(PC-Hanuman) - Regular update

Hare Krsna Dear Gurudev,

  Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

  All glories to Guru parampara.

HpS - AGTSP!!!! Gp!!!! If we have Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet in our heart. we all have lotus feet! My bodily feet are maybe apple feet.

How are you??? How is your Sankirtan?

  Gurudev, Happy to see your confirmation about your india tour, Sep 2022-Feb 2023.

  This time....am waiting for you with so much emotions...never felt earlier but this

time.....don't know why.   

  Last meeting with you was in Pune 2018. This time, i will be a slient looker with you

on your coming India tour. will do huge japa and follow you, no talk....just will hear

from.....that's all. No desires...no questions...will hear about only Vrndavan Radha-Krsna.


  Materially things are as usual, still working from Raipur. 

  HG Jibesh Das finished his long seva in Pune ( had requested by temple authority ).

He worked on Lord's Paduka design and other ornaments ( Gold, silver ). Pune temple

authority always very happy with his seva and issued another recommendation

letter after formal exam and interview by temple authority ( attached for your review

and comments ). He is in Mayapur now. 

Your dependent,

Girivaradhari-Gopal Das

HpS - Aaaah! We will save this letter and look at the attached. . . . . Such a nice letter. So nice. Then we can meet Mr. Jibesh when we are in India and then he can take initiation then or shall we do it by telephone before then?