Gandharva Das Reports, Personal and Institutional.

Hare Krsna dear Gurudeva

Please accept our humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

I hope you are in very good health. Unfortunately I couldn't follow you on the morning program but I read the Blog relatively frequently.

Hps/ASA - I hope that it is useful, that NIOS/ASA are one resource amongst others in your connection with Srila Prabhupada.

'he radhe vraja devike! he nanda suno kutah'?

At the moment, Indira Sakti and I are in Lima attending to some family emergencies. We hope to return to the mountains in 10 days, but with the commitment to return to the city more often because we are needed here.

Murari gupta would heal his patients spiritual ills along with their material ills.

The service in the MoE flows calmly. The regional representatives are now complete, having incorporated Aravinda das and Paramatma das.

On the other hand, we are organizing an educational community-program, initially for teachers only, with a view to incorporating other devotees in the future.

We have begun to meet fortnightly to discuss topics of common interest, organize training courses and possible publications, databases, seminars, etc.

The response has been relatively good, although I think more enthusiasm is needed (enthusiasm seems like the desirable jewel in these gray days).

We are also advancing in the organization of the Bhakti Vaibhava course for the Guayaquil temple, in charge of Karuna-nitay Prabhu and Mitravinda devi dasi.

Also, I'm giving Bhagavad-gita classes for the ISKCON Buenos Aires temple.

Indira Sakti and I are fine,

consolidated in a good marriage in which the presence of the Lord is never missed for long. My work as a teacher and researcher in visual and cultural issues has found new opportunities. It is interesting to observe the cultural theory as a distorted reflection of the sastra, sometimes related, sometimes contrary, but as a fragment of an archeology to be reconstructed from the sastric perspective.

In the next post I will send you two article proposals for the Kapi Dhvaja as you requested earlier.

HpS - The work you describe is excellent. It needs to be distributed. Of course, Abhirama Th. Das', NIOS's, Solaris is one good avenue. Do you know others?

Gurumaharaja, do you allow me to learn and perform Homa yajna? A need has arisen and I want to know if you agree with it. Basically it is to deal with domestic situations. My sadhana standard is fine.

If you are a Brahmana, of course, you can do it. You need to learn from an expert how to do it. How are you connected to GBC, Temple President et al?

Always praying for your health and well-being

your little servant

Gandharva das

HpS - Hare Krsna. Hare Rama. Let us look at another letter. It is 10.55PM here in Brihuega, Spain, but only now is the weather cooling so that we can work. During the day it is hot and a siesta is natural.

Thank you.

We hope your next article include nice art!