Visit ti India

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Radhe radhe,

My dear guru maharaja. it is nice to hear about your itinerary in India.

My phone number is 91 xxx. I will be very glad to assist the devotees with their accomodation in Radhakund.

I will be in Mayapur from July 15 until August 25, helping Haridev there because he has been enrolled in The Mayapur International School and his mother has a lot of seva here in Radhakunda, so I will go with him.

May Radha-Krsna bless you, hope to see you soo in this holy dhama.

Your (trying to be humble) servant

Tungavidya dd

HpS - Very nice. Now we can connect with your by Whatsapp or even phone calls as necessary, and send devotees to talk with you. We are moving to connect with Sumantra Rudra from the BRC in Kolkata to organize the General Management of our trip to India.