Happy Vyasa Puja adored Gurudev!! today and forever!!!



Report month Narayana

Dear Gurudeva! Please accept our obeisances to Your merciful lotus feet! All glories be to Srila Prabhupada!!! and to you adored Gurudeva!!!

Please ask your lotus feet for forgiveness for the delay in my offering. I wanted to offer you a nice video. I thought it was better to give you what you asked for than my foolish words. It didn't turn out as well as I wanted but I tried my best. Apparently I have to schedule his "gifts" with more time and if I leave the body before. they are there ready.

thanks to our krishna I have recovered from the pain in my leg and arm and I can continue dancing for my lords Radha Govinda!!!

This is my little offering for you:




I recorded this dance at the end of November. The day of his vyasa Puja I spent editing this video and still couldn't finish it on time.

I learned that it takes time to edit and I have to do things with more time. I was just able to finish on his birthday, January 12. but I couldn't connect or go out because it rained the whole day! I uploaded it the day after his birthday and the signal was cut so I can only send these lines today.

I hope you like it Gurudev! I am ready to listen to any mistake. I would have liked to do it with a voiceover explaining some things before the dances. I am learning to edit.

The moment of dancing this Dance was so beautiful that when I finished... I said to myself... I'm done?? So fast??😆 I couldn't believe that something that seemed so difficult to do, could have felt so ecstatic! I am praying to have those feelings again.. to live that way..all the time.. I know that they are His blessings and I ask you to please pray for me to live giving the best of myself to others.

We read that you wished to offer Mr. Nrishimha noodles with sauce and beans on the day of His Vyasa puja, So Franco himself kneaded the noodles and we offered them to his team. As you know, frankly, there are few photos. So I couldn't take pictures of his ofrenda, but I wanted to tell him about it so he would know about Franco's service. His offering was: Noodles with sauce and pancakes with milk sweet.

I was thinking if at some point I could personally make an offering to you...but from the way I see our situation it seems that it is impossible for us to go to India...so I am going to take refuge ardently in your instructions, classes...and the wonderful memories with your association vapu. I don't want to dream anymore that we'll go because that's doing me wrong.

I always read your twitter messages by email and listen to your classes.

Thank you for being my beloved Gurumaharaja!!!

Please forgive any offense inadvertently committed in this letter.

His attempt of a disciple who wishes to please his lotus heart:

Radha Japa Prati Jalpa Devi Dasi

P.D : previous month summary:

We are very sorry to read that your body is bothering you so much... I think how I can help?...

I forgot to thank you for your beautiful photo that you sent me in a previous letter where you can see a beautiful sunrise in Vrndavan... very beautiful!!! Thanks a lot. I edited a video that dances 2020 and put that beautiful photo at the end:

https://youtu.be/UN5ukcORBfw I

I would like these photos of my attempted mother katyayani to be just for you, frank and gopal. Please

2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

His classes are the water of my life and they ALWAYS help me a lot.

We keep reciting the entire Sanskrit bhagavad Gita on the auspicious day of Gita jayanti!!! Very Preety!!!

I still have mother katyayani there. (2021 2022). Please tell me if I should disarm them or leave them there under the trees😊

We went to the Adi Sakhi event.

I send you photos. And some videos:



Gopalito and I continue our association with japa together in the afternoon. I tell him to concentrate on his friends in Krsna's pictures: Krsba balarama subala madhumangala!! Let him think that he is playing with them... and he closes his little eyes and chants the holy name like this.

please accept obeisances of Franco and Gopal.

P.D. should i send the photos again? or could you see them? Gurudev? thank you adored Gurudeva eternally

HpS-ASA - Very long letter for us to read! Struggling with gorillas in the jungles of Tripura, India, but we went through it and got most of the content. Now we will look at the first dance link.

It is very nice that you are learning video editing!

. . . .

Awwk! The link won't open here in the jungle. We try later!!

Hari Bolo.