Your no so much humble Uruguayan disciple

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Hare Krishna Maharaja


Many things happend since my last letter.

Will try to resume

1)Bhaktin Marta and I keep trying to serve Srila Prabhupada, Krishna and his devotees at the best of our capacities.

2) Nanda Gram rural community is developing Slowly but surely, 3 families will be stablished at the land among this year.

Many other devotees are interested althow we do not actively promote the project.

3)The youth projects keep developing very nicely many second generation devotees from all around Europe are benefiting and many ISKCON projects are also getting funds.

4) Acting as RGB secretary for Spain, what to say, I try to do my best in that position.

5) Keep distributing books online more than 2000 Gitas already and several Srimad Bhagavatams (I do not know exact number maybe some 6-7 full sets)

6) I got Uruguayan citizenship and right now I am writing you from Uruguay.

I love the country and his devotees some lack of unity, no official temple, but I think that the devotees are very valuable and experienced.

Probably will try to get some facility here so i can travel regularly (Once a year) and have asociation with devotees in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

7)Got involved in helping devotees refugees from Ukraine. There are 25,000 devotees in Ukraine and several hundreds of mothers with children are searching for shelter in Europe.

Do you have exact dates for your visit to Spain?

HpS - AgtSP!!! Paoho.... I think we already answered this letter. It is very nice!!!

We are looking to buy the tickets for Spain right now. Thinking like 15th July to 1st October. We would like to basically stay one place where people can be accommodated to visit us. New Vraja Mandala seems to have some of those characteristics?

Is good idea?

Will be great to host you in Nanda Gram

We have facilities to host 60 devotees in our head quarters

Please let me know if I can serve you in anyway