi dd.

HpS - Of course NoI 5 tells us that a symptom of friendship is to:

  • give gifts,
  • give auspicious eatables, and especially,
  • to talk confidentially.

This is in the Madhyama adhikari level and of course applys in any VAD circumstance. It applys in family relations, administrative relations etc.

Madhyama adhikari goes from Diksa to Bhava, no? So many levels of making these exchanges. Yet in all of them there is still some impersonalism. We should be able to feel that. It should make us hungry, but not frustrated [!], to move to the Uttama adhikary level, NoI 6 of making friendships.

Of course, all these friendships are in relationship to our Only Friend, that dark complexioned youth who is just waiting around the corner for you too walk up to Him by accident one day.


"Ho, Asta-sakhi Devi Dasi, what's up?"

Of course, at that point we fall in the ground in complete shock and what happens after that I don't know.

Having friends who help us be a friend to our Best Friend.


Do you think Radha and Candravali want each other dead? 🙂

Of course, not. They love each other like anything! They only hope that all their competition inspires the other even greater service in their mood.

[They are cousins]

In Europe one big monotheist died, and his biggest opponent, gigantic atheist, was seen by atheists friends to be crying copious tears, in great convulsions.

His friends and students asked:

Sir, why are you crying, lamenting. He was your greatest enemy and now he is dead!

The atheist looked at them in deep, deep grief and said, "Yes, yes, yes, that is true, but do you not understand! Now with whom will I argue all these points? Toward whom will I direct all my anger and rage?"

Is of some help, perspective:

At the end of the day we chant and dance together. Apologize if we were a little to rough in the fight, but understand that we have different jobs, positions, to represent. ???