Urgent! Checking in and update on our situation here

Hare Krishna Maharaja, please accept my humble and respectful obeisances. All glories to Prabhupada!

First, I would like to apologize for not writing here sooner. I’m starting to understand that it is just a service that I need to do consistently. I have written so many things to you actually but never sent because I got too caught up in perfecting something or trying to impress you. A big realization I had when you were here in Boise is that there is a difference between trying to impress the spiritual master and trying to serve the spiritual master.

HpS - Thank you for that! I will try to apply it!

So I want to serve you and please you by doing my duty with integrity.

HpS - We are really like a carrier pigeon in terms of being a servant of Srila Prabhupada.

I have a long way to go but I see a small light at the end of a tunnel that leads to another and then to another tunnel..there is no end or final destination but the path is laid out and you are my connection to the path of Bhakti. Your example and your mood continues to inspire me and give hope and fresh new meanings to the most elevated topics.

I have felt some deep separation from your physical presence but hearing your online classes, watching your movie! and reading your poetry has provided some solace.

Aja and I are singing the Nrsinga Dev prayers for you every morning on the way to school and I am praying for your protection.

I had a pretty successful tour through California recently and got to sing some Hare Krishna to some decent hearted people every night.

Got to visit many temples in California as well and had some really nice association. It gave me strength to go on stage and face the crowds each night.

I still always question if Krishna wants me to do this or not.

HpS - Mother Yasoda is trying to figure our if she should continue to give her milk to Krsna or save His cow's milk from boiling over.

Nice purport!

SP gives answer to your question.

I'm really trying to put my rounds first before any artistic or creative endeavors. The result is always better but this is very difficult at times.

HpS - For me too, but learning.

This was one of your first instructions you gave me actually. I’ve made some progress.

So things in Boise have been going well despite our dire need for a pujari (more on that later). There is a nice group of devotees that are coming to the morning program pretty regularly. Krishna Lounge continues to bring new people in. And the ones who show a lot of enthusiasm we are trying to inspire them and engage them further so that they don’t just become life long loungers lol. We are talking about starting a Krishna House on the board level.

Kalakantha Prabhu is willing to help and possibly send us a full time ashram leader. I’m praying for a “home grown tomato” that might be able to help on the altar some day.

I’ve been giving class more and more at KL but also on Sundays and I’m starting to enjoy doing it for the first time. I thought I would never give class so Krishna is surprising me by giving me these opportunities.

It’s very humbling actually and what I like most of all is the intense pressure and push it gives me to read and internalize things and before I give class I also tend to be more serious and determined to chant my rounds well. I have a long long way to go. I feel like a baby learning how to walk or something. 

HpS - Then it is internalized for external presentation.

So our head pujari is getting a job so he will no longer be doing his services starting next week so I have offered to do some pujari services only if I get your permission and blessings first. What do you think?

HpS - Answered in post from Anandi radha Devi Dasi.

To be honest it is not something I feel especially inclined towards but it seems like it’s the right thing to do because Anadi might get very burnt out on it and we really really don’t want to lower our deity standards. There are also rumors that

Anantarupa Prabhu might take the deities away if They are not worshiped properly so this gives us much anxiety. You said once that we should experiment with different services because we don’t really know what we will get into until we try it. So I have thought about this in regards to me trying the pujari service out. I think that I get really stuck on my particular archetype or persona of being a Sudra/musician/ carpenter person but I see that with your mercy coming down through the Parampara…anything is possible. What ever Krishna wants we can do if we are willing and if we make our selves available to receive the mercy. I see how following the four regulations strictly is a big part of this. I’ve known that you have to follow strictly of course for a long time but recently the subtle elements have become more apparent. Like I heard recently that speculation is subtle form of gambling. So I am trying to speculate less but it is difficult. 

So much more to say but I will leave it at that…

I hope your travels are going well. I wish I could see you in India. Please come back to Boise. 

Your aspiring servant,

Nitisara Dasa 

P.S. We were very enlivened by watching your documentary. Particularly the scenes by the ocean and the sound track. Looking forward to the next segment:) Hare Krishna! Oh and I planted a garden at the temple inspired by your talks on the industrial revolution ending and it is giving us lots of squashes, rosemary, zucchini’s for Radha Bankibihari and soon we will have pumpkins…🌱🕊🐣🪷🎶💐🌀💎🦁

HpS-ASA - Very nice letter, report ... (little long) ... but very nice!

Very nice work.

ISKCON lives or dies on the service in the Boise Temple.

Respects to Anantarupa Das!!

More News soon.