Jung x Bh. Siddhanta Symposium

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Hare Krsna. Hare Rama.

We are working on the Jung x Bh. Siddhanta symposium for end of Aug - start September. We read the abstract by Lalita gopis Devi Dasi and posted the following comments on the Whatsapp group for the participants.

"[4:07 PM, 8/15/2022] Hp Swami: We opened in Microsoft XML the article by Prof. Dolores Chaves and found it an extremely profitable reading and commentary adventure. Please, others read and comment.  We finished with this comment "HpS - Wonderful abstract. We feel that it has been well worth our time reading this. We feel it relates well to the ambitions discussed in the other papers. We hope as a group we can draw the Philemon Foundation and ISKCON members into this illumination of BSS and CGJ for the benefit of modern humanity."    Except for Dr. R. M. Gupta's short comments, we only see our comments in this Group. 🙂  Is that because everyone feels our comments so definitive that no further words are possible?  🤣

[4:14 PM, 8/15/2022] Hp Swami: We feel that the Subject: Masters and Disciples, was pretty much exhausted in the first meetings, and now we would look at these meetings under our favorite topic of "Cultivation of the Human Spirit". That is just the attitude of we humanoids at the Anjana Suta Academy, but it gives us a perspective to go ahead with great vigour into the next two months: Spain and India.  Hoping to hear from you all. Thank you, HpSwami - ASA. 👳🏻‍♂️ 🐵  🐷 🦍🦧  🤖"

ASA - TB. Hare Krsna.